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Web Design: Contrast
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Kit the Human
  • Contrast is important when designing (or choosing) a theme that is legible. This very short guide will give you practical advice to picking what colours to use on your site.

    Type: Look & Feel Software: Jcink, Invision Power Services (IPS), Journals (Tumblr, Wordpress, Livejournal, Insanejournal), MyBB, Nova, phpBB, Proboards (Freeforums), SMF, XenForo, Other

One of the things that can prevent people from joining your site is the level of contrast that is between the text and the background. Low contrast sites are unintelligible for some and difficult to use for others.

There is no reason not to have good contrast on your site, surely you want people to be able to read the text? Thankfully, you don’t need to make any guesses as to whether or not your site has enough contrast!


Accessible Colors is a useful tool that provides a contrast checker that will tell you whether or not the colour combination has sufficient contrast. When using the website, be sure to input the foreground (text) colour, the background colour and the font size. Larger text needs less contrast to be legible!


Accessible Colors will analyse the colours and font size chosen to ensure that it meets W3C's web accessibility guidelines. W3C develops guidelines with an aim to remove barriers that creep into web designs. Depending on what software you use for your roleplay site (and your own know how), it can be difficult to fully meet their guidelines. Ensuring good contrast is however, an easy guideline to meet and will help to ensure that as many people as possible are able to use your site.

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