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Adding A Custom Menu to the Mobile View
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Kit the Human
  • This information is actually available on the jcink wiki, but it's a bit buried and easy to miss. Or maybe I'm just unobservant. Who knows?


    Anywho, you can add links to the mobile view of jcink.

    Type: Look & Feel Software: Jcink
  1. Go to your ACP
  2. Expand Skins and Templates
  3. Click on Macros
  4. Edit the macro set that you're using for your theme.
  5. Click Add a Macro (it's in the red heading beneath Edit Macro Title).
  6. Next to Macro Key, paste in the following
  7. In Macro Replacement, type in your links as usual as in:
    <a href="URL">Title</a>
  8. Click Add this Macro
  9. You're done! You can style is as normal in the stylesheet. I have the styling in the macro itself, just because I don't need it anywhere else. If you want to do that, add the following code at the bottom of the Macro Replacement.
      /* your styling here */

That's it! Be freed from the shackles of no templates and embrace your custom mobile menus!

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