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  • Mod/Future Co-Admin Needed

    "The time has come," the Walrus said,
    "To talk of many things:
    Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
    Of cabbages--and kings--
    And why the sea is boiling hot--
    And whether pigs have wings."


    And whether a Mod or Co-Admin is waiting in the wings!


    Site: Chronicles of Aereth


    Genre: Swords and sorcery set in a roughly medieval time period. There are some things that are not strictly medieval and since dragons and high magic are involved, there will be other adjustments to deal with.



    The Chronicles of Aereth is a long-running RPG that went on hiatus when my former Co-Admin got busy with real life and I became seriously ill. Now that my health is back in order, I am re-opening the site (hopefully by the end of October). My former co-admin is helping where she can and will stay on as a roleplayer, but will not be returning to admin duties. The exception is that if we get a character in that is based on one of her races, she will have oversight on those bios if we need it. What I do not want is to get in the position where the site has to be shut down because no one can run it.


    I will be totally upfront here: I am used to running things by myself these days so learning to let go of some of my duties might take a bit. However, I am always willing to discuss things and, as often as possible, compromise. I try to be easy to work with and not say no arbitrarily without explaining why. Last but not least, I am very old 😉  I will entertain some innovative site ideas, but I do not want to make more work for my members beyond writing and plotting.


    We are an older group of writers, although this might change when we start advertising. We're good about handling things in an adult manner. OOC drama is extremely rare. We are, however, serious about our writing and plotting. Even at that, we love humor and having fun.


    The forum will be running on the Gaia platform and the wiki (we call it a codex) is on Wordpress - and Gdocs as we try to rewrite everything.


    Duties: HELP! LOL. There is a tone of lore to get sorted, proofed, completed and uploaded to the Codex. Initially, the new staff person would start out as a mod until they are familiar with Gaia, the premise, and some of the lore. From there, we can add on duties to meet your comfort level.


    If interested and would like to chat in person, I am on Discord. Please PM me and I'll give you my Discord tag.


    Blessed be and thank you for reading....


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