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How to use custom fields in the character mod
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  • The basic information on coding for the IPS Character Mod using Custom fields to be able to make custom mini-profiles and profiles.

    Software: Invision Power Services (IPS) 166,164

This is actually going to be a pretty short article as there really isn't a lot too it. In order to pull items from the character mod you just have to use the code {$character->fields('custom_key')} if you want it to format use {$character->fields('custom_key')|raw} and it will format HTML.


Unfortunately, since IPS auto formats a lot of things (like images and links for example) you will have to pull the url out if you want to custom format it in a way that's not default. For example, for an image:

{{if $character->fields('custom_image')}}
              	{{$string = ''.$character->fields('custom_image').'';}}
				{{$customImage = explode('"',strstr($string,'https://'))[0];}}
              <img src="{$customImage}" alt="{$character->name}">

For links:

{{if $character->fields('custom_link')}}
            	{{$string = ''.$character->fields('custom_link').'';}}
				{{$custom_link = explode('"',strstr($string,'https://'))[0];}}
              <li><strong>Custom Link</strong> <a href='{$custom_link}'>Click Here</a></li>

Note that these both have https and must be changed if you are not using https.

Edited by Morrigan

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