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  2. I was a lurker on a site! So here's my perspective as a lurker: I registered as member and I enjoyed being a part of the community and reading people's stuff and adding reputation points to posts I found exceptional, but I didn't have the time or energy to commit to posting. Posting takes time, and I found the pace of the roleplay too fast (every few months OOC was a new year IC). So I asked the admin if I could keep my OOC account active and participate in the community with the hope of maybe one day returning when I could. She said yes, though I'm not certain if she told the other staff members because they'd archive me during activity checks. I still ended up responding to them even though I didn't have characters, but that was okay. It's not the traditional way to go about participating in a roleplay, but I found it better and more honest than keeping a character around and either never posting or posting so infrequently that I held others up or never had character development. I was pretty honest about my intentions, though, because I realized that it was non traditional and I was comfortable enough to try something "new" and admit how weird it was. Fortunately, the admin was pretty cool about it.
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    I don't believe the term "Politically Correct" comes from a place of courtesy or nicity. I believe it comes from a place of "fitting in" with a particular community in a way that causes all discussion of opinions on a subject to be outright taboo. When people say "politically correct" I don't think they're talking about respect to an individual/community that's different than yourself, but instead I think they are talking about the cultural pressure from their own community to conform to a perceived, and sometimes mistranslated version of said other community. I will also go so far as to state that "political correctness" doesn't actually exist. I know, I know, it's everywhere. For example; Goodness forbid you don't like Antifa's anarchist behavior, you are automatically branded a Nazi sympathizer. Because what's "Correct" (Antifa stands for Anti Fascist) becomes a short-fact and therefore "unquestionable": "Antifa stands for Anti Fascist, so they are the good guys because they're standing against the new KKK-type jerkoffs". Good Guys, generally means on a cultural level, that anything 'bad' they do is for the greater good and therefore excusable. So then, in order to protect their own cognitive bias, anybody who doesn't agree that the ends justify the means becomes the enemy. Being the enemy, means they support Nazi's, KKK, and Fascism. All because humans in general like to oversimplify things into easily-digested bullet points. What's "Correct" at any particular time I believe ends up being whatever somebody perceives is a majority sentiment around them, regardless of the blanket statement's relevancy to the more detailed issue you want to focus on. Again using my Antifa example, the "Politically Correct" stance could be that Antifa is standing up to Hatred and Bigotry. Which may be true on a surface level, but for the person that wants to focus on property destruction and the nature of peaceful vs violent protests in attaining what you want, it gets perceived as an oppressive shutdown instead. In this other angle, it feels like the statement is not from people that mean well (even though almost everyone means the best intentions in supporting a valid and morally good idea) but instead fascist zealots that hate anybody who doesn't agree with their EXACT opinion on a subject. Again, human nature to dissolve complicated nuances into Black and White, All or Nothing contexts.
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  5. YES! I crave this so hard! Lol
  6. Did someone say Harry Potter?! I might be mildly obsessed >.> lol I feel like that tag was my own person bat symbol in the sky xD I'm a Huffllepuff but my heart belongs to a Slytherin, ya'll have that charm lol but welcome to the site fellow Potter fan!
  7. Yay for another Potterholic! I'm also a HUGE HP fan and have been for quite awhile now. Hufflepuff through and through. Welcome to the initiative!!
  8. I like having fans, but not lurkers. I am such a fan too. If you registered, then you want to be a member, not a lurker/fan, so damn do something! If you want just to read the stories and to talk in the c-box, that's fine too, but you don't need to register on the site, just a profile on the c-box. I like having fans and I know we have some. A few administrators of other sites who don't have time to write on another site, gave me their e-mail adress to send them the links to the monthly chronicles, in order to follow easier our adventures, and I love it. Some come from time to time to the c-box to comment on a thing or another, and I love this as well. But this is different than being a member who does nothing. Those get deleted.
