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Spotlight RPGs

What are Spotlight RPGs?

Spotlight RPGs is a chance for RPGs to get their button up in the Initiative header for a whole month. There are 6 slots available earned through monthly challenges posted in the Spotlight Challenge Forum.

My site isn't listed in your RPG directory, can I still get chosen?

Since the buttons and links are dynamically pulled directly from the directory listing we are unable to spotlight unlisted sites. You are free to joining the activity while still getting your post count up to get your listing! You are also free to participate for other sites and encourage members of sites to participate to promote the sites they are on and love.

May I win a Spotlight spot twice in a row?

Absolutely! Since participation is mandatory and being a staff member of a site you are supporting is not the same RPG can get listed more than one month in a row. As long as you are participating in the challenges than you may win as often as you like. This is subject to change when we get more challenge entries in the future.

Why do the same RPGs always get Spotlighted?

Simply put, the people that support that site are participating in the Spotlight Challenges. If you would like to be one of those sites simply join in the fun! This is subject to change in the future/

My site isn't a forum rpg and doesn't have a button, can I still enter?

No button is no problem. By default any site that doesn't have a button will get represented by a Spotlight RPG Winner button. If you would like to get it replaced and want to see if someone can make you one than please feel free to request one.

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