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  • Supernatural (Fandom) Site Needs Staff

     I am looking for a moderator with the potential of becoming an admin once we get to know each other better. The expected duties would be:

    While the site is in development
    - Someone to proof read site documentation such as the rules, plot etc and point out any typos and inconsistencies they spot.
    - Someone willing to help me test the site and point out any errors with the software or theme issues such as ineligible text etc.
    - Someone to bounce ideas off particularly the development of suggested models for the 2020 version of the canons i.e. an actor currently in their mid twenties who would suit Dean, an actor in their early twenties as the new Sam etc.

    When the Site is Open
    - An active participant out of character and in character. I'm a strong believer that staff members should set a good example for other members.
    - Someone to help welcome people who are new to the site and answer any questions they may have.
    - Someone who will help me keep track of face claims, canon reservations etc. I am working on figuring out how to get Vesta to keep track of the face claims automatically so the work here should be minimum.
    - Someone who will help with general upkeep of the forum e.g. moving dead threads to the archives etc.
    - Someone who will help with advertising. This would be nothing demanding maybe a half hour a week, if even.

    This site is still in the early stages of development. It will be self-hosted and ran on the Vesta forum software and I'm more than happy to show anyone interested how to use it (though its honestly extremely straight forward from a member/mod perspective). My ideal candidate is someone who loves the show and is looking for a home for their characters. I've never advertised before so if you'd like to discuss what the position entails more then please do so! I'm a pretty friendly guy! One last thing: as this is an 18+ 3-3-3 site please do not apply if you're under the age of eighteen.


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