  9. Ooooh I find this an interesting conundrum. Due to some issues I have had with another party that I cannot go into, I am naturally very wary of people who lurk on the site but do not actually post anything or even chat. I can see them online and it makes me a bit uneasy due to the nature of the other party liking to stalk us so even people who are in our discord I am wary about. It kinda goes back to some of the points you listed. Regardless of that fact though, I actually get a bit irritated with lurkers? Like, why would you sign up for a community without making any sort of effort to get involved? Why do through that process? Like, I can kinda understand if you sign up or just chat with people cause at least you're making some effort. If you are just there and do nothing, it annoys me especially since my site is a one account for all characters so you can see how many people are actually on the site. If you sign up, but never use your account, that one dead account can be added to a collective of other accounts that may not be active; ultimately making your site look inactive. I've been a little more passive when it comes to these lurkers. I'll watch for a bit, but if they say nothing or do nothing, then I delete the account after a little bit or I message them with a welcome message so they have to kinda engage with me or else I see that they may not have the best intentions.
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    I'm of the mind that only you can decide if your site failed or succeeded. Closing doesn't mean it failed. It doesn't mean you failed. Success is what you make of it. That said, the only successful site I've ever been a part of is the one I'm on now xD. I don't think I ever really cared much about the sites I've created in the past and I was ok with calling them failures. I once let a site fail because I just didn't like the way I coded the skin and was too lazy to do anything about it. So I just let it die. Not my finest moment. I was also guilty of serial site making. I'd put in all the work to open and then I was so burnt out nothing ever happened with them. Whoops.
  11. How do you feel about lurkers in your rp? I'm talking about the members who joined the forum (or other form of rp), but never really made the effort to create a character or join in the community. Members who login every few days and just sort of...sit there. Maybe they're reading threads, maybe they're not, but they're just kind of...there. What do you think about them? Or ave you ever been an rp lurker? Have you liked an rp so much that you wanted to be a part of it without actually writing in it, so you joined it and just let your account sit? What would make you do this? I ask because we recently had one on our site, and now we might have another, and I'm not sure how I feel about them! Should I feel flattered that we write content worthy of having lurkers who actually register? Should I be concerned that maybe they're stealing content? Maybe they joined so they could get alerts when topics they follow get new replies! Or maybe they're taking codes and content that aren't available to the public. It's impossible to know for sure, so I don't really have an opinion, but I'm curious about what others think!
  12. I honestly don't get the hate on being politically correct. Most of the time, it's just common courtesy. I do think that there's definitely a line that gets crossed where "politically correct" becomes "obnoxious bullshit" though. To me, being politically correct is about acknowledging that there are identities and persons outside your realm of "normal" that exist, and all of these identities are valid. You live a very privileged life if you don't have to think about these things, if you stick to normal pronouns/genders/majorities/etc. You don't deal with the issues those identities present, and you never will. And yeah, being inclusive and conscious about your intentions and the execution of those intentions can be "tiring" but that also sounds like you're getting offended at having to include them. It's kind of a two way street here. And it's a big balancing act that everybody plays into. Like you can't tell someone they can't be offended at something. It's all relative. And some people will take things too far. Deal with it. Or don't. I agree that there are definitely many non-politically correct topics and characters that should be explored in writing, and I have nothing against that! But not every community is right for that kind of writing. Especially in rp. A lot of people write in rp as a form of escapism, or just for fun, or just for the sake of writing. In my experience, most rpers don't take this stuff seriously. So they don't want to explore extremely heavy topics or -ist characters they might encounter with in real life. They see their rp as a safe space to create characters and let their creativity flow in fluffy clouds. They just want to have fun. So it makes sense that they don't want to encounter problematic situations and come together with people of similar political minds. And if you don't fit their mold...well that sucks. But that's also life. Part of being an adult is learning to be politically correct in the right situations and being conscious of how you affect the world. So learn to live with it, both irl, ooc, and ic, or find a community of like-minded people that you can create your own culture with. As for trigger warnings? I don't have a problem with