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  2. When someone takes a canon character that canonically is romantic with another canon character because they're obsessed with the person who plays said character. Serious creepiness goings on. But similar, so I had to give you cred.
  3. I try not to ban people unless it's highly necessary and the person in question shows no attempts to change their behavior. People can easily get carried away on the internet because there's no real immediate deterrent not to do so, but if I've warned you a handful of times to stop doing things, not even the same things mind you, but things that you know are wrong and clearly listed in my player's guide, it's possible you're looking at the boot. The only real instance of "insta-ban" that I've ever really had to deal with was when I found out one of my players (we'll call her player 1) was sending lewd pictures and messages to another player's discord channel (aka player 2). What you do in your downtime is cool, but player 2 was married to another player (player 2) on the site who was supposedly best friends with player 1. Like... why? Anyway, before the drama could get out of hand, since player 2 wasn't a douche and told player 3 what was going on with player 1, I unfortunately had to boot player 1.
  4. Constantly having to remind myself that I cannot spend my entire weekend playing Borderlands 3.

  5. https://nanowrimo.org/participants/captain_morrigan
  6. There was an author who made a wanted ad for members of a large family. The members were picked up by myself and another player. Apparently, the ad poster wanted to hoard the males I was writing for her other characters and became really weird about everything when mine were connecting with other characters more. There was no future romance with anyone listed in the ads, and they were very general, so the personalities were created by myself and that other player that took the ads. When the ad poster couldn't get her way by harassing us, she had a fit and told us to give up the characters we developed and connected to to others because they were hers stating that 'someone else could write them exactly the same way' when we told her it wasn't fair to others. Needless to say, we have added in wanted ad guidelines to our rules section. Also, that awkward moment when you go on a site and see that a former author from your site has created a wanted ad for a character exactly like yours and has stolen your plot.
  7. Yesterday
  8. 1. I have never done so, but I have absolutely considered it. There have been a small handful of roleplays I've written that have inspired in me a desire to turn the story into an actual novel. I'm still considering it for one or two, honestly. 2. I've never considered it, but as long as credit is given to the players' whose works are influencing the story, I think that's fine. Like @Somniac, if a site automatically claims ownership of anyone's writing simply because it's housed on their site, I consider that inappropriate. Writing belongs solely to the individuals who wrote it, so as long as that is understood and respected, we're all good. 3. As long as credit is given and the original source is recognized, I think I'd be okay with that (and perhaps even flattered). 4. Depends. If it is posted outside of the site, it'd be considered non-canon. However, if it is posted on site and works within the frames of the site's plot, it would be a cool thing to incorporate into the site's structure.
  9. We get a lot of people come into the site from discord, where apparently things are run incredibly different from a forum. Any guides we've have come because it was something asked more than a couple of times and as mods, we got exhausted trying to explain how to sign up for an account 15-20 times.
  10. There is a global signature disable which is in Community > Characters > Click "characters settings" in the top right. Turn on the "Disable Character signatures" option. As far as height that is up to you and your theme. The signature will obey that. As it stands, no there is currently no way to edit the "default" items positions. You can suggest this in the suggestions forum to be considered for a future release. @Braska
  11. I've never been banned, but I have banned two people for rping what was, essentially, CP. It cracked me up when they tried to justify it, saying that they were just 'sex dolls' and not actual people.
  12. Hello ! First, thank you so much for this plugin ! I've been waiting for this for ages ! My question is: how to disable the charatecters' signatures ? Or reduce the size of the signature field on the creation page ? It covers a large surface and is, IMHO, a bit annoying: Moreover, is there a way to edit the default fields (like their position) ? Thank you !
  13. Once. Funny story, actually. It was a 1 on 1 roleplay that lasted a grand total of 3 posts (the first and last being mine). Quite literally, the amount of chat logs planning the roleplay were longer than the actual roleplay. While I was primarily interested in the ideas I had come up with in our back-and-forth (because hey, we like what we like), I asked if she would be comfortable with me writing a novel on similar premises just in case I was notably influenced by hers as well. As long as proper credit is given due, I don’t see the problem. I did see one roleplay site that tried to claim copywrite on its players’ fanworks, though, and that left a bad taste in my mouth. Read it if it interested me. If it’s posted on the site somewhere and doesn’t infringe without consent on other peoples’ arcs, sure.
  14. I'm still xArceus c: Remember kids, I'm a freaking word-tornado, never ever ever try keeping up with my pace.
  15. So with the new redesign, buddies need to be readded. If you want you can add people from this thread! And you can post your username so others can add you! AerisLei is me on NaNo!
  16. Last week
  17. When someone takes a canon character that canonically despises another canon character just because they hate the person that plays said character. Like how fucking petty can you be?
  18. Awesome! That's perfect. I just needed to get a better idea of how Gaia handled the various user levels since I'm officially looking for staff now. Thank you so much, dear heart!
