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Information about Affiliate and staff searches.

How can I associate my site to my listing?

In the listing there is a spot for "Directory Listing" type the first part of the name of the site and it will come up below that. Click on the listing and you'll see it's name with an X next to it. It will now show up in the listing and the associated directory information will show up on your listing.

How do I bump my directory listing?

Here on the Initiative you do not need to comment on your listing in order to bump it, or to even provide site updates, we provide that all in the listing itself. By simply editing the listing you will find a section for "Site Updates" where you can post recent going-ons of your site, new events or whatever. Once you update that it will bump your listing to the top.

As with all of our site our standard bumping rules apply no more than 2 times per week.


Note: You do not have to make a change to your listing in order for the bump to work. We just recommend it. Editing the listing and saving it will bump the listing as well, without any changes.

Do I have to have my site in the directory in order to post a search?

No. We recommend it but it's not a requirement.

What are the benefits of associating my search with my directory listing?

By linking your directory listing to your search you get easy recognition by having the same images and information pulled into your listing. Your search will show up inside of your lising making sure that when people view your listing they see everything that you have to offer. Plus, it looks cool. 😉

May I use a moving gif for the images in this directory?

The main image and cover image are required to be static.

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