those, either. Like I said earlier, people rp for fun. This is a hobby. If they want to read about the major dilemmas and moral conundrums of the human experience, they usually turn to literature or other media. I care about the community I write with, so I'm conscious of their triggers and things that set them off. I recently wrote something about suicide, and in the thread it kind of came out of left field, and I had one of my members come up to me and say that it caused her a lot of unwelcome emotional trauma. And I felt so bad. Because I was dumb and hadn't flagged it. The people I write with aren't just anonymous typists halfway around the world, they're my friends. Of course, this is how I feel about major triggers, like death/suicide, rape, etc. If you have a weird trigger, I'm probably not going to flag it. But I'd still like to know in some capacity that you have it so I can try to be more aware of you. The thing is, I won't not write something because someone has a trigger about it. I write what I want to write But I will put a warning that "hey, this thing is in this post, so you should probaby skip it." I much prefer trigger warnings over the blatant "you can't write about x, y, and z." It's why I like the 3-3-3 ratings on sites. I want to write I want to write. I won't censor myself. But I will flag a warning before it happens. That said, I think the reason why people are more likely to write a murderer than a rapist is because, again, this is a hobby! People are more likely to have encountered a rapist than a murderer in their life, and they don't exactly what to relive that experience through rp. As for diversity in rp, I think anytime a forum says "we need more x characters" is weird and a cheap attempt at looking inclusive when they're really not. People write what they know. You shouldn't force your members outside of their interests or comfort zones. If a forum does this, it's a red flag to me that says they're hypocrites. They don't actually care about writing diverse characters, they just want to look like they do. Do I think writing outside your experience should be encouraged? Always. But you don't have to be an asshole about it, either. At the end of the day, you can't avoid being politically correct on a web forum. It's a part of life (unless your web community is formed on the idea that being politically correct is bullshit). You can complain about it, but it has a time and a place and a purpose. But people will abuse it. It's all about finding the right community for you, really, where you can feel free to do what you want to do.
  13. Hey @starfire welcome to the Initiative! We're glad to have you. We are realtively massive with what we offer but it's part of our awesome charm. I know there are some fellow potter people on here. The top two I can think of are @Cyn and @wicked. Hope you enjoy your time. <3
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    This is a broad topic. With the characters I play, the IC vs. OOC stuff doesn’t come up as much. I don’t have racist, sexist, characters. What I worry about is people not appreciating nuance. I have a character who is Mormon and black. He grew up in a violent ghetto. He’s very boy scout, lawful good. He’s fairly conservative. He’s not opposed to gay marriage, but I anticipate, as he lives with roommates, if one were gay and in a relationship, it would weird him out a little. Discomfort isn’t the same as hatred. I also made him Mormon because it’s a very white conservative religion with controversy regarding how they treated people with dark skin colors. He’s a nerd and being a black nerd is harder than being a white nerd. The sub-culture of a typical black ghetto isn’t very accepting of that type. I also have a character who is bisexual Turkish/Azer American and nominally Muslim. She’s going to have a girlfriend in the future and her younger brother is more religious than she is. I’d love to be able to go into an argument of him worrying about her soul while she argues about all the haram things he does. I’ve admitted to staff on the site I’m on that I’d love to write this, but am nervous when it happens. For some reason, if she were Irish Catholic and I wrote a scene like that I wouldn’t be, but Islam and it’s politically incorrect. What really gets me is the out of character posturing, arrogance, hypocrisy, and victimhood. To get what @Deep Sea sort of was getting at, my problem isn’t people not allowing people who say voted for Trump or Brexit, but the fact that to find out staff opinion you have to go to a directory and find their comments. It is never listed on the site that they aren’t welcome because they know how bad it will look. So someone can easily walk into a minefield by accidentally revealing the wrong information to someone. This creates an abusive environment. Also, if you really thought people with a certain viewpoint were dangerous, why wouldn’t you proclaim this on your site? Why hide it? I suspect we all know why the vague answers regarding writing a character not a white cis heterosexual middle class American, because most people don’t do research or know where to find it. I noticed in a thread the suggestions were jaw droppingly dumb. “Consume more fiction from POC or have POCs in them.” Yes, to write a realistic depiction of a poor black man from the ghetto I should consume fiction instead of documentaries and non fiction books. The stupid. It burns. I’m thinking of starting a blog in the blog section here, offering resources and my thoughts on this. I just bumped into this last night. I was talking to someone about one of my characters and she was interested in a character connected to him. I showed her the wanted ad, she told me she was interested, but had no experience writing Asian characters and didn’t want to do it wrong. I had some pdfs of the culture in question on my computer and simply sent them to her in a zip folder through skype. If you provide resources that are easily and readily available, the barrier becomes much smaller. As far as why they don’t provide any, there are two reasons. 