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  • Worldbuilders and Loremasters, Assemble!

    So, I'm creating a new forum that is a sandbox world that is intended to have lots of freedom for players to create and contribute their own lore to the site. However, the tricky part about that is starting off empty is overwhelming and pretty rough on people who aren't sure about the world yet. So, I'm working on establishing the fundamental aspects of the world before doing any sort of soft launch, let alone a full launch. 


    The world itself is inspired and influenced by Beleriand in the The Silmarillion in that there is a dark lord to the north with armies of undead trying to conquer the world. There are Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Orcs for the starting species. Cultures will be fully capable of being developed, with each species having both multiple sub-species and cultures that people can develop. In case someone wants to write Three Kingdom-inspired Dwarves for example, while another wants ancient Egyptian inspired, if that makes sense. Orcs I'm still brainstorming on, but I don't want them to be the same as in Tolkien's work, Warhammer, or Warcraft. They can still have green skin. 


    Also, the magic system is being particiularly difficult to establish and develop, so if anyone wanted to work with me on that, that'd be great.  I can do the grunt work if you're not interested in the site itself, but some people to toss ideas around with would be great. Otherwise, definite potential for being moderators or on the admin team down the line if you find yourself super passionate. 

    Go ahead and shoot me a PM here or on Discord if you’re interested and want to learn more. 


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