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  2. I take literally 5-10mins maximum to read an application if I'm online when it's been posted/completed. I've gotten less and less fussy when it comes to reviewing applications. If an app is super long, I'm not gonna lie, I'll probably just skim over it and slap an approval stamp on it unless something glaringly world-breaking jumps out at me. If there is a reason for me to deny an application and the person who wrote it is willing to change things, then I don't have a set number of edits they're allowed to have. The only time I'd straight up deny someone totally is if they were trying to make a character that just cannot work on a site and weren't willing to make changes to allow the character to fit.
  3. When you are so close to having your new site finished that those last bits seem to take forever. I just want to be done now.

  4. If i am awake when the app goes up i can get it reviewed within ten minuets. Im a super fast reader and hate making a member wait to be accepted. (one of the main reasons that i once switched to no app/no acceptance if we had apps). But when it comes to what happens when it comes to pending i think it goes on individual basis, and how willing a person is in regards to that process. If a potential member shows they are willing and able to adapt or change whatever is needed in regards to making their characters fit then i will try and help until they get the character right. If the person is unwilling or blatantly makes it obvious they aren't going to listen to you about what needs to be changed so the character isn't breaking site lore, then after that first pend? sometimes its just best to ask them to leave there and then because it becomes an almost back and forth of constantly telling them that this thing they are doing breaks the lore and they are constantly coming back as to why they won't change it and why it works.
  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. I am still looking.
  6. @Cineri Thank you so much! I requested you on discord (celticvalkyrie#4776) since I couldn't seem to find the server. XD My apologies for my uselessness lol! I did realize that there's a possible difference in times zones between us - so please, don't feel rushed to get to me immediately! :) Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to help. I really appreciate it!
  7. How long does it generally take you to review an application? A few hours. I don't like leaving them to sit for over 24. I'm honestly just checking for game compliance rather than 'is this absolutely stellar writing'. How many edits do you permit someone to make before you reject them (if you do eventually reject them)? I don't really hold people to a hard limit. If the writer simply seems confused, but eager, I'll give them unlimited number of re-writes. But I'm really only looking for canon compliance, and to make sure common triggers are marked. If you reject, why do you reject the application? What makes you reach that point? If the concept itself doesn't work within the game (like someone once applied with a medieval fantasy character to a modern supernatural game so like... the very core of it simply didn't work in the genre), or if the concept relies on some sort of bigotry, it'll get rejected. No second chances on that second one. I'd also reject apps if the player themselves just seems like a jerk. So far that hasn't happened.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Mischief

