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  2. I had a conversation with a fellow player when things changed in a plot where he assumed my absolutely batshit character would go for the obvious out. and they were like "well, we don't have the rule of your character can't die if you don't want" and I was just like "no that's fine, but here's the thing, she wouldn't ever try to kill your character. if his design is to make her live without the person she wants, tit for tat broseph, she'll kill his love too." Chick was not right in the head, like, would have murder suicided right out with said girl to get back at the guy, because it would have inflicted more suffering. Or made sure no one walked out of the building alive. Needless to say, as soon as it was realized I was fine with her dying and she would take other people's characters with her, well, we adjusted said plot. I only have a few characters that are just fucking crazy, but they're always the kind who like to take people with them.
  3. Asking Members to Leave

    I've had to do this a few times with people under 18 who have tried to join. I've done it occasionally, although many of the people I have asked to leave would have been banned anyway.
  4. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

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  6. Sites, please

    Thanks for the sites, everyone. I will be checking them out soon.
  7. Caribbean Dawn

    Hey guys! So I was handed the link to this roleplay, and I gave it some in-depth picking around. Here is a note for you: This review is written from an outsider perspective, guest viewing the board, and not an active member of the site. Keep this in mind when reading the below review I've written! Enjoy! I have done my best to give an actual review of the site and my actual thoughts on what I saw, and what I found. It is not biased in any way by the members, or by me actually roleplaying here. Summary: I gave this a 5-star rating. I found very little wrong with it. The quick summary of all of what I found is this: CaribbeanDawn is a very well thought out, well put together, and well-informed roleplay. On first glance, it seems to be relatively active, and though the c-box wasn't particularly flooded with talk, I did manage a small discussion with one of the Admins, and to be honest I don't find myself disappointed to say the least. The rules are straightforward, nothing confusing about them, and to be frank I wouldn't have had to ask any questions regarding them to understand better. The plot held just enough information to be informative about where, what, when, and why, without overloading you. The people seem friendly, and open, and the activity requirements are very low and lax. It seems like an amazing location to roleplay, and the people there are well informed about the era they enjoy rping in. What's more is I found out that it's actually a continuation of another roleplay I have peeked in on before, and that just makes it more exciting to see that it is moving forward and evolving as time goes on. My first impression of the site is very easy to say. It's a beautifully color schemed site, the skin is easy to use, and the graphics aren't harsh on the eyes. In my honest opinion, I feel like the hover over the banner could likely use a quick links section. Nothing fancy aside from adding things like 'faceclaim' or 'census' or even 'plot' and 'rules' to the banner can make it easier for a new person to navigate your site. That being said I didn't actually have great trouble finding the information I needed to find to join the site, it was pretty easy to find. Right on top, in a very obvious labeled area. If I had to complain about the skin in any way, it would be that the words are so blasted itty bitty in some places that I had to actively lean forward to read some spots. To the rules I went! The rules are VERY straightforward, easily understood, and not confusing in the least. I did note a couple of things. one of them was the application rule. If you do not finish your application in two weeks your entire account gets deleted. That's not normally a problem I have (if you ask anyone who knows me once I get an idea for a character it's generally done in an hour or so), but it seems a bit harsh in my honest opinion. That being said it isn't actually that huge of a deal. 14 days to finish a character is quite a while, to be honest, so it's a pretty minor thing. Activity requirements are actually pretty lax and understanding. Straightforward, easy to comprehend, and while they are laid back enough to allow some more of a relaxed atmosphere, they aren't so laid back that it would potentially leave other more active people with inactive partners in an attempt to push a storyline forward. Post count limit is actually very small, and insanely easy to manage. I mean, three sentences of content is like two minutes of thought really. This gives room for people of lower word count want to make easy simplistic posts, but leaves room for those who like higher counts to reply to things. It's a constant struggle to find a good balance in the 'word count' argument in roleplay, and I think this is a great space to be at . While I'm not a huge fan of having to date stamp every post I make (Ask anyone I RP with, I fail so horrifically at timelines it's almost sad...and laughable.), in this case, I see it as a great boon to the roleplay here. The world can be so potentially vast in this type of environment that time/place stamping can be pertinent to figuring out where you are at any given time. One thing I did notice is that all information threads have scattered links throughout that lead to other informative material, and that was a wonderful choice to make on behalf of the people who wrote this. For this kind of historical roleplay things can get confusing really fast, and having even the most simple information (i.e. faceclaims, or "great plague of Marseilles") linked right in where you're speaking about them is going to make researching so simplistic that you won't have to do much work on your own. The plot was very simple, straight forward, and not to in depth. It's easy to figure out where you are in time and place, without overloading you with all of thise extra stuff that can make your brain pop. There are links sprinkled throughout this, as well, to give you some info about the details they talk about, giving you the opportunity to research it yourself, which I think was genius to do instead of trying to pack it all into one spot.
  8. Ignoring them works well. Although I do drop an occasional "Yay!" because I know what it is like to know you need to post and RP has currently swamped me. Sometimes encouragement helps, other times it seems to have the opposite effect and seems to encourage that behaviour.
  9.  Membership Bits and pieces

