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Do I have to have a listing to enter a challenge?

You personally don't have to have a listing, no, however you do have to "support" a listing in order to submit to the challenges. If you would prefer to promote a personal site please reach out to the staff in the Staff Contact Center.

What listings can I support when entering a challenge?

You can support any listing in the directory. Which means as a member you can support a site you're on or support a site that you simply think is interesting in the directory. As long as it's listed it's a viable option to be listed.

I posted my challenge listing but no one else can see it. What happened?

Challenges are intentionally setup to hide the entry responses to keep them secret until after the vote. Once the vote is completed the entries will all be displayed and the winners entry will be tagged. This is intended to keep a better record of our past challenges and show off our members' work.

How many entries can I submit per challenge?

We have an unlimited rule unless specified in the challenge specifically that you are only permitted a specific amount of entries.

How do I submit an entry?

Normally replying to the challenge directly unless specified in the challenge itself.

What do you get for winning a challenge?

The new and improved Challenge System


Tiered challenges with improved prizes.



Tier One:


6+ entrants


Challenge Winner: 8-bit advertising

Runner Up: Monochrome Patronage for one month  + Monochrome Patron Advertising




Tier Two:


3-5 Entrants


Challenge Winner: Monochrome advertising

Runner Up: 7500 Advertising Impressions




Tier Three:


1-2 Entrants


Challenge Winner: 7500 Impressions




All winners will get their stamp on the board for two weeks, runners up will not.


One thing I'd like to specify about challenges is that you do not have to support your OWN sites! Don't own a site but belong to an amazing roleplay forum you'd love to get noticed more? When you enter a challenge give me the link for THAT specific listing and that site will be listed in the sidebar, the coupons and patronage can be gifted to the site administrator. When submitting the site advise that you would like to gift the patronage to another member. The member that submitted will get the coupon for advertising.


Find yourself still confused about the challenges that happen on the site? Post a thread in the Staff Contact Forum and a staff member will be happy to answer any questions you have!

What is the maximum rating an entry can be?

As per our Code of Conduct all entries must be PG-13.

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