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  2. perry the platypus

    Error Code For Hosting

    This may just be a double post of sorts since I saw someone else had the same problem as well. I just want to make sure everything went through properly? I ordered both hosting and an installation. I got the error code after PayPal redirected me back to the site.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

  5. Clockwork Wanderer

    Opposites Attract | The Soldier & The Rebel Assassin

  6. Clockwork Wanderer

    Older Brother | Closest Confidante | Soldier

  7. I like to set up the surrounding world/setting; and then let the "us vs them" be created by what the players decide to do. I have some "canon" plots hinting at dissension and bad blood between certain groups but the function of the site is not reliant on them - they're more like flavor until somebody joins and says "Hey I really wanna work this angle this sounds up my alley". In the mean time, these groups technically still exist, and staff plays out their function as much as necessary to keep the Feel of the World consistent. There IS a list of Canons (in positions of power according to the setting of the board) that people can adopt if they choose, but they're classified as "Important NPC"s to reinforce that staff WILL use them to further plots and such without being reliant on people wanting to join that particular group.
  8. ObiWanJabroni

    Table Top meets Play by Post RPG

    That makes sense and can work. I think it could be successful.
  9. ObiWanJabroni

    Would you pay for this?

    I'd be willing to be your first customer.
  10. And now it has magically fixed itself. What even is my life? Thanks for those that took a peek. I will get an exorcist to come and help me control this possessed css I guess.
  11. Hey there. Me again. I somehow managed to break the Admin Center on my forum. I have no idea how it happened. We have a Discord Titan embed in our sidebar, and I was getting ready to edit the SimplePortal Block that creates the sidebar container for that embed (I was going to add a button to make the embed collapsible). Didn't even hit that edit button because on preview I thought the standard Bootstrap button was fugly so I went to add some css, but the editable box was completely gone. Started clicking around and pretty much all of the info boxes around the Admin Center are gone. Basically only our category and forum bars are showing up in the admin panel when using that theme. I just finished doing a huge recolor and a few code tweaks last night. Everything was fine then, and when I woke up this A.M. because I did a couple of css color adjustments first thing. So I somehow managed to break it without actually touching it. I saved all the files to my laptop last night as a backup bc I am paranoid, so I reuploaded the index.php, index.template.php, and index.template.php~ files to see if that might help. No dice. On a side night, all of my SimplePortal pages and blocks are displaying fine. Any ideas friends? Pic to show what I'm trying to explain, see how there are no boards between the category's? We have a ton of boards, but the containers and info there are just not showing up!
  12. Blondie

    How has it changed?

    I have to so totally agree with the tiny fonts! When I first started roleplaying, it was on a site that was more simulation/game. The RP was more about the plot and the story overall with gamemasters and all that. I've tended to notice, and it might not be but I tend to think it is, that the way of the GM's in RP is declining. More and more players create there plots with other members and move things along. And I tend to like both ways, especially when one has a most awesome GM. *shrugs*
  13. Morrigan

    Plagiarism that isn't exactly plagiarism

    So, I figured I'd weigh in on this because I've dealt with plagiarism claims a time or twenty, being the admin of a site like this. I take that stuff very seriously and have banned sites out of my directory for it however I'm going to give you the most annoying thing that I get submissions of when it comes to Plagiarism claims. People that see copying where there are similarities. This is quite literally the bane to my existence as an administrator having to investigate these things. Just because they look similar doesn't mean they copied anything. The Roleplay realm is large and certain things are repeated so often that similarities are inevitable and eventually you're going to run into someone that has a similar vision that you do and that doesn't always mean plagiarism in fact, it rarely does. I don't recommend banning anyone until you've actually discussed the issue with the "offending" site or have someone with fresh eyes look it over to determine if you're right that they are plagiarizing you. However, throwing out accusations without proof is problematic for both sides and can and will end up with lost members if not resolved in a mature and respectable manner.
  14. xexes

