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  • Helping Hand for a Sims Site

    Recently I came to take over an already-established site, and I could use some help with it if anyone's got the time. Essentially the site is a Sims-based multi-genre, it's newbie-friendly, both RP newbie and Sims newbie, so we're aiming to continue to nurture a welcoming, open atmosphere. The site's been running for nearly a year now, it'll be a year old come Christmas, and it has an established, core cluster of players already.


    What we need:

    1. We need promotional work to attract new players. We promote in a variety of places, because Sims players are in a variety of places. We do have a Tumblr, if anyone is experienced enough with a Tumblr and Tumblr promotion, it'd be useful to have someone around for that. I'm working on getting a standard ad-board running, it will be hosted on Jcink. I can do some drive-by advertising, but I'd like to split this between us off and on. So I'll take w and x days, and the other staff would take y and z days.
    2. This site's got a few problems that we need to work out. I'm in talks with the player-base on how we can improve the site and help it move forward, but I think what we need most right now is someone with a strong energy, someone that can come in and get excited and get everyone else excited again. I am unfortunately not that person. I am stabilising, but I am not energetic.
    3. I could use someone else to act as a soundboard and a vetting process. I like to talk to someone before doing something and speaking to the member-base isn't always the best course in situations like that. I have a lot of ideas for the site, and we're running a survey right now for the site too and gathering feedback from everyone that we will be discussing and using going forward into 2021.
    4. An interest in playing. We have a tired, wounded few, and someone else to help get the site moving again would be a boon. I myself and one of the other members are always around to post with, and having a third to help generate activity would definitely be ideal.


    The site runs on a custom software (Vesta), it is very easy to understand (little bit buggy sometimes), and is mostly automated. Most staff work will be things that can't be done automatically, and I can teach you how to use it. The site is also, again, RP newbie and Sims newbie friendly, as well as ESL friendly, LGBTQIA+ friendly, etc, so we are a very inclusive community. We do have movie nights every Friday night going into Saturday (midnight CST/GMT+6), so that's cool. The people are a little wary at first but they eventually start to warm up.


    If interested, please message me on Discord (datbich#9867), our community relies heavily on Discord so any interested individual should have one.


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