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  • Black Sun Rising looking for staff!

    Have you ever read The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith and think to yourself:  "this could have been a great opportunity for word building?" I did, and over the past few years, I have been running a witch RP inspired by that trilogy.  Witch families, all with their own unique culture and history living in secret among humans and trying to steer away from witch hunters. Each with their own goals, types of magick, grimoire, rivalries...etc.   What started off as a game involving a group of teenagers discovering they were witches in a small town in Pennsylvania turned into a much broader one in New York City.


    Ya know how it goes, player attrition...new players coming in..I just worked to adapt as I went. 


    So, here is where you come in:  I recently went to the trouble of revamping the entire game to make it more inclusive, streamlined and easier to play in. I moved all of our information to a website and moved our forum to jcink. While I have been doing this though, all gameplay and chatter came to a screeching halt. I need help bringing new life back in, getting our post count back up so we can be listed on directories (like this one!) and recruiting new players.


    I can't do it all alone, and I need help! I am friendly, adaptable, and can take constructive criticism. The only thing I don't want to change is the overall inclusiveness of the game, our magick system and witch-only centric. I can also bribe in corgi pictures. 


    Thank you for reading. I look forward to meeting you! ❤️



    (Find me on Discord at Mandie#5622 )



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    Hi there! I am still actively and enthusiastically seeking help! Hit me up if any of this interests you!  

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    Hey there! Just giving this a weekly bump. I would love to meet with anyone who is interested in joining our staff here at Black Sun Rising! 

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    Hello! Bumping this again in my search for some help! I would love to talk to you if you are interested! 

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