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How to Install Mybb Plugins
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Kit the Human
  • Want to install a plugin? Not sure how? Read here!

    Software: MyBB

In this guide, I'm going to walk you through the process of installing the account switcher plugin for mybb. Everything you learn in this guide can be applied to any other plugin.


All mybb plugins can be found on the extend section of mybbs website.


What you need:

Filezilla Client


The first thing we need to do is download the Enhanced Account Switcher. When you have downloaded it, extract it to somewhere easy to access. I typically extract plugins to the desktop. You should now have a folder on the desktop named Upload. These are all of the folders and files that you need to upload.


Head to your CPanel! URL and instructions on how to access the CPanel should have been emailed to you when you first registered with your host.

Click on FTP Accounts

Scroll down and under Special Accounts, find your main account. In the Type column, there's an icon of a man and next to it is the username you use to log into the cpanel. Further right, you will see Configure FTP Client.


Click on Configure FTP Client. A new section will expand.

Click on SFTP Configuration File under Filezilla. A file will download.


  1. Open up filezilla. 
  2. Click on File.
  3. Import.
  4. Navigate to the xml you have just downloaded and click on Open. When it's done, click OK.
  5. Now go to file.
  6. Site Manager
  7. Select your website and click Connect.


You're now connected to your site!


On the bottom right, click on

  1. public_html
  2. Now on the bottom right, there is a list of files and folders that make up your mybb software.
  3. In FIlezilla, on the left hand side, are your computer's folders. Navigate to where you downloaded and extracted the enhanced account switcher and go into Upload. Capture.PNG
  4. Highlight images, inc, jscripts and accountlist.php Now right click and click on Upload.
  5. Everything has uploaded into the correct folders! Creating new folders where necessary.


Let's test your new plugin! Go to your forum's ACP. Click on plugins. You will be redirected to the following screen:Capture.PNG

Click on Install & Activate next to Enhanced Account Switcher.


It's now installed and ready to use.


If you have been on icyboards, this will probably look off! Please hop into the Coding Requests & Help and share what exactly is happening and a link to your forum. I can't give you any codes to use because this will not be a one size fits all unfortunately. Please reach out for help!




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