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Site Information



53 posts

This forum has information regarding RPG Initiative including the code of conduct and information about the site itself.



1,267 posts

Here you will find announcements regarding the site whether that is new features, retired features, general policy updates or new staff. We also announce new resources posted in our resource listings.


Use this forum to contact the RPG Initiative staff and share any comments, complaints or suggestions. This is the way to contact the staff team.


Ask us

192 posts

This is the best place to ask questions about the site whether it be to ask how to change your avatar, your spotlight challenge button or just where is the best place to post! Anyone  in our fabulous community can answer to help you out and get you going on your way.

Introduce Yourself

2,784 posts

Welcome to the Initiative! Here you can introduce yourself to our community of roleplayers. You joined us so we already love you so just introduce yourself so we can show you that.

Character Mod

4 posts

So we're in the process of testing the character mod and this is a forum that you can view it and test it out. Please do not use the character mod outside of this forum.

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