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    Multigenre rp needs help!

    Opening date: Opened back in February but I had to shut it down a month or so ago for a bit to regroup.
    Site info: Inkslingers is a multigenre free-for-all rp site that aims to be the home for those plots or characters you simply can't find the right place for. You can choose to go the 1x1 rp route, but we also offer the opportunity to create groups right on the forum.

    Brief Overview: The site is ready to launch, I just don't want to go at it by myself --- I'm looking for a couple of dedicated, devoted roleplayers who want to build a supportive, fun writing community.


    Your name: Angie
    Contact info: Discord --- bob belcher#9670


    Positions hiring for: Advertising mods, creative mods, welcoming mods, writing mods
    Information about positions:
    Advertising mods: makes sure our advertising forums are tidy, free from spam, and does the link backs. They're also in charge of making sure to bump our ads on resource sites, post to our Tumblr, and find other avenues to get out the word on the site.


    Creative mods: helps create events / opportunities to encourage activity on the site. Like, in my head, I thought it might be fun to host like 'zombie apocalypse month!' and people can throw in any character they want into the event. I was also thinking about partner randomizer, where we get people to sign up for it and then randomly assign them partners. Things like that, things to shake up the site every once in awhile so it doesn't just feel like a place for people to advertise their 1x1 rp ships, ya feel? They're also in charge of the badges and can also add more opportunities to claim badges as well.


    Welcoming/Security mods: makes themselves available to newbies and helps guide them through the site. They're also often monitoring the Discord server and the OOC member section to make sure the place is friendly and that everyone's abiding by the 'no talk of politics/religion/social issues' rule. These guys know everyone on the site and will help me with dealing with any troublemakers by bringing my attention to bad situations.


    Writing mods: these guys love writing and will write with anyone to encourage activity and make sure no one is being ignored. Writing mods are special in that they're not particularly picky about what they roleplay, y'know? They just want to write and they're not intimidated by the prospect of creating something out of a fandom or genre they might not be familiar with.


    Other notes: Please contact me on Discord if you're interested! The site IS 3-3-3, so all members must be over the age of 18 to participate. Staff members should be people who can regularly make themselves available to the forum and their duties (a couple times a week) --- they're also expected to be proper members as well ie: actively roleplay. Hope to hear from y'all soon!

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