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    Full Team Needed! Hardcore wolf rp

    UPDATE// We are opening in just 2 days and I'm still looking for staff!


    UPDATE// the site is coming along very nicely, and in fact I would say it's 80% done! That being said, I could still use some more help! Some things have changed, but the core aspects are still the same; survive in a world with rare magic, and help to create something unique! Magicis a gift and a curse, and  exceptionally rare. I can  give way more information over discord, so please see my contact listed below!


    Opening date/expected opening date: Potential soft-open July 15th
    Site info: Survival is Intrepid's core; hunt to keep you and your loved ones fed, raise 4 different skills in order to survive attacks from other characters, wild predators, and even nature itself. Life through plagues and natural disasters, and come out the other side - potentially with the interest of the Gods. Discover wild magic, both a blessing and a curse - learn to master it, or be consumed by it. Death lurks around every corner, and only the strongest survive.

    Your name: Stormie
    Contact info: Discord (Stormie#0303), I'll only check back here once a week.

    Positions hiring for: Admin, Mods, Site Helpers
    Information about positions: I need one more admin to help with creating the lands and finalizing the guidebook. Once the site opens, admins will take the job of accepting characters, scoring various fights, hunts, and other things, working on events, going over magic, etc. Moderators will assist admins in all of their duties, but will not accept characters. Mods will ensure everyone follows the rules, especially while roleplaying, among other things. Site helpers will be tasked with helping the community with questions and concerns, and will also help with events.

    Other notes: I'm looking for 1 admin, 2 mods, and 1 site helper.

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    I'd like to know more about your idea. And more about what kind of staff you're in search of? Like what might you require of them? Must they have discord for example?

    Do you have a magic system in mind if you go that direction?

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    I'm looking for everything! Admins, mods, coders, artists (both graphic and just for skins), site helpers, etc.


    I'm still in the very early stages, so my ideas are a bit... vague? But, I'm looking to due something like hardcore survival - a skill system similar to skyrim or D&D, with perks so each character is unique. I'm also thinking of a quest system for skills, magic, and just site-wide plots in general.


    The site itself will be very focus on the writing - limited graphics, no postscripts/tables - or, very simple ones, nothing over-the-top that might take away from the actual story. No word count requirement, but obviously the quality will need to be decent at least.


    As for what I require from staff, discord is a requirement, as that's my only means of communication for groups. Otherwise, just be kind, courteous, willing to give input, etc. Ideally, staff should be 18+ (highly preferred 20+, but 18 is fine), mature, all that good stuff.

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    I can use the browser discord? I tried to add you but it said it didn't work... Mine is Trinket #5987... that way perhaps we could discuss this more? I'm in your preferred age range.

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    Posting an update to say I've commissioned a coder and now have 2 staff members! I am, however, looking for more! At this point, I'm looking for moderators, artists, and helpers!

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