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Adding Extensions to your phpBB forum
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Kit the Human
  • Not sure how to install an extension for your phpBB forum? Lost with the official documentation? Read on! I'm going to show you how to install an extension, using the Linked Accounts extension as an example.

    Software: phpBB

phpBB has a variety of extensions available. You can check them out here. For this guide, I'm going to use the Linked Accounts extension as an example.


  • Download the linked accounts extension.
  • Extract the zipped folder you downloaded. The folder extracted will be called flerex and within that will be another folder called linkedaccounts.
  • Now use your FTP manager to access your site. Not sure what that means? Read this guide.
  • On the local site side of your FTP (the local site is your computer) navigate to where you extracted the flerex folder to.
  • On the remote site side of your FTP (this is your site!) do the following:
    • Double click on public_html
    • Double click on ext. Ext is where all of your extensions will go.
    • Right click on the flerex folder on and select upload.
    • All of the files will upload to your forum.
  • Now log into your site.
  • Log into your ACP.
  • Click on Customise.
  • Click on Enable next to the Linked Accounts entry.

And that's it!


An important note on the file structure:

All extensions should be uploaded to a folder that is named after the extension author. In the case of the Linked Accounts extension, the author is flerex. Therefore, the actual plugin belongs in a folder called flerex. All extensions made by flerex should be in that folder.


If you are struggling, be sure to reach out in the Software & Hosting forum.

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An extremely simple guide to installing the Linked Accounts extension. Seriously, I wish I'd known this was here before I spent hours fighting with it when I originally set up my board.

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