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IPS Character Manager 2.0.0

$20 · Renewal Term: $20/6 months

   (3 reviews)

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About This File

This Mod allows for you to post as multiple personas, characters, alts, etc but not require multiple registrations.

Features are:

  • Per group settings for:
    • Character Accounts Creation
    • Character Account Editing
    • Can delete own characters
    • Can change character group
    • Can moderate characters
    • Can approve characters
    • Can bypass approval
    • Can share characters
    • Can Moderatate characters
    • Character Account Approval as well as the ability to bypass approval.
  • Character accounts are unusable until approved (if approving is enabled).
  • Users are able to change their character without having to edit their post, moderators can change character accounts if they can "moderate characters" as well as reverting to your OOC account.
  • Ability to unapprove a character.
  • Character Groups, no permissions but you can:
    • Create custom group colors and images just like having them in a real separate group
    • Hide Specific Groups from the character list.
  • Ability to globally disable character signatures.
  • Ability to Move characters if they have not been used in X days.
  • Custom Fields with the ability to make most fields mandatory as well as the ability to re-order these fields.
  • Front end Characters list to view characters including the ability to sort by player and post count as well as look at your own character. This displays the mini-profile for the listing.
  • Who's Who list as an alternative to the character list to see which members own which characters easily.
  • Character Group Filtering.
  • Custom Character hover card
  • Display characters avatar in the topic list as well as topic widgets.
  • Front End Character profiles that you can edit in the Theme to make look custom with the code "$character->fields('key')" and the key is set when you are creating the profile field.
  • Profiles include:
    • Cover Photos
    • Recent Post Activity
    • Other characters by this member
    • Custom fields set in the admin panel
  • Include characters in Clubs and club icons in the mini-profile.
  • 2 Custom Widgets, one that is recently active characters with the date of their last post as well as a character count widget to show the count of how many characters are in which group.


Support for this mod is provided exclusively here.

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Fixed Character Embeds

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User Feedback


   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Honestly the best thing since sliced bread! I use this on two of my roleplay boards. The characters mod is easy to use and modify. It's simple enough to create characters and it keeps getting better and better with each version. I honestly can't recommend this enough!

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This application is a revolution for IPS based RPGs! It is an amazing application that allows us to add and change characters with ease and with using only ONE real account to deal with. Character management is a breeze! There are too many features to name, but one of the most outstanding is the auto-creation of a beautifully laid out character directory!


The one and only downside for me is that to tweak it at all, you need to be able to alter some of its templates which is beyond my skill level. However, the support provided by @Morrigan for doing these things is nothing less than phenomenal! 


This is a must-have for any IPS based RPG that runs multiple characters per Player!

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I was very very pleased with how this worked out in the end. I am actually going to be buying another copy right now as we speak. The support was awesome and even though I did not want to stick with original layout, everyone was more than willing to help. Amazing resource for website RP and tracking. Thanks for the awesome product!

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