  19. "The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot-- And whether pigs have wings." And whether a Mod or Co-Admin is waiting in the wings! Site: Chronicles of Aereth Genre: Swords and sorcery set in a roughly medieval time period. There are some things that are not strictly medieval and since dragons and high magic are involved, there will be other adjustments to deal with. Details The Chronicles of Aereth is a long-running RPG that went on hiatus when my former Co-Admin got busy with real life and I became seriously ill. Now that my health is back in order, I am re-opening the site (hopefully by the end of October). My former co-admin is helping where she can and will stay on as a roleplayer, but will not be returning to admin duties. The exception is that if we get a character in that is based on one of her races, she will have oversight on those bios if we need it. What I do not want is to get in the position where the site has to be shut down because no one can run it. I will be totally upfront here: I am used to running things by myself these days so learning to let go of some of my duties might take a bit. However, I am always willing to discuss things and, as often as possible, compromise. I try to be easy to work with and not say no arbitrarily without explaining why. Last but not least, I am very old 😉 I will entertain some innovative site ideas, but I do not want to make more work for my members beyond writing and plotting. We are an older group of writers, although this might change when we start advertising. We're good about handling things in an adult manner. OOC drama is extremely rare. We are, however, serious about our writing and plotting. Even at that, we love humor and having fun. The forum will be running on the Gaia platform and the wiki (we call it a codex) is on Wordpress - and Gdocs as we try to rewrite everything. Duties: HELP! LOL. There is a tone of lore to get sorted, proofed, completed and uploaded to the Codex. Initially, the new staff person would start out as a mod until they are familiar with Gaia, the premise, and some of the lore. From there, we can add on duties to meet your comfort level. If interested and would like to chat in person, I am on Discord. Please PM me and I'll give you my Discord tag. Blessed be and thank you for reading....
  20. The difference between those really depends on you and how you set them up, so I'm going to answer the question you should be asking, which is what's the difference between a Site Owner, a Super User, and a group with neither permission. The answer's pretty simple: site owners have access to the admin panel. There are no restrictions what they can access in the admin panel, so be careful which groups you give this permission, but also make it clear that only a user with the site owner permission can approve things because if only one group has it then that group is the only group that can approve anything. Site owners can edit, delete, and ban every other user except user 1. Unless they are user 1 but even then they can't delete or ban themselves. The super user permission allows that group to edit, delete, and move items that belong to other users. Both site owner and super user can post in forums that are marked as read only I believe (it may only be site owner, I can't clearly recall). Groups with neither permission set can post in non-read-only boards, edit their own posts, and I believe delete their own posts and topics, unless JP is turned on in which case they can edit anything (not delete though). To allow a user the ability to edit the source HTML of a post, their group needs the HTML Enabled permission. Understand and remember that Erebos will filter out any HTML tag it isn't expressly told to allow in order to protect your forum, so even editing the source HTML one can find some of their HTML doesn't work once posted. One note on site owners and user #1, whoever is user #1 should have access to the admin panel whether they have the site owner permission or not, because they're user #1. You may have to manually access the right URL, but you should still be able to log into it. I'll be making sure it works consistently on Salerno, but it should be mostly functional on Athens (I do not recommend taking yourself off site owner to find out, but it's a fall-back protection against idiots). So quite honestly if you're user #1 it doesn't matter what permissions you have because you have what you have 100% of the time no matter what the settings say, or at least that's the idea. So no your fellow admins can't remove you from staff if you're #1. But you can remove them. Now, what you get with each permission set is currently what you get and frankly is highly unlikely to get any more sophisticated than this because I'm one person and fuck all that noise. If ever I did do it, it'll be a long time in the future before I do. So to take only certain permissions away or restrict access to certain admin panel sections would require a whole lot of back-end alterations and I'm not about that life right now and it'd go away when you update anyway. In Salerno I do aim to have a moderation panel like the admin panel but for mods where you can quick approve items, so that super users can fucking approve things - I am so fucking sick of making typos fingers please you know what the fuck you're doing stop acting stupid - without having to wait for a site owner to get on. Hope that makes sense.
  21. The new game Control sounds like an awesome setting for an RP

  22. Hi there! As we get closer to trying to make next month's starting date at Aereth, I am freaking out...mildly and silently - LOL First, I love the simplicity of setting up Member Groups. However, I need to find out a couple of things. Hopefully, I am not asking the impossible. Admin and Super User? What are the differences in these two group's permissions? Super User and Standard User? Similar question - how do the permissions differ? If I absolutely did not want - say a Mod to have certain permissions, can it be changed without scrambling Gaia's brain? Thankies!
