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  • Seeking Mods - Updated 8/22

    Updated 8/22: I work a pretty demanding/draining job which has been made worse by a shift change and the current ongoing situation. I heavily work with  supporting those impacted and guiding them through crisis. I say this because while I might not be as available through the work week, I try to be around during the weekend. I need the extra help of those willing to stick around and help engage the community in my absence. As a new requirement, I've decided for those interested in helping out on my board, that I want to be able to observe activity and wiliness to plot/post for 1 month before I make things official and you are staff. Before you can become staff you need to show me you can be a good member. This goes beyond posting once and calling it a day.

    This Side of Darkness is looking for those with experience in moderation/advertising to help run a supernatural site with two other admins! I am looking for the following things from potential staff.

    1. Experience with Jcink coding in regards to moderation of threads on a board.

    2. Have experience with the link back process (can respond to link backs, as well as first link advertisement on boards).
    3. Can create engaging characters that they enjoy playing! You need to be willing to be excited about your characters/plots as much as you are about being a board leader.

    4. Is able to help enforce rules of the board by reporting to admins when any major conflict arise. Good assertive communication skills.
    5. Can lead Discord conversations and help members engage with the board/plots.

    6. Most of all, we are looking for someone creative that could potentially lead a site plot in the future!
    7. *UPDATE* Most show activity and ability to engage community for one month prior to becoming staff officially. 

    We currently have 4 spots opened to moderators. Please let me know if you would be interested, by contacting me on Discord. This can be found on my site.

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