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  • Seeking Staff for an Original Fantasy RP

    Your Name: Kaisa
    Contact Info: Contact me on Discord at RinAma#4651


    Basic Site Info:

    Vaeris is a lore-heavy, intermediate-to-advanced, fantasy based RP with a rating of 3/3/3. Our story takes place in a fantasy world that resembles and was inspired by medieval history. Our inspirations are also drawn from popular movies, shows, books and video game franchises. While we have an overarching plot that we'd love for our members to participate in, we try to focus on the collaborative aspects of roleplay as well! We want to encourage members to develop their own characters with one another. Rather than putting all of the power in the hands of the staff, we put key figures in the hands of our members in the form of Site Cannons, hoping that they will have a hand in driving the story. 


    Quick Site Synopsis:

    Where light is, darkness follows. This is a fact of reality that both create balance in the world, and haunts us all. This lesson was never learned so harshly as it was in the years 60PS-67PS. With unrest growing amongst the mortals, death became an all too common occurrence among the magical creatures. As the mortals began to plot against the very beings that they originated from, unrest gave way to malcontent, which then led to war. Through seven (7) years of methodical murder and destruction, the magic-less overthrew the magical. When the dust of war had settled, an entire race of magical beings had been nearly eradicated, save for the few remaining scattered tribes and groups who had been hidden for centuries.


    With the war over and the mortals victorious, the mortals have grown greedy, violent, and lustful. It is a shameful sight for the deities to behold. The creatures they so lovingly created turning against one another, and cruelly lying, robbing, and killing their way to glory or to death. This nature, unfortunately, has not grown any better over the ages. Instead, the greedy nature of the mortals only seems to grow worse. This fact has never been more apparent than now, in the darkest age Vaer has ever witnessed. 


    The year is 1096PS, the age of Dakul.  This era has become more commonly known among the people as “The Dark Rule.” Once considered holy and sacred, magical beings have been marked as abominations- heretics who should burn on a pyre. Unable to reveal their true selves to mortals, the supernatural and magical live in fear that they will be labeled as heretics, hunted and slaughtered. This has been a reality since the day that King Dakul was wed to Queen Orsa to join Virgis and Cranar as allies. Many speculate that things will only get worse from here...


    Position Hiring For:


    Claims Mod (1): This mod will be in charge of reviewing, accepting or declining claims, reserves, and/or applications that are waiting to be processed. From time to time you may also be asked to help with general upkeep such as archiving threads, updating lists, etc.


    Other Notes: We will need dedicated people who enjoy helping others and are able to devote some of their time to provide input and opinions in the staff chat. If you think this is you, please fill out the form provided below. 


    Name: Your Name Here
    Age: Must be 18+
    Pronouns: Preferred Pronouns.
    Timezone: For an idea of when to expect you to be active.
    Desired Position: What position are you applying for?
    What Can You Bring To The Table?: Tell us why you think you'd be a good fit!


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