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  • Triumvirate; a Medieval Fantasy - No Word Count

    Triumvirate is a medieval supernatural fantasy site that launched on June 1, 2020 (soft opening April 1); it has no word count and a 333 rating. Currently, we are looking for two moderators to join our staff team.


    General moderator tasks will include:

    • Site advertisement and promotion
    • Forum and Discord moderation
    • Welcoming new members
    • Assisting with event development (sometimes)


    We would also like someone willing to:

    • Create and monitor a site tumblr (only one moderator will be required)
    • Utilise social media to advertise (only one moderator will be required)
    • Portray important roles (if necessary)
    • Create and monitor an open threads list
    • Update and monitor the adoptables forum


    Moderators will not be required to:

    • Accept applications (we have an admin check in place)
    • Update claims (this is more automated)
    • Answer lore or mechanics questions (beyond sharing links)
    • Read every ounce of lore (seriously, don't)


    We are looking for people who are:

    • Eighteen years or older
    • Mature, friendly, and active
    • Willing to communicate and work as a team
    • Prepared to participate in the site and community
    • Able to help drive the story of the site
    • Unafraid of plots that get darker
    • On Discord (it is our primary mode of staff communication)

    Bonus points if you are outside of North America/Canada as we would love to have at least one moderator who is in a different timezone (but this is not a requirement).


    If you're interested, you can contact me (Luna):


    Please be advised that even if we are prepared to accept someone onto staff, we do not grant the position until a character has been accepted; we like to get a feel for a person, how they fit into the community, how they are to work with, and how they will contribute before it's official.


    For those interested, an overview of the site:
    Triumvirate is a medieval supernatural fantasy rpg with no word count and a 333 rating. Set on the fictional island of Lysair, which has since become the last island kingdom, the site explores the story of Lysair as it struggles to decide how to move forward now that the king is dying. With six species (Dwarves, Elves, Fiends, Humans, Shifters, and Wyrms) and four factions, Triumvirate offers a unique customisation experience. What powers your character has access to depends on the lists you choose to use, meaning that there is more variety amongst the species.

    Rowena Ravenclaw

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