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Curve Without Stupid [Barebones] 1.0.0

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About This File

Welcome to Curve Without Stupid, now featuring a lack of Stupid!


This theme is completely and entirely ripped apart so you guys can use it as a theme base (and it's a much better one than Curve itself). There is only enough CSS to make SMF 2.0 do its thang and stop being Broke, some bonus flex-box CSS for a thing to show y'all how to do it, and that's it. Everything you need is in the files themselves, riddled with commentary. Thereby! The real value of this theme is in its commentary! Yaaaay, listening to me whine about how dumb SMF's default theme is!!


More seriously, the commentary in the CSS and the template files that are included will be of grand, immeasurable use to you as a budding SMF themer. I go into what does what, what arrays have what information, where to find this, where one thing starts and where it ends, what CSS classes are default, etc, etcetc. The idea is, you can tackle building an SMF theme from the ground up without all the headache of "WHERE IS THIS - WHY IS THIS????" because, oh, my dear padawan, I feel you hardcore. If you're impatient, you can go ahead and start playing with this theme right now; otherwise, you can hang onto it/keep it in mind for when the "So You Want to Theme SMF?" guides start getting dropped (because it will essentially tell you to rip a bunch of stuff out, anyway, and I'm doin' that guide loves, I promise I am, but I have to make Sense of Nonsense). Currently Curve Without Stupid comes with the index.template.php file, BoardIndex.template.php file, and the Display.template.php file. Coming soon: Curve Without Stupid + Memberlist.template.php and Profile.template.php.


I make no promises that actual Curve will ever make sense to you. It may never. I also make no promises that mods can automatically install themselves on a theme made with this barebones as a base, it's more likely to fail trying because mods like to use default commentary, and I ripped it all out. I don't ask for credits on anything you make from this. If you feel kind, go ahead (Built on CWS by Arceus of The Initiative is fine), but don't worry about it if you don't want to (it's legit just a stripped version of the default theme, so it's not really like I did a lot). Have fun, and show me what you make! I like pretties!


This one is only for SMF 2.0.x. I will have a Curve2 Without Stupid someday. That day is not today. xD (I will also be making actual premade themes, both for 2.0 and 2.1, promise.)

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Fixed a typo. Rofl.

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