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  2. work went work from home.. so still working. But I've thrown myself into a bathroom renovation and building a new skin for absinthe on the side.
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  4. I died for a while, fell off the face of the planet. 

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    2. Arceus


      I'm writing a massive fanfic that I will later turn into an original published work (it's pretty original already), and made an RP site based on it, and it's been a drama magnet. Most recently, some other loser was like "Omg your site/fic stole Celtic mythology and blood-bonding from me, but it's okay because I'm gonna save you from your friends," and I'm like annnnnd you're delusional, okay then. Now he's turned outright vicious, calling me a talentless hack and all, but I'm not even glancing at him anymore so idk what he's on about nowadays. I also had an anon come into my Tumblr asks like "your shit sucks," and I was like yeah but you still fuckin read it, bitch. -rofl- I've been avoiding Facebook like the plague tbh, cause people be fucking stupid and I'm related to some of em. :c

      And I do, yep. c:

    3. Zozma


      Okay, wow. People like that are insecure and nasty af. What the hell. And what the hell does he mean he's going to save you from your FRIENDS. He's the freak a person would need saving from. I'm glad you're just ignoring him. Honestly, when you feed those types of people, they just grow stronger. Meh. And it was probably him on your Tumblr, too. And FB has been a deep source of my breakdowns so I honestly don't blame you. I just deleted toxic people and pages (there's a couple of local hometown pages I was a part of that had devolved into politics and arguing over animals--like the idiots here don't know how to take care of their pets, it's fucking gross)


      ANYWAY. To the more positive things. I AM FINALLY ON AN UPGRADED SERVER AND HAVE INSTALLED THE VESTA AND AM BEGINNING THE FIRST STAGE OF MOVING BATTLE CRY OVER. YAY. OMG, don't go to the SMF forums either right now. I was browsing around to see if 2.1 was viable yet and the fucking drama. I noped right out. I just... I want to get away from all that noise. Besides, SMF is ancient as balls, even those people on there admit to it. (So why don't they fix the problem? SHRUG. It's a dying forum software tbh, they had an entire topic whining about it.) 


      AGH. I need to stop being so negative. And yay! You know I don't like just going bare-faced/default forum style. Battle Cry is a fantasy pokemon shifter site. I don't know if that gives you any ideas but if not, I can try and arrange some ideas/inspiration. I won't be able to pay you until Monday though! 

    4. Arceus


      ... lemme just PM you xD

  5. Hullo, I apparently made an account here a while ago but never actually did anything with it : P

  6. This is an idea that I've had bouncing around in my head for almost two years now, on and off. I've been building the site just to play with HTML, but I've never really had the time, energy, or confidence to actually try to open and run it. I'm curious, though, if it sparks any interest. Animal roleplays, at least in my experience, seem to be dwindling in popularity, and a lot of the ones I do see, especially horse roleplays, seem to all hit the same beats and have little to distinguish themselves beyond different skins and layouts. My goal with this would be to inject something fresh into the formula, with a very light dice-and-stat system for PvP and PvE, claimable territories that vary in how well they can actually support a herd of horses (good graze and shelter would be rare and therefore worth skirmishing over), and random events that could take the form of predator appearances or inclement weather. All of this done in a way that's both easy for prospective players to understand and pick up, and easy for me and any other staff to manage. The full plot writeup is here, but here's a more concise version: The roleplay itself would take place in a roughly-1800s time frame, set on an island off the eastern coast of North America, with strong resemblances to places like Assateague or Ocracoke. Humans are present in the world and history has largely progressed the same as it did in the real world, but there are currently none on the island. In addition to a population of feral mustangs descended from escaped or abandoned livestock, the island is also home to the last few surviving members of a prehistoric horse species very similar to the Hagermann horse, adapted for coastal life. These "true" wild horses are a dying breed, however, and were nearly driven extinct when English colonists settled the island. They survive now as solitary, secretive creatures with no love for domestic horses, and any rarely-occurring hybrids between the two species often struggle to find companionship. The mustangs, meanwhile, are just doing their best to survive. The island is a harsh home, but it's home nonetheless. Is this an idea that would interest anyone? I'm open for feedback of any kind, but I mostly just wanted to get the concept out there, and see if it's worth finishing the site--not like I have much else to do at the moment : P I'm also curious to see if people like the inclusion of "primitive" native equines, or if they just muddle up the setting.
  7. I like to joke that I'm cursed with ships. That every time I start one, and plan it out, that real life causes the other person to have to drop it. It actually just happened again this week! Regardless, I don't let it get me down, real life comes first after all. But if the person leaves permanently, do I leave my character partnered with them? Do I have my character leave the relationship? In eother case how long do I wait in real world time? This one got pretty far along this time, and it was a blast working with them though, so I always look at it as a great experience.
  8. "Comme des garçons" by Rina Sawayama and it's crazy catchiness might move me to make another character.
  9. feyre

