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    Draconian simulator (18+ rp/sim)

    I'm looking for various staff for my new rp/sim site.

    I would like at least one of each but two or more of each would be grand to lighten the load for everyone:

    skin designers
    an artist or two
    co admin
    advertisers (for later advertising once the site is open and functional)

    so yeah, here's my general idea:

    There's fights, races, and shows (stat/skill based) - meaning, essentially, there are three types of usables in fights and races: Spells, scrolls, skills. Skills are inherit to the Draconian and used at will by the Draconian (claw, bite, speed up, etc. basic stuff) scrolls and spells however are used by the handler (in the user inventory, but they just say in the post they use it and the admins/mods deduct the scroll or spell from their inventory) Scrolls are physical boosts (agility, defense, attack, etc. buffs) and spells are elemental magics that help the Draconian in that particular element (such as a fire shield spell called 'magma skin' which both defends from certain attacks and deals some damage to the enemy as well.) There are stats as well (basic things and maybe a couple or few others) for this I need someone to draw scrolls and design an element symbol for each spell.

    a money system - pretty self explanatory, but I will need someone to design items for the shop as well. (upgrades to facilities, a few rarer spells or scrolls, and maybe a free breeding pass, as well as foods and other things)

    a lineage system - basically every Draconian is recorded here with their parents, the breeds of both parents, etc.) there's also a negative consequence to too much crossbreeding. (A G1 crossbreed from two basic purebreds is considered better than both parents in a majority of cases, but from that crossbreed, G2s and G3s of foreign lineage slowly lose value, and a G4 crossbreed into yet another breed is a mongrel, and essentially worthless.) however, if you breed 2 alike G1s together (say, two unrelated fire and metal types,) You get an F1 purebred. and this continues until the F4 purebred and the breed is logged into the purebred system, after that they're free to create another G1 crossbreed.

    Complex breeding system: as described above, there are various rules to the breeding system. Stats, lineage, breeds, and types. There are several 'types' or 'elements' of Draconian, and 3-5 breeds under each element.

    And that's just a few minor details, so if I grabbed your interest, at all, let me know below, what you can do, and we'll see if we can get you a spot on the staff. ❤️

    Nikkolai Hellsing
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