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Roleplaying Defined
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  • While we focus on specific types of roleplays here on RPG Initiative there are many other types of roleplaying out there. This is a quick and simple guide defining what roleplaying is and the 5 types of roleplaying that are out in the world.

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The many forms of roleplay


Roleplaying, in the most basic sense is to take on a role and play it out. There are many different types of roleplaying listed below with their explicit descriptions. Here on the Initiative we focus on online forms of roleplaying called Play-by-Post roleplaying.


  • Play-by-Post (PbP) - PbP roleplaying is often an online, text based roleplay source. There are a few different mediums of this type of roleplay that are common among those that participate in these types of roleplays including Forums, Journals, Blogs, Chat Rooms. Depending on the medium that is chosen as well as a few other factors will depend on the way to participate in these roleplays which will be discussed in another guide.
  • Play-by-Email (PbE) - Play by email is smiliar to PbP roleplaying however all roleplaying is done through emails and there are often fewer people involved as well as a difference in structure.
  • Tabletop - This type of roleplaying is commonly referred to as "DND" or "Dungeons and Dragons" however there are many different types of tabletop roleplaying games. Most of these games require a character sheet, dice and a Game Master that creates the story that the players must react to (not too dissimilar from PbP roleplaying however people meet face to face in this case).
  • Live Action RP (LARP) - This type of roleplay is where people get dressed up and go out to act out specific scenarios. Organizations like the SCA or Amtgard are the most prevalent however there are groups of people that prefer things like "Vampire the Masquerade" and other settings.
  • Video Games - This happens to be likely the most common type of roleplaying out there. This is were you play a character within a video game environment on an adventure through a predetermined story.


That's it for the definitions of roleplaying. It is completely your choice on your adventure. We hope you enjoy yours!

Edited by Morrigan

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