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  2. sarahdoll

    clone club

    added! thank you!
  3. Not just me but some of my friends had ships wrecked by a serial ship wrecking siren. Had to be the center of attention, most gorgeous faces, would basically write you out of your own story with a smile and if you said anything you were the troublemaker. I don’t know how she did it but it worked. Anonymous poster hash: 14861...d56
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  5. Birdest


    Rehosted! Thank you!
  6. I can't stand apps that make you list out X number of likes and dislikes that your character has, usually random things like "nutmeg" or "the Yankees." I don't tend to know a lot of that stuff until I play the character a lot, and even then, most of it never comes up in play. It just feels like I'm throwing stuff at the wall and trying to see what sticks. In a similar vein, I don't like personalities that have you put lists of positive and negative traits as opposed to doing it paragraph-style. Words like "stubborn" and "intelligent" mean nothing -- what does their stubbornness make them do? Is their intelligence more a jack of all trades kind of thing, or are they highly specialized in one field?
  7. Moxxi


    We've added you to our affiliates located at the bottom of our forum. Thank you and I hope you will add our code as well. <a href="http://twwrpg.com/index.php" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/kaXQwPN.jpg" alt="The Wicked Within" title="The Wicked Within" /></a>
  8. Moxxi


    Added you and visited your site with our button info. Putting it here as well. <a href="http://twwrpg.com/index.php" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/kaXQwPN.jpg" alt="The Wicked Within" title="The Wicked Within" /></a>
  9. I really dislike the history portion of the application. If it's optional I skip it every time. With new characters, I like them to build themselves over time. This includes their history. I just don't like having every little thing panned out, I like to see where the character goes and them to tell me where they came from over time.
  10. I definitely prefer to be told. Especially if that person has been involved in storylines with people. A heads up keeps people from constantly wondering what's going on.
  11. Moxxi

    The Wicked Within

    No real rules. We will match where you put us, scrolling or static. If your site goes offline, your button will be removed.
  12. I'm using GoDaddy for now. I've never had any issues with it and they currently have a promo code that gives you a free domain and year of hosting for $12. You can't beat that!
  13. We meet again. Welcome to the Initiative.
  14. I actually tend to use character playlists more for inspiration than for immersion, and am weirdly embarrassed about showing some of the mood-setting shit I've used - especially early in character creation. For fuck's sake, I've got that '00s SHOES meme song on one of them.
  15. Grinbin

    Monster of Mine

    If you're interested at all, contact me on Discord (Grinbin#5454), or come drop by the site and gimme a holler there! Preferred PB: Gillian Anderson A lifetime ago and half the world over, she was the eldest daughter of a nobleman of the kingdom of Draiwen. She had a younger sister (Kaela, who later married into the Vyrwel family, who are tied to the royal family by marriage) whom she loved very much, but the walls of her home could not contain her. With a curious mind and a free spirit, she fled rather than live under the constraints her father tried to impose on her. She wanted more. She went to the kingdom of Myrh in search of that more. There she stayed, at first voluntarily and then because the seas were no longer passable. She built a respectable life for herself, marrying into Myrhian nobility. Her husband came to hold the title of Bael. Thirty-three years ago, she caught the eye of the king of Myrh, and so came to be pregnant with a Stormborn child. A daughter named Xaria. Five years later, she gave birth to a second child, a sickly son. When there was talk of a third child, four years later, Xaria poisoned the drink of the first son out of jealousy, and explained that it was best to have no more children. Being just nine at the time, Xaria was not held responsible for the death. Xaria only became more difficult to live with from then on. By age twelve, it was clear that Xaria would only be destructive. So the mother and the Bael sent her to the castle of the court, Cthonos, to live among her multitude of half-siblings. For twenty-one years after, the mother and the Bael lived in peace. She even had that third child, a son, whom she cherished. That peace was recently broken. Xaria returned to the estate and stayed for weeks. The mother did her best to protect her son, who was ten at the time, knowing full well the kind of person Xaria is and the destruction she wants to bring down on the family. But it was not enough. Xaria left the estate as abruptly as she had arrived, and some weeks later, the son was found dead, having drunk poisoned tea. The mother knows Xaria is to blame. She knows that Xaria is likely coming after her and the Bael next, wanting the title and land, on which lies a prosperous salt mine. She is convinced that she is playing a game for her life with her daughter who holds a reputation for always getting what she wants. And she is not wrong.
  16. I have so many threads going right now it's kind of insane. How do I breathe. Toph is in so many threads: - In one she's annoyed because the Earth King just gave her command of the Dai Li and she defo didn't ask for that. - In another she's being asked to take on another student by the potential student himself, but he insulted her earlier in the thread so she kind of just insulted him right back. - In another she's again being asked to take on another student by potential student himslf, but this one's being a lot more polite and she's responding much nicer. - In another, a trusted friend is pestering her into talking about her feelings. Or trying. - Annnd in another, she's meeting up with a friend she made after the War. She taught him to metalbend so he could make metal prosthetics for missing limbs and stop moping. - In ANOTHER, lol, she's reuniting with Suki. - AnD IN ANOTHER, she's reuniting with Katara. Phew. Busy girl. Kasang is ruining lives with news about slave trades and human trafficking. Qing is basically freezing to death and being carried off for dry clothes and warm fires by a Southern Watertribesman. Azula is trying to figure out how to socialise. Yanxue is reuniting with her older brother. All the other threads on other sites I was in back in September are still ongoing.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I'm with most people it seems. I'd much rather be told why someone's ghosting, especially from an admin standpoint. If it's something myself or the admin team in general could fix, then that's something that's worth having a conversation about. And well if it's more along the lines of the person ghosting not feeling it, well that's cool too. You do you.
  19. What kind of music does your character listen to? Are they a genre specific sort - Rock/Metal or bust type - or do they bounce around the spectrum? If you've got a character playlist on youtube or spotify, link us!
  20. Seth just wants to come home and crash out with his wife, the dogs, and preferably a monster movie neither of them have seen yet.
  21. a supernatural game based in Las Vegas. A series of 'incidents' across the US caused a portion of the population to develop supernatural powers or transform into a new species. This has put a strain on the pre-existing supernatural population as they try to help the newbies adapt with a limited amount of trouble. Supernaturals as a whole have found themselves drawn to Las Vegas and it has welcomed them with open arms. What makes it different is that the 'incidents' can make multiple werewolves (for example) but the guidelines can be different. For example, one has to shift during the full moon, and the other two don't. Once a 'type' is specified, other players can choose to follow that lore, some of it, or none of it - writing their own. Also there can be different groups of the same species. So if you want to make a hybrid werevamp, go for it.... I don't see a lot of interference with however you want to play things, just remember, somebody who's perfect at everything is super boring.
  22. Birdest

    Hello, Sunshine

    Adding! <a href="http://cheribeth.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx" target="_blank" ><img src="https://i.imgur.com/ghPzd3Z.png" title="Cheribeth" /></a>
  23. Birdest

    clone club

    Adding! <a href="http://cheribeth.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx" target="_blank" ><img src="https://i.imgur.com/ghPzd3Z.png" title="Cheribeth" /></a>
  24. My heart hurts.



    1. Dragon


      I'm sorry hon. I know how much it hurts when they cross the rainbow bridge. 

    2. Liannis


      Im so sorry. 

  25. Birdest

    Show me the Supernatural!

    I've added your button to our static affiliates! <a href="http://cheribeth.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx" target="_blank" ><img src="https://i.imgur.com/ghPzd3Z.png" title="Cheribeth" /></a>
  26. Great reason to be excited to move on!
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