    Instant alerts. I love seeing the little browser notifications seconds after a new post or thread goes up! Emojis in thread titles because I'm trash and proud. Being able to donate directly from the site, instead of navigating away to another site or service. Groups, like clubs and whatnot? They're fun, especially on the really big sites where groups come with private sections, but they can also be clunky, waste resources, and seperate the userbase into cliques and limit communication. Site shops used to buy story items. I think to buy items that affect the story crosses an IC/OOC boundary, but I think using a site shop for strictly OOC purposes (purchasing character slots, maybe matching points earned to a real money donation to a charity?) is a good way to encourage player activity. Forum games, like sitewide not-quite-video games, like virtual versions of Zombie Attack. Rarely carried out well, but so much fun when they are! In general, I don't like forums that are a little TOO organized, if you know what I mean? I'd rather see few sections and more threads in each section, than a dozen sections that each only have a half dozen threads in them. Overzealous censorship. I completely understand censoring racial slurs. I would like to be able to talk about Middle Ages cavalry and seasonings without triggering automatic censors. I don't like signing up as a character. There, I said it. I don't like account-per-character sites. I don't want to fucking find four different images of my face claim and have the account profile written from a fictional point of view.
  10. I prefer RPing with older people because they understand RL commitments and the priority they have. Although player ages typically won't stop me from joining a site, I won't join a site filled with teenage RPers. And I like a variety in character ages when I do RP.
  11. What Was Your Favorite Forum and Why?

    Beat to Quarters had been my favourite. It was far from being perfect, but it had some of the athmosphere of collaboration I didn't succeed to replicate, no matter how much I tried. It was also one of the few sites which actually ended properly, after 2 years of running, with a blast (literally, since the three ships were sunk, with the indication that some survivors existed, but their stories were not told further, because there was no sequel).
  12. Once upon a time, two of my players went guns blazing into a hostage situation (superhero genre), and godmodding the (presumably) successful rescue of the hostage. My co-GM godmodded them right back. One character lost half her face to shrapnel, and the hostage was executed in the middle of the floor by the extremist villains. My boyfriend still complains that it wasn't fair that the villain had reactive armor that would explode in an opponent's face, or that there was no way to save the girl. Spoiler alert: It was made fairly clear OOC (but not IC) that the villain group are religious extremists backed by a wealthy corporate executive. Also, I too assumed that the girl would have been rescued, because I didn't think my players would be dumb enough to bunny the actions of an antagonist NPC.
  13.  Membership Bits and pieces

    We've all joined amazing sites in our time. Some of us have seen them rise and fall like great kingdoms among the seat of internet trolls and harvesters of roleplayers. We've all had things we loved, things we liked okay, others that could have been improved upon, and even others we absolutely hated with a passion. So here's the questions: 1) What are some of your most favorite features on some of your most favorite forums? 2)What are some features you've seen used that could be great, if given some work? 3) What are some things you've seen done/used on forums in the past, or currently, that you seriously HATE, did not work, and are destructive? I would like to take this moment to say: DO NOT NAME ANY SITES UNLESS THE SITE BELONGS TO YOU. THIS IS NOT A SITE BASHING THREAD. THIS IS A THREAD ABOUT FEATURES, TO HELP OTHERS SEE THINGS PEOPLE LIKES AND DID NOT LIKE.
  14. Been here done this

