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How do I bump my directory listing?

Here on the Initiative you do not need to comment on your listing in order to bump it, or to even provide site updates, we provide that all in the listing itself. By simply editing the listing you will find a section for "Site Updates" where you can post recent going-ons of your site, new events or whatever. Once you update that it will bump your listing to the top.

As with all of our site our standard bumping rules apply no more than 2 times per week.


Note: You do not have to make a change to your listing in order for the bump to work. We just recommend it. Editing the listing and saving it will bump the listing as well, without any changes.

Why isn't there a Fantasy genre?

There is a long answer to this but the most direct answer is that "all roleplays are fantasy by definition". Since most people are referring to "magic" when they are speaking of a "fantasy" genre we have made this change accordingly for clarification especially for those of us that are Science Fantasy fans (doesn't normally include magic) and similar.


Will we ever add "fantasy" to our genres? Since we imply fantasy on all genres we find adding the word is unnecessary, so no.

If my site was removed, does this mean I'm banned/cannot be listed?

Of course not! You are more than welcome to resubmit your site but please be aware that your listing needs to follow our directory requirements and that is likely why it was removed in the first place.

What can I edit in my listing?

Anything you can see you can edit. Fields like "Cover Photo" are only available to patrons of the site. Want to become a patron?

I want to edit my site's information (button, advertisement, rating etc), how can I do that?

Just head over to your listing and beneath your advert there is a list of links, one of which is the Edit button. If you can't find your listing follow the instructions below:

  1. Click your name in the right.
  2. Click "My Activity"
  3. Click on "Links" below "Directory"
  4. From here it will display any links you have submitted to the Directory. Click on the Link title and it will take you to your link.
  5. Click edit just above the comments.

How do I get my item archived/removed?

To get the right staff member's attention all you need to do is click on the "Report" button on the item you want archived and appropriate staff member will take care of it.


Note: We do not archive conversation topics.

May I use a moving gif for the images in this directory?

The main image and cover image are required to be static.

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