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  2. I would not waste anymore time worry about this then. If they do stalk you to another site and cause drama, you will know if that site is for you or not based on how the staff react.
  3. In agreement with what everyone said plus this. A big site does not always equal a happy site. A bad seed can push away potential members, make members (even longtime members) feel unwelcome and it is your sandbox that they have joined. Would you accept this if they were bullying a member? I doubt it. I've been there and I felt the impact of what happens when it goes on for too long. No point wasting time. Some people respond when other people are patient and understanding while others take advantage of it. Ban them. If the friends cause problems they can be banned too.
  4. I think the biggest thing that attracts me to a wanted ad are the potential plots and what the person wants to do if/when the character is made. After that I look to see the specifics of the character like personality and whatnot to see if it’s a character type I feel comfortable playing. I don’t mind overly specific histories, but I’m generally turned off by specific personality traits because characters tend to evolve as I write them and I don’t want to feel like I’m too restricted.
  5. Sometimes trying to avoid drama by keeping people around just causes more issues in the long run. I’ve done it before, I think everyone has. We don’t WANT to ban people - especially if people on our site are friends with that person. But with the situation you’ve described, you have to get rid of them. It may cause some drama, but you’ll be able to handle that. If you let it continue you’ll end up burning out and that won’t be good for anyone - including all the members on your site. I hope it all all works out for you and things get better! ❤️
  6. jadbaz


    Added you to our static <a href="http://sinsomnia.net" target="_blank"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/azqw7jG.png" border="0" alt="Sinsomnia - An Anita Blake RPG"></a>
  7. Hello Mako! Why don't you come on over and check out Sinsomnia ! We are an Anita Blake Based Website but you don't need to have read the books as our powerbooks provide any of the lore you may need to know! We are a 3/3/3/ rated site for 18+ only and coming up to our third year of being open! Right now we are a smaller community but are working on branching out and you look like you're fun! We're currently running a Fresh Meat Event so new players can get their characters up that they want to! We're an inclusive community that is open to all kinds of plot and we could be something you're looking for! There are several species available for grabs including vampires, werewolves, wereleopards, werelions, shifters, humans, witches and more! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us theres nearly always someone around!
  8. Mischief

    Built to Fall Global Mod

    This has been filled, Not sure how to remove it.
  9. jadbaz

    Canon/OC and Inbetween!

    Hello Miss Dinosaur! Why don't you come on over and check out Sinsomnia! We are an Anita Blake Based Website but you don't need to have read the books as our powerbooks provide any of the lore you may need to know! We are a 3/3/3/ rated site for 18+ only and coming up to our third year of being open! Right now we are a smaller community but are working on branching out and you look like you're fun! There are several species available for grabs including vampires, werewolves, wereleopards, werelions, shifters and more! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us theres nearly always someone around!
  10. Looking for gay OCxCanon roleplays! No doubling!
  11. I can't really disagree with anything that has been said before. What I will add is that anyone showing a staff member disrespect is a bad thing for people to see on your site; but it's also the fact they feel able to *get away with it* - again, probably not an attitude you want to encourage. Remember it's important for you to think about this; you are still a member and a person and you are entitled to the same respect and courtesy you show to everyone else. When in doubt about it being a **directed at Staff** switch it around and remember this; would you have the same hesitation if they were displaying this attitude and behaviour toward a member. Often we as staff take on more abuse/rudeness because we feel we should. It can be hard to say goodbye to someone who've you have gotten along with before. But ultimately in these situations you stand to lose more by doing nothing, as your members become concerned about both your dedication and also their own safety to play in this kind of negative environment. Generally, by this time most of your members are aware of these issues and are waiting for you to respond. All in all I hope this helps, and remember sometimes you have to do a hard thing in order to get some positives out of what has become a challenging situation.
  12. Seraphim


    The activity is amazing, and the environment is both positive and unique. You should check it out!!
  13. I go with the ol' "collaborative writing". If the asker is familiar with DnD or other desktop rpgs, I generally talk about forum rping in terms of 'it's like DnD, except written down and there's usually less math'.
  14. Eleutherian