    katherine mcnamara

    soo pretty ❤️
  10. As roleplayers and fans of existing fandoms, what are your thoughts on implementing major non-canon plots in-game? I'm kicking off a Dragon Age pbp rpg but, as a GM, I like to mix things up between canon and non-canon plots, especially when there's timeline gaps between canon narratives and/or game releases. I'm calling my non-canon plot "Scions of the Land" (check out the teaser image attached). Is it wholly lorebreaking to take creative liberties? Or should we provide players with more narratives so they can branch out a little? Personally, I'm of the latter school of thought, but I'm interested in hearing about other non-canon plots that GMs from other fandom rpgs have tried out. What did you name yours, and why? Was it a successful plot in-game? If yes, what made it work? If no, why do you think it floundered? Did you put a cap on how many players could be involved? What inspired you to buck tradition and try out a different, non-canon direction in the first place?
  11. I'm not sure if this is still a thing I do, but when I was originally roleplaying, I would often use the phrase "it sent a chill down [pronoun]'s spine." Well, I was pretty notorious for writing "it sent a child down [pronoun]'s spine." Everyone got a kick out it and they would never let me live it down...ever...to this day...
  12. I started mine because I really missed roleplaying. It had been a really long time since I had been in a roleplay due to a variety of reasons, so I decided to start my own instead of trying to join one where everyone kind of had "their people." Plus, I wanted to do something that had been on my mind for a long while now. And I wanted to see if I could get some of my old roleplaying partners back, which I was semi-successful with. I also wanted to connect with new people and remembered how great it was to have a community around.
  13. The first place I RP'd on was Gaia Online and I think the first roleplay was fantasy. That would be my best guess considering it's my favorite genre. That was a long time ago at this point though, haha. I have a vague memory of a camp with people who have different powers and I'm pretty sure that was my first RP. The first forum with a site-wide RP didn't come until later when I joined one that was basically a bunch of fandom crossovers and they were all in the same place. That was actually pretty fun.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you. My site has just opened too and no one has really gotten to the point of IC activity, we're all still working on character development. When the last posts were is generally what I look at, whether it's IC or OOC..
  15. I wouldn't say that is has swayed me in one way or another in regards to what I prefer to roleplay. To be fair, I don't think the apocalypse genre has ever been one of my favorites, but even with that in mind, it hasn't made me feel like I don't necessarily want to roleplay that genre. If anything, the pandemic has made me want to roleplay more if that counts! I have a bit more free time on my hands, sort of, and I feel the need to be creative.
  16. »THE NEED TO KNOW I would love to have Costin Almasy's biological father around~ »NEGOTIABLE Costin's history mentioned the Father was a middle-aged man when He met his mother, but I can see He is much older than He actually let on. To be honest I kind of see Him as an ageless being. In my head His front/cover is a shrewd businessman, with huge connections but almost no friends but a handful of people. He could have heard about Costin but chose to not take part in his life, or He could be one of the Black Knights' more generous benefactors. It would be nice if He's the latter, since that would allow the two to finally meet. I always see the Father as Paul Rudd but of course you can pick another. I can understand that you might want to use Mark Hamill due to the gentlemen's physical similarities but... please refrain? »NON-NEGOTIABLE I just ask that He is a magical being, ideally a Warlock or a Demon. His name (or middle name) must start with Luc. Costin's mother knew Him as Lucian, but it could easily be Lucius... or Lucifer
  17. This is why any site I've run/staffed on has always ended up having what I call the Roleplay Roulette. Post the characters you want to enter, and then every two weeks or so, staff come along and pair up characters randomly or based on some staff-determined criteria, providing a location to start in and a situation, premise, or even just a prompt to get the ball rolling. Offer some sort of encouragement/reward for signing up and getting things going, and just make sure the people you pair up don't typically RP together. We've also run roulettes with the option for canon or AU/crack RPs with some... hilarious results.
  18. Last week
  19. @Arceus Awesome! Thank you! Out of curiosity, is there plans for an option for people to un-mark their characters as ready to play? Like where the character goes back to how they were before they were approved. Or an option to do this from the admin panel?
  20. Nia

    Looking for Active Affiliates

    Of course, thank you!!!
  21. Most likely it's not checking for editability on front-end... ah, I see why. Get into characters.template.php, find this: if($page->type == 'npc' && empty($field->npc)) Replace it with this: if(($page->type == 'npc' && empty($field->npc)) || ($page->mode = 'edit' && !$field->editable))
  22. Flahme

    Looking for Active Affiliates

    Thanks. I have added you to our board. Please add ours, we are active but new. a href='https://worldwithin.jcink.net'><img src='https://files.jcink.net/uploads2/worldwithin/Affiliate/aff_button.png' alt='The World Within - An Original Modern Supernatural RP' /></a>
  23. @Arceus Hey, so uhm. Not sure if this is a bug or there's something I can do about it, but the "Allow Edit After Acceptance" option for character bios doesn't do anything. Like, I can switch it off, but my members can still go in and edit the section. Flipping the switch is writing the change to the database (checked that cause I was thinking it might've been the same quirk as the reordering thing), but it doesn't matter if _editable is a 1 or a 0, people can still edit the field after their character's been accepted. Its not a huge deal, but I figured I should check either way.
  24. Nia


    Multi-Species Canine RP
  25. Ignoring adulting as much as possible, rip Also took the time to build a site and try to be active in the RPing community in general again
  26. A lot of Rps will struggle with this when first opening, I am going through it too. I think doing some kind of a site wide event/plot with some added incentives like store items or point earning.
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