1) They come from multi-ethnic places with friends from different backgrounds and thus don’t do any academic research. 2) They are writing tokens. I will say in defense of some of those people, if you have a middle class black woman from a generic U.S. city in the north, her experience is going to be more common with her white friends than her cousin from the rural south or her half sister in a ghetto neighborhood. Skin color is not a culture. I’ve also seen people go, “No one will judge you if your black character likes fried chicken, Asian character like martial arts, etc.” then I see rants of, “Staff from a site I joined judged my character for being too (insert here)/not enough (insert here).” Yeah, it pisses me off. It feels like people are being deliberate liars. I could go more on this, I haven’t even gotten into trigger warnings, but I’ll close it for now.
  15. Guilty as charged, haha! Making my way around and checking out the directories
  16. Hey there. I saw you elsewhere. Welcome to The Initiative
  17. Hello there! My name is Kika and it's a pleasure to meet all of you. I am a coffee addict with an affection for the color pink! I have to admit, I was really overwhelmed at first: this site is huge. But now that I'm starting to find my way around, it's actually really neat! I'm a long time forum based RPer in many fandoms, but my most consistent and favorite is Harry Potter. I've also dabbled in Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes, Disney, and Real Life RPs, but none of them seem to stick as much as HP. Sorted as a Slytherin by Pottermore, I've embraced my inner snake and couldn't imagine a better house. Outside of my Harry Potter life, I'm also a history teacher in NYC and have the best cat ever. I know my way around a kitchen and the subway system, but I'm not particularly skilled with coding or formatting. It's something I would like to get better at, but all the random letters and symbols make my eyes cross! I look forward to getting to know some fellow Potterheads and RPers through this! Best, Kika
  18. I found this site through a google search, actually!
  19. Shadows of Novalia

    An Original setting loosely based on the Halo Universe.
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  21. Site name and link: Shadows of Novalia Site genre: Sci-Fi; Space Opera; Site info: Shadows of Novalia is an RPG which is loosely based on Halo, created as an original world where our Solar System is at war with an alien force. As the Unified Military Command (UMC) does its best to fight them, there are also threats of a more domestic situation from local mercenaries and space pirates, to remnants of the former Anti-Government Insurgency which sparked an Uprising nearly twenty years prior to the war with the Novas Imperium. Members can take control of a UMC Soldier, a Centurion Super Soldier or of course, go the independent route with Mercenaries and Civilian characters. Everyone is currently on the same side where the War is currently concerned but we hope to spread out into a sandbox setting along the way. Your name: Starbind; Stargazer; Your primary staff account: Stargazer Contact info: The site chatbox, PM's here or on the board, or the Discord Server for either RPG-Initiative or Shadows of Novalia. You'll find the invite to the SoN server above our boards chatbox. Canon(s)/role(s) requested: Keith Lambert: A very well off Centurion of the UMC, cunning and very calm even under pressure. This character needs some life/adoption and I'd like to find him a player as soon as possible. The play-by is currently an anime one known as Shinya Hiragi from Owari no Seraph but if the new owner prefers a RL play-by, I would suggest Chad Rook from CW's the Flash or someone of similar build if you can find one. Alexander Kennedy: A good character that helps operate the bridge! Alexander is capable and observant but probably has a snooty side not so publicly seen. The play-by on this character is someone from one of the NCIS shows, don't really remember the name but hey, its there. A good alternate play-by might be Justin Bartha or a similar looking person. Benyamina J. Lafayette: Though a bit serious, Benyamina is quite loveable but serious. Goofing off has no place on the mission and any mistakes will result in lectures and major reprimanding. The play-by on this one is Valetta from Code Geass, not sure if she would have a matching RL face claim, so there might need to be some changes to fit if there isn't. Other notes: All I ask is that if you take a character, please rehost any images you choose to use. Also, be aware that these are premade adoptables. Still want them made just I figured premade would make things a bit more attractive ya? Each character can be altered but should still reflect the original design of these profiles in some way. Originality is welcome!