    Into the frying pan

    Hey Keaton! I thought I'd take a chance and let you know about our site, Eleutheria! Eleutheria is a Classical Greek Historically accurate site that is set in the year 404BC just after the end of the Peloponnesian war. We are an intermediate/advanced site that is inclusive to all writers with no word count. Just a love of the story and the freedom to write what we want! Our global plots are not fixed, nor does any set of characters control them so your characters can influence the world and people around them. We understand that Historical sites can be intimidating. Many people aren't sure where to begin when it comes to the lore. Rest assured, we've done all the research for you! All of our lore is housed on site so everything you need to write a character is already there. But since we are historically accurate, you are welcome to research yourself if you'd like to expand your frame of reference. I see that your preference is for Medieval Magic, Historical and Supernatural. While we aren't medieval, we do offer the option to play characters from the Greek Pantheon, as well as Demi-Gods, Oracles and events where members are able to test their might and abilities against fabled Greek creatures! We'd love a chance to chat and maybe entice you into looking deeper into our site! You can contact me here, or on my discord at Seraphina#4890. Hope to see you soon! Eleutheria Home | Lore | Site Canons | Advertising | Want ads
  15. I am absolutely in agreement with everyone that says ban the ones causing problems. If their friends leave too, so be it, and if they cause problems, ban them too, because you do not want that continuing drama. I had a sort of similar issue in that things went south with a member I thought was a friend, it just accelerated from there to that same point where I felt a bit ill about the drama and my own board. Tried to work things out to no avail. Banning was the best thing for my mental health and definitely the best thing for the board, despite losing a couple members. The whole atmosphere of the board and the discord was greatly improved after that for everyone. Trust me, other people will pick up on the tension too and it will just be harmful to you and your site. Anonymous poster hash: a35e6...977
  16. Yesterday
  17. I agree with everyone else. Ban them. It is your site and your space. Now is the time to protect that now, more than ever. I don't even allow those types of behavior to surface on the sites I admin because I had bad experiences in the past after giving chance after chance and being way too passive about taking actions (this was in my early admin years). I have also been on the flip side, where there were toxic members that weren't banned and literally killed a site that had a lot of potential. The admin mistakingly gave them way too much power, ignored members concerns, and allowed the site to completely change. Toxic people, create toxic environments. I am sure you don't want your site to become that, so see this as protecting your own mental health and site. You should not dread coming on your own site.
  18. I really enjoy plotting and character development, and I may enjoy that more than the actual process of writing in general, but writing's the biggest draw for roleplaying. I do minimal plotting with play-by-post RPGs, and I greatly prefer it that way. The off-the-cuff approach, with a ton of surprises coming from other players-- that's the whole point of the hobby, for me! I enjoy the actual writing as a creative exercise and as a means of advancing the story to find out what happens next. I like enjoying the way the words come together and figuring out how to present information and ideas to give my writing partners fun things to work with. Plotting with other people in RPGs always seems to be more of a hindrance than a help, especially when it kills the element of the unknown and/or takes us far beyond what we'll ever actually accomplish with the story. With all of that said, if I was presented with the choice between a job as a development executive or a TV writer, it would be a hard pick! I might pick the writer option, just knowing that a huge portion of that job is sitting in a room with other writers breaking episodes and season arcs. 😉 My plotting stays pretty limited to making sure I have a bunch of plot twist rabbits to pull out of my hat along the way.
  19. I can't seem to post the link to my profile in the Discord Account Verification. So I'm stuck in limbo. 

