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    Seeking Staff for Medieval Inspired RP

    Looking for some extra minds and hands to help finish creating and launching a new, original medieval inspired fantasy RPG. A lot of the core concepts such as lore/rules/etc. has been created however, we just need a few extra helping hands to get that final push to the finish line. We would be happy to share the details with anyone interested.


    Site Name: Vaeris

    URL:  https://vaer.jcink.net/index.php

    Main Features: level system, magic, battling, stealing, items, companions

    Age: 13+ 


    - General admins/mods
    -Plot/event creation/storyboard staff
    - Advertisers

    - Graphic designers

    - Coders 

    -Misc. helpers/ staffers


    Contact Me: Discord - RinAma#4651or feel free to PM me on here.


    Premise: It has been said that long ago, mankind was given the greatest gifts of all. One of these gifts came in the form of a man with stunning blue eyes, porcelain skin, and hair the color of sunlight. That man's name was Elar. Elar was born in the year 1 AS, and quickly announced to be a miracle child. Elar was born to a mother who was infertile, as such was never meant to bear a child. He grew to become a prophet who wandered the world teaching many, healing others and helping all who needed it. He was hailed to be the incarnation of Romel, the god of creation and life itself and proclaimed by all who met him to be the true savior of the land that he was born in. While Elar may have died in the year 30 AS, his descendants still thrive in this world and Elar is revered as a saint- or at least, he was until “The Dark Rule” began.

    It is now the year 1096 PS, the age of Dakul. This era has become more commonly known among the people of Suviel as “The Dark Rule.” King Dakul grows more sinister by the day. Once considered holy and sacred, Elar’s descendants have been marked as abominations- heretics who should burn on a pyre. Unable to reveal their true natures to the humans, the descendants of Elar live in fear that they will be labeled as heretics, hunted and slaughtered. This has been a reality since the day that King Dakul was wed to Queen Orsa to join Virgis and Cranar as allies. Many speculate that things will only get worse from here as Skraix and Dakul grow closer.


    Additional Lore/ Info:

    Heavy inspiration: Medieval literature such as King Arthur, Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, etc.


    Other inspiration: The Magicians, How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Black Clover, Fairy Tail, various mythologies from around the world, and various other fantasy & fiction lore.


    The World
    The world/realm known as Vaer is full of magical creatures/monsters, magic, knights, and other fantastical wonders. In this world of the fantastical and the supernatural, there are four different continents/countries with their own ruling kingdoms and armies. Each of these continents and countries is built upon their own religions, views, morals, and are based on historical societies and/or nations. The Kingdom of Virgis is the kingdom of holy virgins and has architecture and culture inspired by and based upon Victorian England, Toria is a kingdom built on honor and spirituality and is inspired by Asiatic cultures and histories, Masmous is the kingdom of warriors and contains a mixture of elements from Nordic and Spartan cultures.


    Players would have the ability to choose from a starting selection of five races: Upir (vampires), Therianthropes (weres), Humans/Arcanists (Arcanists are witches/warlocks), and Aos Si (Fair Folk). Each race has its own perks and traits and possibly hidden/secret traits that could be unlocked through gameplay and events. However, the supernatural races must use their magic in order to protect their true nature because supernatural races are being hunted by the church with the belief that they are an abomination and should be burned at the stake for their sorcery.


    Magic, Skills, Classes & Occupations
    Speaking of sorcery, magic in this world is connected to the gods and is like any other magic you'd expect to find in most other fantasy stories and DnD. Spells range from attacks such as fireballs to healing such as wound healing. Races will also have non-magical skills and will allow them to perform tasks from the mundane to the powerful. Along with these skills will come to a range of classes and occupations for players to choose from. Each class and occupation can bring something different to the table during battles and tasks.


    Guilds & Organizations
    Guild and Organizations would play a massive role in site plots and individual plots. Players will be given creative freedom to create their own organizations, but there may be some predetermined and pre-existing organizations/guilds created for purposes of the site's plot.

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