  22. I have come across this so often that even reading @Uaithne's post has exhausted me. When I was at uni, our class met a researcher working at the Oxford University Museum and he said that he was so fed up of American tourists bombarding him with creationism vs evolution, natural selection and Charles Darwin (he was a biologist) that he literally couldn't discuss the topic anymore with them and made sure that he wasn't around when American tour groups were in the museum. This is exactly how I've come to feel about political debate, left activism, feminism, and just any kind of political correct topic that there is because with some people unless you agree with them on absolutely everything they consider you a bully, or worse.
  23. I actually started to improve my writing. I've always enjoyed writing but felt like I needed to develop it, and RPing was a good way to do so without making a huge time commitment.
  24. Thank you, thank you! PINK IS AWESOME! It has always been my favorite color. When I was younger, my dad wanted me to be a tom-boy so I pretended for a long time that I liked purple better (because he liked purple) but when I got to college... PINK EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE!!!! (Side note: My dad is also awesome!! He just doesn't know what to do with a girly-girl.)
  25. Hey, guys! I didn't see an option to give this thread a bump, so I am replying here. I really need a review, and a fresh perspective on how I can make my RPG unique, fun and engaging. Can anyone help?
  26. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

  27. Staffing

    @Uaithne I'm not saying you should go out of your way to determine pronouns and genders for every character. That's a lot of work and is not your responsibility. But if you notice that character refers to themselves as one way, and your character might be inclined to use another pronoun for them, then just a simple heads up to their writer is appreciated. Not that you have to do that, either - you're gonna do what you're gonna do. But it's a nice thing to do! And I feel like it's common courtesy? Idk. You'll get brownie points for at least acknowledging that your character isn't clear on this whole gender business. Honestly, the only time it ever comes up for me is if I actively notice the other character uses abnormal pronouns. I usually just ask for clarification for my sake and it's not that big of a deal. It's only as big a deal as you, or your character, make it. Until proven otherwise, I'll usually use they/them anyway, so I don't see it as problem. I don't think a person declining to roleplay with certain character(s) because of their misuse of pronouns is game breaking though. If it is, your game has other serious problems. You have to do what you have to do to feel comfortable in a community. And if it's not writing with a certain person/character then that's fine.
  28. The Goddess Aphrodite sent Asmy, my "demon lord of lusts" to retrieve a powerful magical artifact from the hands of a mortal (a pendant bestowing great god/esslike beauty). He decided to drag along a Vampire Hunter along on the trip to trick a local Priest into doing the actual task (there's rules against direct involvement in mortal affairs). Before entering the Church, Asmy transformed into a female version of himself to which my friend's character stated "I expected something a little more Helen of Troy, from the Demon Lord of Lust." "That little Harlot would have been nothing without me," the Demon responded, taking credit in one of those "Can't tell if serious or joking" tones. The fact that Aphrodite (according to regular mythology) was behind Helen of Troy, over a Beauty Contest, was a very UNINTENTIONAL reference parallel. And thus made me laugh boldly when we realized the accidental GENIUS of the moment.
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