    not all who wander are lost

    Hello Jax! Built to Fall might be up your ally. We are a very friendly community that's open to all. We have many species to choose from and even more that will be coming as the story progresses. Just about anyone can get in on the action if they so choose. We've almost been open for three months and we are getting a new skin soon. We'd love to see you around.
  10. supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy preferred
  11. @Valkyrie excellent! We would love to have you 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me personally in Discord (docleenie#8841) and I'd be happy to walk you through making accounts and such! On Cineri, each character has their own account (no OOC account) and I can help you link them all together so that they're easily accessible from one another ❤️
  12. @CineriThank you so much! This sounds awesome. I don't mind the shifter at all; why I clicked humans, I'm not entirely sure, because I'm more than open to that. I'll definitely come through and take a look. I will warn you, though: if I do sign up (very likely), there's a good chance someone on the staff team will have to deal with a bombardment of questions, the poor person! I've just always struggled with making main account and character account there for whatever reason lol. (Now looking over yours, I've realized it's one account under a character name if I am not mistaken?) But this sounds amazing, and I really appreciate you directing my attention to this!
  13. In the Pale Moonlight from DS9 is my favorite episode of any Trek series. When Sisko ends it on "I can live with it. Computer, delete log." 😘 Perfection.
  14. I'm a fairly punchy writer, and I prefer dialogue and actions to extensive exposition. I'll bang out 100 words in 10 minutes or so and call it a day. I give as much detail as is called for, maybe a little more if I have inspiration for a particular topic.
  15. Fuck yes! Looking forward to it. Completely agree - thus my thinking of just adding the character as a drop down in the field type thing. I wasn't sure if that would be difficult or not!
  16. It sounds like you're doing the right things so just keep doing what you're doing and hopefully the right person will come along that you can start some threads with and get the site looking more active! This situation sounds like a real annoyance to have to deal with when you're excited about a new site but try not to let it get you down. It's possible this may just be a slow period too and that things may pick up in another while again.
  17. For me that's something that could be done via a PHP block in pages. I'd have to work it out but it's a lot more complicated then just using the secondary app. Currently, as far as the Character Mod goes, you can already sort by player, which was sort of the point of that feature without having to create a completely separate Who's who list. It gives you the ability to sort characters by player, you can see the player's associated, same thing and by all means a members list is truly what it sounds like is needed. @Kit the Human I've also got the official date of the new updates that should start here early August. I'll be uploading betas to the Initiative and to the Downloads page for anyone that would be interested in beta testing.
  18. Although I'm in the position of running my own site now, the reason I did it was because I ached to see certain things from staff that I just wasn't getting on other sites. As a member, these are the things I wanted to see and what I try to do now on my own site: Be honest. I've had too many experiences where staff on the site I was a member of either lied directly to my face, misrepresented a situation, or simply lied by omission. There of course is a way to be honest (as in, you can be honest and upfront without be tactless or rude, and you can be frank about when providing information would be inappropriate). Just tell your members what's going on. Don't be evasive, don't twist words, don't misrepresent. Be relaxed and approachable. At the end of the day, we're all just nerdy adults writing collaborative fiction. No one is any better than anyone else, and just because you own/run the site, that doesn't make you superior. Yes, as an admin you have certain privileges members don't have, but you also have responsibilities to those members to be just, y'know, available. And nice. Be prompt when responding to member issues. There is an understanding here that everyone has lives outside of the site, but as an admin you should be responding to your members' needs in a reasonably expedient matter. Even if that means just saying, "Hi, I'm currently busy and cannot handle this issue right now, but once I am available I will take care of this," or, "I'm unavailable, but [username] would be happy to help," or, "I don't know how to fix this but I'll figure it out for you and keep you updated." A lot of the time, I find people are extremely understanding if it takes you a while to solve a problem as long as you let them know you are indeed trying to solve it. Allowing your members to feel heard is what helps keep them endeared to the site instead of feeling like they're just a small little grain of sand buried on the beach. Don't play favorites. Cliques have been a huge issue on multiple sites I've spent time on, and it's just not super cute. Your friends are awesome, yes, your RP partners are fantastic, but everyone who joins your site deserves your attention, not just your personal group of buddies.
  19. Welcome! Always good to see Harry Potter fans!
  20. Last week
  21. Howdy there @Valkyrie! Based on what you're looking for, I think that my site Cineri might be a good fit for you. I will say right off the bat that we are jcink run, but the site design is straight forward and myself or any of my members would be happy to help direct you to where you need to go if needed 🙂 the only other "maybe" on your list is that Cineri is a shifter site, but plenty of characters choose to remain human at all times an that is perfectly fine. Now, to get into what we ARE that fits your wants! Cineri is a medieval fantasy site with a long-term overarching story of a world that is constantly changing from kingdom rivalries. The world itself changes through plots, and I highly support player-based world changes. Our word count is 100, but most posts tend to fall in the 200-600 word range, I'd say, for most of the members. One lining has never been an issue 🙂 We have lots of plots going on now, a number of wanted ads, and really just have a wide open world where pretty much anyone or any character could fit! Come check us out if it sounds like Cineri might be up your alley and feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server ❤️ HOME • GUIDEBOOK • WANTED ADS • ADVERTISE
  22. Looking for a new site, or roleplay partner, or whatnot; multiple genres
  23. CO-ADMIN This is going to be the person who will able to help ease the burden of running the site, I want someone who is passionate, driven but above all excited to be part of the site and the lore we have here. Yes, we're a fandom and that might make some hesitate but we're about the writing and the experience for everyone above everything else. What we need most of all is someone who will be active, answer questions and help the members. It would be incredibly useful to have them ready to help with coming up with plots, events, and features to keep members interested and it would best if they are the sort who loves to brainstorm together. Below is some of the duties that would be expected. Required: Discord account Friendly, professional demeanour and quick to respond to members Able to post once a week Application Review Preferred: Former staffing experience Willing to keep multiple characters active Willing to advertise Knowledge of the ASOIAF setting & Lore MODERATOR(s) This is more general and open and is definitely about helping out as/when needed, this is again someone who should be passionate and want to be part of the community and also just generally be friendly toward everyone of the members. Required: Discord account Friendly, professional demeanour and quick to respond to members Able to post once a week Updating claims Preferred: Former staffing experience Willing to advertise
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    henry cavill

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    henry cavill

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    henry cavill

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