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These are common questions for getting your site added to our directory. We have tried to answer all of them but sometimes miss things.

Why can't I add my site to your directory?

This is often caused by the fact that you haven't met the minimum post count of 10 in order to submit to the directory, per our directory requirements. Once you meet this post minimum a link in the top right of the directory will appear that says "Add new Link" that you can then press and add your link to our directory.

How do I add my site to your RPG Directory?

To view our requirements to get listed visit this page. Once you comply with the rules go to the Directory itself and just like everywhere else on the site there will be a button in the top right that says "Add new Link". Click this and fill out the form.

Can I list my Ongoing Worlds site here?

Yes, absolutely. Make sure that you have our button in the "Gamer Information" section and when you link your game please link to the "Game Information" page.




It says that the link back has to be on our index page; what is an index page / we don't have one.

The index page is the first page that you see when you visit a site, for example this is our index page. So every website out there has an index page, and it is sometimes referred to as a splash page.

Why do I have to add your button / Why does it have to go on my index page?

The reason we require you to have our button on your index page is because we, like many other directories and resources, are only useful if people can find us just like we are here to help people find you.

Why isn't there a Fantasy genre?

There is a long answer to this but the most direct answer is that "all roleplays are fantasy by definition". Since most people are referring to "magic" when they are speaking of a "fantasy" genre we have made this change accordingly for clarification especially for those of us that are Science Fantasy fans (doesn't normally include magic) and similar.


Will we ever add "fantasy" to our genres? Since we imply fantasy on all genres we find adding the word is unnecessary, so no.

I don't run a forum RPG, can I still be listed?

Of course! The Initiative loves to be a community for all online text based roleplaying! If you need help with figuring out how to link back in your particular format please post in the staff contact center and a staff member will let you know.

My site isn't a forum RPG, where should I put my link back to the Initiative?

Honestly, that depends on the website you are using.

  • Google Docs please place it in your sidebar.
  • Journal based rpgs such as livejournal, please place it on your community sidebar.
  • Yahoo groups please place it in your group description and ensure it is a working hyper link.
  • Tumblr RPGs or RPGs on wikipb/wetpaint, please place it on your index page, such as a side bar.

If your RPG type/host is not listed here and you're not sure, just pop over to the Contact Center and ask us

My RPG genre or fandom isn't listed as a filter, what should I do?

Create a post in the Staff Contact Center with your request. Absolutely no requests for a fantasy genre will be considered.

May I use a moving gif for the images in this directory?

The main image and cover image are required to be static.

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