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Our RPG guides are written by roleplayers with other roleplayers in mind. Learn from others roleplay experience and provide others with your own
  • Morrigan

    So there are some common errors made when creating templates from affecting site layouts, using common names, using IDs when you should use a class, not properly closing code and commenting your code. These are all important things that should be looked at to make sure they are compatible with every site and with other templates.

  • Arceus

    PHP Fundamentals II

    By Arceus, in Coding,

    Part of a guide series, the PHP Fundamentals guide dives into the very basics of PHP and how it works, designed for people that have never worked with PHP at all, or only very briefly (or people that just want more solid info on the ostensibly easy stuff). This series is designed to build on itself, because PHP is like algebra, you can't just dive straight into the middle. ... well, you could, but it wouldn't be pretty. Fundamentals II covers globals and superglobals.

    Type: PHP

  • Rune

    Advertising should be the easiest and probably most ignored part of your site. That makes it no less important, but there are a wide variety of ways you can make it both easier on you and more tolerable to handle. I'll try to sum up how to effectively advertise, how to handle your own advertising boards and some common issues people run into. All while simplifying things as much as possible in order to make it a relatively untouched part of your site in terms of the work you have to do.

    Type: Promotion

  • Kit the Human

    FTP is short hand for file transfer protocol and as you would guess, it is one of the ways that you can upload files like plugins, xmls, css, php, images, and scripts. One of the features that the Initiative offers in our roleplay hosting package is the ability to use FTP to upload your files. This guide will show you how to connect using your FTP software.

  • Kit the Human

    This is a base for a mini profile that you can either hover over or click onto, to reveal more information about the author. I built this in response to the problem created by hovers: they do not necessarily work for iOS devices. Adding a click function allows all users to access the information usually found with a hover.

    Type: Look & Feel

  • Kit the Human

    In this wee guide, I'm going to show you how to do a side by side forum layout with MYBB and Jcink. This is the only customization that this code does.

    Type: Look & Feel Software: Jcink, MyBB

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