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  • Seeking Staff for Fantasty Equine RPG

    Looking for site moderators/staff to help finish creating and launching a new equine fantasy RPG. Much of the lore/rules/etc. have been created and we are happy to share the details with anyone interested. We are also open to other ideas/suggestions even on the things that have been created.


    Site Name: Vallen

    URL:  https://vallen-rpg.com/ (in progress, not much to see)

    Main Features: level system, magic, battling, stealing, items, companions

    Age: 17+


    - Moderators for when the site opens to help with updates, quests, judging battles & steals, and general running of the game

    - Graphic designers

    - Coders, particularly someone who knows JavaScript and/or PHP, but any and all help welcome

    Contact Me: Discord - Kyra#4524 or via PM or post here


    (If you want a little more) Lore:

    Vallen has been the stuff of legends for centuries. A place filled with magic, gods, and knowledge. Not an impossible place; simply a place that has been lost to time. Completely hidden from the outside world by the power of the Gods. Many lifetimes passed and no one found Vallen, though not for lack of trying. Eventually, places like this become stories told to children at bedtime and nothing more, much like the fabled El Dorado or Shangri La.  


    Vallen is not a story though; it is as real as you and I. The gods of Vallen were never beloved, but cruel and wicked beings who used the residents of Vallen as they saw fit, frequently taking mortals as slaves and lovers. The children of the Gods, known as Godspawn, were numerous, both despised and feared, and often abandoned by their parents and left to fend for themselves. But these poor children were not made of the same stuff as their godly parents, and did not want to rule through fear and pain.


    Eventually, the Godspawn closed the land from the outside world, shielding it from any who would try to enter in order to save them from the same fate the Vallenians suffered. Though the magic worked to keep newcomers out, it also prevented anyone from leaving. There was no other way to contain the city and the Godspawn regrettably condemned to death many of the innocent residents that would have otherwise fled.


    The rebellion that followed was brutal, bloody, and long. The Godspawn fought their parents for control of the Citadel and its magic source for nearly a decade, doing what they could to shield the mortal residents but found that task nearly impossible. Casualties were high; everyone lost someone. The Gods were more powerful, but not invincible, and they were outnumbered when many of the land’s warriors came to aid the Godspawn, knowing it was the best hope for their city and their lives. Despite the Godspawn’s best efforts, many came to resent them as much as they did the Gods.


    In the end, the Godspawn triumphed, though only a few survived the rebellion. Unlike the Gods before them, they said they believed that magic should be given to all those who were deserving. Retreating from the everyday life, they let the mortals rebuild as they wished, occasionally offering powers to those that proved themselves deserving of the pieces of magic. The Godspawn also renamed themselves Daemons, hoping to dispel the lingering hatred many of the mortals still held toward them by no longer calling themselves gods.




    Slowly, Vallen began to rebuild, though it remained somewhat empty and uneasy. The Daemons, though better than their predecessors, still retained the most powerful magic for themselves. Though they did not take mortals as slaves or lovers, many offered themselves willingly, hoping for favor, more power, or a better life than what they could otherwise make for themselves.


    Two years passed, but Vallen could only rebuild so much without opening back up to the outside world, and so, for the first time in what seemed like forever, the Daemons lifted the barrier that kept them secluded. Though some chose to stay, many fled to what they hoped would be greener - and safer - pastures. While life in Vallen is better than it has ever been before, some things will never change, and the Daemons still rule. Many of the remaining residents neither worship nor love their gods, but have found a way to live under them peacefully. Or perhaps they simply wait for the day when they can overthrow even the Daemon’s and start anew.


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