  23. I started replying to this and then realised I couldn't words very well so let's try this again. 1.) Have you ever published (or considered doing so) stories based on your RP's setting? Many times. One of my S.O.'s and I are actually rewriting a board plot-line that got dropped because it was too much as a fanfiction, but the setting was, to be fair, fandom. I also have a commercially-angled novel based on an original work of mine that was at one time a role-play, though tbf the novel concept existed first and I used RP to flesh out the world. Neither site is still running. 2.) Would you ever write on a RP whose admin has published (or intends to) stories based on the site's setting? (Say, imagine rewriting the transcripts of the latest sitewide plot into a web novel which is hosted on off-site blog, like for example, Wattpad) Probably. They'd also probably only get certain characters of mine, so I'd require to know this first before joining. If it's sprung suddenly and permission isn't asked from the member-base, I just think that's rude. I also really don't recommend writing a book or whatever and writing in the same setting in an RP at the same time. The two are not easy to run side-by-side. It starts getting mixed up and messy pretty quick. 3.) If you're a site admin and a RPer on your site has been found to be publishing 'fanfics' (or is intending to do so) of your RP, what would you do? This depends on what they write, because if they're just writing like characterisation related one-shots or something, posting their own personal character arc stuff, okay. I can't and I won't try to tell them they cannot do this. Otherwise it's sort of, okay one, why is this not on the site, and two, we don't write for other people's characters without permission, because doing so gets so messy. Just don't do it. Most people don't like it. And if I didn't intend for people to write in my original settings, I wouldn't open RPs. 3a.) Do you consider 'traditional' fics based on your RP's setting as part of the site's canon? (I.e. The events of a fic providing the catalyst for the current site plot) Write it on the board or it didn't happen.
  24. Wow! Used to love this idea, now, I run screaming like my hair's on fire. 1.) Have you ever published (or considered doing so) stories based on your RP's setting? Yes and no. Personally, I have not, but 2 RP friends asked permission to do so. Both were wanting to transcribe them into fan fiction and I was okay with it until.... Situation #1: My RP, at the time, was a fandom. My friend and I wrote a lovely story. She asked about publishing as a fan fic on her website and on fanfiction.net. I agreed. We jointly edited it, she gave me credit for writing Character A and it was published to good reviews. Situation #2: Same fandom. Another RPer asked me if they could publish one of our plots as a fan fic. They stated that they would not keep the parts written by other members. Instead, they were going to just use the gist of the plot and rewrite our parts. Turns out, they fibbed. Much later, someone read the story and pointed out that far from rewriting anything, the other member had just taken what the rest of us had written and stuck canon character names on it. Battle ensued. In the end, we agreed (all of us) to let it stand as long as a disclaimer was added that some sections were written at XX RPG. I will never allow that again...knowingly anyway. I am not sure this actually counts, but we used to gather site plots into a PDF and send it out to our members. This was before Timelining was easy to automate. 2.) Would you ever write on a RP whose admin has published (or intends to) stories based on the site's setting? (Say, imagine rewriting the transcripts of the latest sitewide plot into a web novel which is hosted on off-site blog, like for example, Wattpad). If it is simply an easy-to-read version of the site plot, I would have no objections. And this part gets murky. If it was their plot and they used only their characters (i.e. rewrote the bits they did not publish on the RPG originally), then that's their business and more power to them. Using my writing and renaming the characters to theirs or anything else along those lines, then absolutely not. If they are giving full credit to the original writers, not a problem. 3.) If you're a site admin and a RPer on your site has been found to be publishing 'fanfics' (or is intending to do so) of your RP, what would you do? If it is their original plots and stories and nothing that has previously been published on my RP site, I wouldn't do anything. If it was using my work or other members' work (characters and posts) and permission had not been given, I would do everything I legally could to stop them. 3a.) Do you consider 'traditional' fics based on your RP's setting as part of the site's canon? (I.e. The events of a fic providing the catalyst for the current site plot). Once it has been written and published on our RP site, yes...with some caveats. If it was never completed and archived as incomplete, then no, the originator of the plot may do as they wish with it as long as it does not impact other members' characters and posts. However, while we will archive incomplete plots, threads, etc., we will not do deletion requests. That's just too much work to track everything down and delete it. Once writing has started, it affects too many people to try and delete it all. We can and do move them to a non-public archive.
  25. Good Day, We are preparing our sword and sorcery site for reopening. Having seen so many posts on stupid rules 😉 and the like, I would dearly love to have a few people give mine a good going-over. Also, I would appreciate it if you guys would do a review on the Account Registration instructions. Tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. If all goes well, we're about a month out from our soft opening so I am trying to get my ducks in a row. I will ask for an actual review of the site and the lore after we are open and posting. 😄 Thanks y'all! 💙 Site is Chronicles of Aereth. Site Lore is Aereth Codex The Rules Account Registration
  26. I cannot help but get annoyed at players who feel the need to take whatever game/movie/whatever has their fancy at the moment and try to cram that exact thing into their roleplaying. I can get and accept getting inspired by something and trying to put your own spin on it to make it work within the confines of the universe. Ripping off - to the point that's it predictable what you're going to try to make based on whatever you've been talking about watching/playing a lot lately - is lazy.
  27. Honestly, my favorite players are the ones who are willing to do their own work to find/create RP opportunities, and when they get involved in something, bring interesting ideas to the table. And it goes without saying, those who are friendly.
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