    Requested Genre or Fandom: I think I'm looking for a RL/Modernistic type of thing Max Word Count: Nothing more than, say, 300 words? I like having a base word count, but anything to high is stretching for me. What I want: I'm looking for something SIMPLE. Something with a story/plot, but not something that is crazy in depth and requires tons of research and/or reading just to have a character or two. I want a laid back atmosphere, activity is key, friendly and welcoming, and not to demanding. Adult, 3/3/3 because I'm grown, and like the option to RP how I wish to RP without judgment or censoring. Recap: -3/3/3 -18+ community -RL(some variation of RL modern) -Laid back -Smaller word count -Not demanding on activity -K.I.S.S. (Keep It Stupid Simple) What I do not want: -No historical -No high fantasy -No futuristic -No heavy reading material -No serious activity checks -No high word counts -Not interested in "elitist" or "novela" style hive minds, I much prefer an eclectic mix of all peoples who are more relaxed. Other information: I have a main RP home. I won't be leaving this home, and it gets the vast majority of my attention. That being said, I am looking for something laid back on activity. If, the first time I don't post in a short period of time, you delete my account and remove me from your chats, I'm not coming back. I'm only looking for real life modern things, guys. Sorry. not interested in anything really outside this realm. It doesn't have to be STRICTLY RL, but something RL/Fantasy cross would be okay, provided there isn't ten tons of lore to wade through to understand it.
  15. Okay. I'm looking for something SIMPLE. RL, maybe, something with some freedom. I need a 3/3/3 because I'm a grown woman who wants the freedom to RP like I'm a grown woman. Lol. RL spun with some fantasy elements? Nothing incredibly complicated, or super crazy in depth, and with some activity. Slap me with some directory links.

  16. of Myth and Men

    18+ original supernatural and mythological fantasy set in a new post-Apocalyptic world!
  17. I'm with the "I'm old and I need older people to better understand family life/work life/certain constraints that come with being in the grown up world rather than like, school or pre-kids
  18. Drama. Even in the 18+ realm, I feel there is always at least some form of drama. I try to avoid it, but in staffing often you can't.
  19. Hello my loves:


    I'm bored, I love checking out new sites, evaluating, all that good jazz-ma-tazz. So be one of the first three people to say "HOWDY THERE" on this status update, include a link to your directory post, and I will personally head to your site, check it out a bit, click some linksies, talk to some people if I can, and make a review on your listing!

    1. Elena


      Hello! This is the link to my new site. Thank you very much!



    2. anthrxmilkshake


      A review has been written of CaribbeanDawn!
      Two more reviews if anyone else wants one? You can click the link above to see the kind of review I'm talking about.

  20. What Was Your Favorite Forum and Why?

    I actually am just reopening my favorite forum. It's been 2 years since playing it, and I hardly have the time to be doing this - but I miss it so much! It's a combination site of several of my favorite fandoms, combined in an AU world where everything joins together and it's just...beautiful
  21. Cannot post Directory Ad?

    To post an ad to the directory you need 10 posts. You can find the rules and information here:
  22. Hi there! I was trying to post a directory ad and keep getting an error code where my account is disabled from that function. I know I'm missing something Can you please help me understand?
  23. OUaT Canons Needed

  24. Most games have the rule IC Actions = IC Consequences. We all know this... but do we all, really? What do you do when a player doesn't understand? What if they complain? How do you keep the playground safe and functioning without blowing your whistle and looking like a headmaster with a power complex? Tell me your horror stories! Help me feel better about my own players totally freaking out when there are IC consequences to their IC actions! -_-_-_-_-_-
  25. Personified (pre) Lion King?

    I think you meant lion.
  26. Personified (pre) Lion King?

    Sorry, cat's out of the bag.
  27. The Things I Haven't Seen

    A Desperate Housewives roleplay. One might be out there, but I haven't seen it. With the amount of drama they have, one would think there would be one by now.
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