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  • Simsies in a Basket

    Hello, my name is Arceus, and I have a couple disorders that make communicating really difficult. Mostly what I need is just one or two people to help with handling community things. Mostly Simprovise runs itself, but when there are times when we have to explain things to others, answer questions, handle member disputes that have gotten out of control, so on, I need someone on-staff that's around to handle the diplomacy and tact. I have basically none sometimes.


    Staff members also weigh in on decisions that affect the site and help keep the site moving and breathing through its slow periods. I'm also open to suggestions, if someone believes something can be done a better way, or would benefit the site. We're an extremely lax site, but of course, if you ignore a site long enough it starts to die out. I'm always around to post with, however, and I just need at least one other person to also be around to post with so that when everyone else slows down, the site doesn't outright stop.


    Finally, if one would like to help with advertising, that would also be welcome. The mod on-site right now is our PR Manager, and we're hitting Reddit (I only know of two subreddits for it) and Tumblr, but if someone else would like to expand these efforts into other sites and platforms and help with it, that would be perfectly fine. Most likely in this case you'd be working with the other mod a lot to collaborate efforts. The only restriction is I am not interested in setting up standard drive-by advertising on the site, because it'll tank our SEO and I want us to be fairly high-ranking on search engines so that people in the fandom may find us on accident.


    Simprovise runs on Vesta, but as I made Vesta, I can teach the ropes just fine. Actually most people that try it figure it out pretty quickly anyway, so I don't think it'd be too much of a hurdle. cc: 


    Simprovise is a small, close-knit community established in December 2019. We've striven to create and nurture a community built on support and positivity, that feels like home, a place where all members can be at ease. We take care of each other. I've never been in, or created, a community that felt so much like a family until this one. We also share game-play with each other, screenshots and builds, and meet together every weekend in one of the voice channels to stream a movie to watch together.

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