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  • Candide is Looking for Staff

    Candide is a 3-3-3, laid back, no word count roleplay site with a heavy emphasis on character interactions and development in a more sandbox-style environment. If bleak, dystopian worlds mixed with a dash of the supernatural are your thing, you're in the right place.


    Staff duties in Candide are pretty light for the most part, as our software (Vesta) automates a lot of the menial stuff. That said, some help with a few things would be greatly appreciated. We're still a very small site, having just opened a few days ago, so our main concern is getting the word out/advertising the site (especially since I'm clueless about how that works in this format). That said, I'm tentatively open to taking on one or two other staff members for other positions if someone really wants to help out in other ways. These positions/duties may also change a little with the needs of the site, but for now, these are the positions that are open:


    -Promote/advertise the site and member wanted threads via whatever means are available (and log where you've done this for future reference)

    -Help find and post us on directories, link lists, etc 

    -Help HR welcome new members in Intro threads (so they see a friendly face)

    Human Resources:

    -Post to welcome new members in their Intro threads

    -Field posts in Member Services, and either help to resolve the issue/question, or get it to the appropriate person (such as for theme/bug reports)

    -Report problem members to admins, and work with us to determine the next step(s)


    -Setting up Roleplay Roulettes, and help admins set up and run Flash Events/subplots

    -Encourage activity by plotting and roleplaying with members, and suggesting members/characters for wanted, plotting, and open roleplay threads as appropriate


    -Moving threads in/out of archives when when appropriate

    -Perform regular sweeps to check for character/member inactivity and abandonment, and bring these lists to admins to handle (this will change when Vesta updates and the mod panel becomes functional)

    -Generally keeping the site and Discord tidy and organized, and ensuring that all mature threads are marked as such (just skim them quickly)


    We also expect that all staff be at least somewhat visible in the Discord server and handle help tickets and the #ask-staff channel, help pick up the slack if another staffer is lagging behind (and let me know), and keep on top of their roleplay posts. Admins are also around to help, and will be doing exactly the same tasks (along with a few others) that our mods are. It would also be great if at least one other person on staff had some graphics and/or code experience, but its not required, and we're not looking for graphics or coding mods. Experience in the position you're applying for is also preferred.


    To apply, either comment below or send me a PM with the following information:

    Position You're Applying for:

    Roleplaying Experience:

    Staffing Experience:

    Why We Should Consider You:

    If the position is still here, it hasn't been filled yet. For any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out via PMs or commenting below!

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