    Weird shit of Roleplays

    Oh, that was me. I had just read about his latest ...ungentlemanly ways... and I was really livid at his lack of direspect for others and human life in general. And I'd just heard about a style of anime series where the writers take nice characters and make their lives living hell. I thought it was gold, I thought it was perfect. I carefully inserted self flaws that would lead the character onto utter and complete failure, I think I also tried to elaborate in his profile about how he thought of his life and himself as so very perfect but how it wasn't. It never occurred to me how other people would react. They were livid. They were as livid as I was. I think that they thought that I was a fanboy or fanboy worshipper at first but then the staff explained that people were so angry that even the thought of him as a character had put the whole site into a complete uproar. I really had to hand it to the staff for the way they handled the situation and finally got me to understand because I was not getting it at first. I thought that everyone shared my vehemence and that we would all punish this character happily together.... Erm, no. Anywho, so that didn't work out. I apologized. I think? I hope? And I took my leave, completely embarrassed at my oversight and how I had basically unintentionally upset an entire site that I actually really liked.
  15. xexes

    That's a deal breaker...

    Sometimes when I'm browsing a forum, I look at it, but it all blurs together, and I feel frustrated and irritated and a little frightened. No matter how hard I try, that feeling never goes away. Even if I power through it, it's still really hard, and it feels like I'm doing the wrong thing by continuing to investigate and read. It isn't a concrete thing like overbearing rules, it's an overall, encompassing feeling. And it's never been wrong. I call it my spidey sense but really it is gut instinct. If my gut tells me to run, then I run.
  16. Faezilla

    What's the oddest/most niche RP you've ever done?

    A supernatural RP with one of my old school friends. It was supposed to be realistic but it ended up being really weird. No idea how. XP
  17. Last week
  18. ObiWanJabroni

    DBD Review

    Visual Appeal: Is it easy to read/easy to navigate? Is the layout appealing? What draws your attention the most? -It's easy to read, one of the easier ones I've come across. The banner is very tall, which is a lot but it's not a bad thing, just noticeably so. Also, while this might be out of place in the critique the "Urban" fantasy roleplay comment, makes me think of a 'city city'. While that may be because I literally live right near NY (haha) the picture of a forest does contrast that. But again, this might be my misunderstanding of "urban". The forums are clean and easy to read, easy to understand. One thing that draws the eye is that the numbers "topics and replies" is very large but I think that's barely a concern. Overall the design is good, I am a fan of color forum images and it looks good. Impressions: Does the board look active? Overwhelming? Slow? -The forum looks active, many posts within the past 2 weeks (though I guess that's dependant on one's opinion of active or not) but it looks good. The discord helps this, as you can see current chat. Information: Can you find it? Is it clear? Are you able to get to the next bit of information you want/need within a couple of clicks? -Information is decently easy to find, I cannot complain that it was difficult. You guys do not suffer from and overabundance of information, and that is a good thing. Kudos! Presentation: Do character profiles look neat? Member directory listing? -Member profiles are nice, a bit tall but good. The member directory is one I've seen before, but it's not bad. Application: Is it clear how our application process works? Are there improvements that could be made? -Love the app. Hate complicated apps, especially on original boards, it's unnecessary. Yours is the perfect amount! Features: What features stick out to you on the site? Are there any that could be added to improve experience? Community: If you have the time/motivation, have a chat to the crew in Discord. Give us a brief overview of how welcoming/knowledgeable etc the vibe is. -Don't have time haha. BUT I know a few of your people and they are awesome!
  19. Nixie

    Blessed are the Abandoned

    Post-apoc roleplay with zombies, set in a fortified town abandoned by outside help.
  20. memoria

    Roaring Dandelion, Reporting for Nerdery!

    I used to listen to soo much Rammstein back in the day - mostly their earlier three albums or so. I did get a chance to see them live twice, which was fun cause fire everywhere. Anyway, welcome!
  21. memoria

    Hey There!

