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  • Cosmic Horror Staff Search

    Hey guys! I'm looking for some friendly, creative players to help staff a forum roleplay that I am currently building. It'll be in an original cosmic horror roleplay set on a fictional island in the late 1920s.  The roleplay will be rated 3/3/3 and will use the Vesta forum software. There will be no word count or applications. Currently, the game is in its development stage.


    For those that are unsure what the phrase cosmic horror describes, it is a Lovecraftian influenced setting, where fear of the unknown outranks the use of gore and shock.


    I'm looking for help with the following areas/positions:


    • Administrator
      • helps manage the forums
      • assists with developing lore
      • aid in driving story forward
      • plans events for players
    • Moderator
      • helps with forum moderation
      • willing to help push the story


    I would prefer individuals that are:

    • active
    • mature
    • communicative
    • friendly


    If you're interested, please comment here and I'll get with you as quickly as possible. Thank you!


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