  20. Yes, we have a thread on the site with musical dedications. Youtube is favoured.
  21. Yeah, they're super pissed I have anything in common. They listed out a bunch of stuff they want me to change and most of it is either 1) something I came up with myself for the original app 2) something that is the same base concept but has all the details changed. They claim to have found our original conversation where they agreed to let me use "a loose basis" but continued on to say that that doesn't mean I can have the same name, playby, abilities, age, any same elements of history, or even that he can have a sibling as he originally did despite a completely different dynamic and history between them. They also called me a backstabber among other unpleasant things so I've blocked them and have no intention of ever speaking with them again. I would have been happy to discuss in detail the way I changed things or tried to come to a better middle ground, had they been a rational person about things, but I most certainly am not going to sit there and let someone fling insults and false accusations at me.
  22. I've run into this before. I just told them straight up, this is my character that I made and put the effort into, and you have no say about what I do with them now. End of discussion. And yes, I do still play the character that wanted ad spawned years later. To be frank about it, I don't think you even should've had that first discussion with them, because I don't believe a character belongs to someone other than the person that plays them, even if they were a wanted. Unless you're taking an adoptable, chances are, you did all the legwork for that character, and that character is thus yours. Period. Could you perhaps be stealing the shared plot? Maybe. The character itself? Lol somebody be trippin'.
  23. How can you steal a character you created? Am I missing something? Is it because there are elements from a shared history from a past site? Which are still part of the character you wrote, and their history, not something you took from them, whether you created the character for a want ad or not. Color me confused. I didn't know you could steal from yourself lol
  24. The original terms were in DMs on Discord. We're not friends and since then I'd closed the message but I may ask them to send me a request so I can screenshot for future reference. I like that "Ideas are a dime a dozen, but our sanity is limited", it's quite true. I haven't chosen a site yet, just have a search up, so I don't think it's that. I'm also not 100% sure what terms we parted on, we were fine personally at the time as far as I knew but it's little secret that I'm not fond of a co-admin of theirs and their message seemed to have an aggressive/accusatory tone to my eyes (though they did essentially accuse me of stealing their wanted character out of the blue so I'm not going to say I'm wholly unbiased). You may be right in that they're having trouble adjusting, I suppose I'll have to wait and see what they say.
  25. I'm also of the less possessive persuasion. I don't put a lot of terms on my Wanted ads because my main goal is to have tie-ins to my characters and see what happens from there. The initial idea might have been mine, but the execution has typically gone farther than I would ever see appropriate to take credit for. If someone's so inspired by one of those roles that they want to recreate the character? Nice! I've had people change the terms on me later on for various things and pretend it was always that way, and that is a surefire way to ruin a good time. If you can, you might want to pull up the original terms just in case either of you have forgotten stated terms, quote it, and (if all is as you remember it) ask if they want to renegotiate the terms. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but our sanity is limited. That said, I know some people tend to stick to a strict roster of reused characters for life - it could be that they've built up some unstated expectations or are otherwise having trouble adjusting. Alternatively, they might be thinking of joining the site and having an 'awkward' moment seeing that one of their character's Wanted slots is already filled, which sounds like a missed opportunity to me if you guys parted on good terms.
  26. Being a long time member of Infidelis, I can safely claim that this site is amazing. With an engaging plot that includes everyone, and a welcoming community that are always happy to thread with you. I love just talking to everyone, and there is such an abundance of amazing writers too! I love the contests and fun challenges they create, with cute prizes and interesting ideas. 10/10 would recommend.
  27. A while ago I contacted an old writing partner asking if I could re-use a character I'd made for one of their wanted ads. They agreed on the condition that I only used a vague outline of the character's history instead of copying any details. I apped the character on two other sites, never heard a word from my ex-partner, but both sites died in their turns. So I recently put up a site search thread on another directory where I outlined the character's background in a couple sentences to give anyone viewing the search an idea of the character I wanted to play. I'm using the same first name and playby from the original wanted, and my own personality, abilities, and middle and last names. I've kept only three relatively vague elements of his entire history from the original ad, each common ones that I've changed the details of, and made several major changes which were mentioned in my site search. However, my old writing partner messaged me claiming I was writing an exact copy of the character they'd requested. I replied to their message pointing out the changes I made and how there was very little I kept the same as the character they requested, besides what I'd come up with. They haven't yet replied but I'm expecting them to still be pissed at me and try to make trouble for me for copying the character. I'm not sure how to approach this situation further. I've let people reuse characters they made for me with zero changes, so I'm assuming I'm coming at this from a different viewpoint than my ex partner. I'm also concerned that they'll try to stir up drama with staff on whatever site I join by attempting to label me a thief. Suggestions? Is it considered normal or reasonable for someone to change the conditions of me writing a former wanted character months down the line? I've never dealt with this level of... possessiveness, I supposed it is, over reusing characters and I'm at something of a loss as to how to proceed.
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