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  2. People that feel the need to get really open after a day of coming together for a plot. I was about a day in plotting with some dude who had expressed interest in a plot of mine. Everything was good. Talked about the story, possible characters, and as it was getting late we were wrapping up the conversation. Next thing I know the guy is talking to me about him planning on 'handling himself' and if I could help with a picture. I mean, like what the heck. I ignored him and left the conversation but he kept messaging me from different accounts asking what was wrong. Of course I went to the admins but seriously. People that think what happens to their character is a personal attack against them. People that say they're ditch friendly.
  3. GORGEOUS Board! Great staff and members! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. Yesterday
  5. please add me on discord! Stormie#0303
  6. When you have your first links set up saying "align=center" and "center". Which one works for your site type of deal and people don't post on the right subforum so when i go to your board i have the wrong code.
  7. Agreeing with everyone above and wanted to make an addition there. By giving your friend special treatment, you're not only hurting your community, you may be hurting your friend in the long run as well. At some point, your community might start going 'huh, why should I play with you? You're gonna get special treatment, if I do something you don't like you'll just run to the admins and have it done your way' and other not so nice thoughts. It's better to treat everyone equally and let your friend be a full member of the community.
  8. Uhhhhh creepy much? Our forum has TW content rules. Player returning from hissy fit hiatus *posts app full of explicit murder and self harm scenes with no TW's* No powerplaying. Player who's been warned repeatedly to discuss ideas with writing partners. *completely takes control of an entire thread so their character can do all the butt kicking and then complains when asked to change it to give some room for other characters to do things too*
  9. I am not an amazing artist, however, I try really hard and I'm interested in this. I could also be a helper or a moderator!
  10. This looks very interesting, I'll be sending you a friend request on discord so we can talk more!
  11. While we are still in the early stages, I'm looking for staff to help make one of my long-time dreams a reality. Essentially what the site is going to be is a place where you own, train, breed, and show extinct animal species, all while roleplaying/play-by-post in order to increase your characters' stats. You can play as humans and animals together. There is a unique system in the works for earning points, buying items, making art, roleplaying, and more. But none of this is going to be possible without a dedicated userbase. If you're interested, please message me or reply here.
  12. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

  13. Hello there, i don't know what to say, but, i will use the following form to answer some questions. Don't know what to say? Try these questions (not mandatory): How long have you been RPing? some years, i don't remember since when because of the lot of events i got to deal with. What are your favorite RP genres? Action/adventure with a touch of fantasy, fandom in majority. How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? by messages, this is more easier to complete my 1x1 RPs. What country are you from? Do you know about Notre-Dame?, well, i am from the same country than the cathedral, so my language and time-zone may be different than yours. What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Oh music, i don't have a particular music in mind, but i must admit, i enjoy the music from Two steps from hell, don't you? What other interest/Hobbies do you have? gaming, i have an impressive library of games over the years. What's your favorite color? Purple! What's your favorite drink? Tea.
  14. I'm currently in the process of researching a bunch of short "writing prompts", and adapting them to different situations my characters could reasonably find themselves in.
  15. In 2nd grade (communion year), my mother taught my religious education classes. At the end of the year, she bought a small paint-able angel statue for all her students to give out on the last day of class. She decided to paint them all a nice metallic gold - but mine she wanted to paint flesh tone with my hair color (as a communion gift). I told her no, that I wanted a gold one just like everyone else because I didn't want it to look like my mother favorited me over my classmates - I wanted to be treated equal to my peers. My mom, you see, thought she was giving me a nice communion gift by painting my angel the way she wanted to, and didn't actually realize what it would look like to the rest of the class until I pointed out the unfairness (She ended up giving me two angels: the gold one that was the class gift, and a separate angel that was painted in my image on my communion day). Rules of an RP board are the same: we may think we're helping our friends out of a human desire to do good - but don't always realize the severe impact on the community at large and how it might hurt instead.
  16. Last week
  17. Definitely will take a peek then since we are using that!
  18. Hello! Weekly bump, still looking for a staffer! ❤️
  19. One of my pet-peevee is when someone makes you wait for days, when they promise to answer you, and then they block you, for no good reason, I can be patient, but with this attitude? Never.
  20. I swear there is always one person who tries to pull this. lol
  21. I like both. Plotting is good to establish backstory and learn some of the fellow rpers rp limits, etc. Although I mainly want to RP it out to see it in motion because there is a chance that I will eventually forget about it and I want to have a source to look back on.
  22. Wrongly sized avatars. We're not a board that has a lot of graphics, there aren't 3 different pics and a mini profile gif, it's just a single avatar of 200x300. The size is stated clearly in the rules. Plus, you can EASILY SEE if the avatar is the wrong size because there's a gap between it and the border and it looks dumb as hell. Every second member still manages to mess it up though.
  23. When some people think it is 'elitist' to ask for a writing sample. I ask for writing samples all the time and provide them up front. The reason why I ask for them has nothing to do with me feeling this whole elitist garbage. It's because too many times in the past I've written with others that have said "Oh yeah, I can do several paragraphs no problem." which following my opener I receive a paragraph response in return or I'm unable to understand the post at all so damn straight I'll ask for a sample. If a person is not favorable of writing multiple paragraphs then they shouldn't say they can if it is proven otherwise.
  24. crowfeather

    it's gif not gif

    Hi Jaxx! Would you be interested in joining a small contingent of beta-players for a site still in pre-launch? We have all our information put together, just need to finish up characters and start getting threads on the ground, and we'd love to have a few folks in place and ready to RP before we do our grand opening. Other than the "not-quite-open" status, I think Glitter and Gold has what you're looking for. Diversity and inclusivity are important values to myself and my partner both IC and OOC, and we've deliberately structured the lore to provide spaces for diversity of race, gender, age, and sexuality no matter your character species preferences. We are not rigid on how players structure trigger-warnings, but that's not because we disallow them, just because we expect our members to be thoughtful and communicative with one another and negotiate boundaries in the way that works best for them. Come check it out if you like - we have a Discord so you'd be free to chill with us while we finish cleaning things up and get ready to make that final push. :)
  25. Oh the irony of calling Neopets a cult when it's owned by Scientology 😉 But yeah, it definitely got me into RP. Thanks for the welcome!
  26. No worries! Happy to help. I just thought to add, if there's a plugin (like advanced account switcher) that has inserted a new block on every page, check that as well. I know that the account switcher is very heavily dependent on the rest of the header (& member welcome bit) remaining the same. It's often caused layout problems for me in the past.
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  28. Oddly enough, the error persists on every theme I’ve used so far lol. Looks like I’ve got to continue digging! Probably something deeper than I thought. Time to be Sherlock! Thank you so so much, Kit! You’re a huge help 24/7! If you ever need anything, like graphics or even some advertisement/affiliates, I am most definitely open to assist you.❤️
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