    Welcome, Lilythe! What are you going to graduate school for if you don't mind me asking?
  22. thenoisyflower

    Devil's Carnival

    I'm brand new to the "making pretty things" side of play by post. All of these are Tumblr ads I've created for my current game. They're very simple, but given that I have ZERO prior experience with graphic design, I'm proud of them.
  23. syndehy

    OUaT Canons Needed

  24. It's actually the sixth month! I just counted wrong! Bump for justice!
  25. Kajes

    Table Top meets Play by Post RPG

    Interesting. I see the appeal in that type of structured collaborative storytelling. My game will be an open sandbox, designed with no predetermined goal or conclusion. The setting is an original fantasy world, very much like Earth but with some extra flavor. Gods, monsters, and magic are present and active elements, but uncommon and not readily available to player-characters without significant effort to find and harness the power of such metaphysical things. The most common fictional element in the setting is the inclusion of anthropomorphic animal characters, both as player-characters and common NPCs. The world is wild and devoid of civilization, apart from what the player-characters will bring to it, and as such...is open to the players to build up as they see fit. Any and all settlements, kingdoms, nations, etc. will be player created, driven, governed, and so on via IC means. So, yeah... A low-magic original fantasy setting with a stress on realism and nature, in which players are encouraged to explore any number of roles as they find the perfect niche for their characters. Heheh. My setting choice may not paint as clear a picture as a more specific genre or whathaveyou, but my aim is to make a stage and set of tools that allows n' encourages players to play a character of any role they want. Not necessarily play any thing they want, e.g. there are some limitations to player-character species, but any role.
  26. I want to shout out some of my players in particular, but also folks in other games who get eaten by real life for a while, come back, and then are too anxious to post because they're afraid people are mad at them for vanishing. You guys are awesome, real life absolutely takes priority, and everyone is just glad to see you back in the saddle! No fear!
  27. Blondie

    What's your character doing right now?

    Oh man.... (au TWD) Evie is having a reunion with her eldest brother after being separated for the past four years; as well as confronting another brother about his giving her photograph to a stranger even if he considers the guy his family. Beth is all comfy on a couch with her sprained ankle propped up on a pillow talking with a friend about helping her head out to search for her sister. Dru is going on a supply run with an emotional friend. Mainly she's going to make sure he doesn't do anything too stupid and makes it back to start having a relationship with his son that he just found out he has. Also, she's helping another clean and organize the game room. Josie, amnesiac Josie, is having a talk with her husband and high school sweetheart that she doesn't remember marrying after being having spent the past four years traveling and surviving with his baby sister, and her older sister. Kara is hiding in the bushes spying on a group of girls that seem to be around her age that she stumbled upon. Valerie and her bff are searching for supplies for their small group...even though Birdie swears they are really searching for more wine to replenish her reserves. Annabeth....meeting a stranger and his dog in the woods. Sadie is trying to explain the correct method of cooking pancakes. Leah is hiding from her former fiance to avoid confrontation. (au Supernatural) Jimmy, along with his two siblings is fighting a nest of vampires after they knowing waltzed right into the trap that was set up for them.
  28. ObiWanJabroni

    Review Request: Thorns: Uprising

    Hi. I figured I'd fill some of the empty review requests as long as that's okay! I'd like to be right off the bat with: Your site is very beautiful at first glance. It's easy to understand and words are straight to the point. I could easily find what I was looking for because you went for informational and clean over lyrics or something. Upon taking a few more minutes, I did notice that the site's color scheme all flows but can feel a bit...like there is a filter on the site and it blends together. An example or two: -Forum images are colored and I like that, but they too have a 'fade' or (idk the right word) a saturation to them that I think would be better without it. Same with the sidebar, where the rainy season notion is. -The discord button is the same color, where as it might benefit from a purple. I love the cast of character pages. It's really well handled and put together but that same sepia like tone lingers on all the pictures and I think takes away from it. ONE NOTE: When you hover forum images, they get darker. On the 'Cast of Characters', it seems to take away the 'sepia'. I think it's better to take away the sepia, and that effect there works well. Some other comments: -While there is a lot of information, I didn't look at it and go "this is overwhelming" because it seems EASY to find. So kudos on that. -There doesn't seem to be rules on subtitles for threads, but it was such a great idea to put a little 'descriptor' of what the thread is about. Kudos again. -Post templates that are clean and easy to read give a site so much more ease to access. I really like how you have a page but (from what I can see) don't let them get too complicated. I don't have a ton of time to go over everything but it's really a beautiful place. The only real complaint I have is the sepia tone over all pictures. I think it takes away from the beauty of what colors are there. But then again, once removed I might feel differently. I hope this was helpful! -Obi
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