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Auto posting to Social Media: IFTTT
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  • Now as a busy admin you don't always have time to post things to Facebook and Twitter and still enjoy your game. It's a lot of work. This guide will give you a cool way to post announcements or new threads without putting tons of time into it and still help promote your site.

    Type: Promotion

So welcome to a guide about IFTTT (IF This Then That) a free method to post your content to social media without having to even open a new tab for you. There are other methods out there but this is my preferred method and it works very well.


Disclaimer: Your RP must allow for RSS for this to work.

For Jcink users you can find out how to get your RSS feed from here.


  1. Register at IFTTT: https://ifttt.com/
  2. Click your username in the top right and then click "Create".
  3. This will bring up the following image:
  4. Click the blue "this" it will bring up a list of icons. Mind you, you can use this as a trigger for other things as well to post many other things and if you have a smart house you can use it to trigger house items but we're focusing on how this can help you with increasing your social media footprint.
  5. Type in "RSS" it should bring this up:
  6. Click the orange "Feed" button.
  7. Enter the URL to the feed in question. Important Note: If you want different tweets or comments depending on the section it's coming from you will want to make a recipe for each of the "comments" you want to say. For example if you want announcement posts to say "New Announcement: Announcement LINK" and new RP threads to say "New RP post: LINK" then it will need to be two separate feeds.
  8. Click "Create Trigger".
  9. Now we will click the blue "That".
  10. Here is where you choose the social media output whether it be Twitter or Facebook Pages, for this tutorial we are going to do Twitter. Important Note: You can only have one of each type of social media account attached to an IFTTT account. Meaning One Facebook Page, One Twitter account etc.
  11. Type in Twitter and select the button:
  12. Now we choose what to do with it. It will give you a few different options. We recommend "Post a Tweet" or "Post a Tweet with image". We are choosing "Post a tweet".
  13. Next you will get to type up your tweet. Whatever you want it to be. Use the Blue Flask in the top right of the entry box to choose elements that it can pull from your feed to use in your tweet. Remember it's a tweet so you want to keep it short and simple.
  14. Click "Create Action".
  15. Finally you will get a rundown of your new recipe:
  16. Click "Create Recipe".

Now you're done. Repeat the above process until you are satisfied that you have your bases covered. From Posting to Facebook to Twitter just do the ones you want and from the forums you want.


Suggested recipes:

If a post from RSS Feed Post to Twitter.

If a post from RSS Feed Post to Facebook Pages.
If a new follower on Twitter Post a hello on Twitter.


The possibilities are endless and they grow every day so have fun with it and post your recommended recipes here.


Edited by Morrigan

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