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  • Forgotten by Time [2x Moderators]

    Site name and link: Forgotten by Time
    Site genre: Modern Supernatural
    Opening date: August 1, 2021

    Site info:
    Forgotten by Time is a modern original supernatural rpg set in the fictional city of Blackrest, Ontario. Situated an hour north of Toronto, Blackrest is one of several hubs, sanctuaries, around the world where the supernatural are free to live in peace, learn about themselves, and be who they are.

    Your name: Hornet
    Your primary staff account: Hornet
    Contact info: Please fill out this form to apply.

    Positions hiring for: 2 Moderators
    Information about positions:
    Every moderator who joins the staff team will be responsible for:

    • Site Promotion: spreading word about the site and recruiting new people! Utilising tumblr, discord, site-to-site advertising, and any other medium that makes sense to get our name out there. Checking link back advertisements to ensure that they adhere to our rules.
    • Community Building: be a part of our Discord server and plot with new characters and members (if viable with your cast). Make everyone feel welcome in the server and answer questions if you are able to (mechanics & lore-based questions should be directed to the administrators).
    • General Moderation: upon member request (or when a character is marked inactive), archive and reinstate threads. Ensure that the rules on site and in the Discord are being adhered to and issue warnings if necessary. Maintain an open thread directory.
    • Brainstorming: brainstorm ideas for site events, store purchase items, achievements, etc. with the administration team (if you have ideas, tell us, we'd love to hear them!). Assist with the development of subplots to help with member integration.

    Other notes:
    Forgotten by Time (FBT) is an 18+ Jcink Premium Rpg. We are looking for friendly and dedicated staff who are willing to stick by the site and help make it great. Please be willing to communicate; we would rather know if you later decide it's not a good fit than just have you disappear.

    Be advised that we will avoid giving you actual staff duties until your first character is ready to go - staff should be members and willing to participate as well and we want to get to know you through the application process (which we feel is a good process to learn how we work with people).

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