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  4. YOU HAVE BOUGHT MY FLESH, BUT I GIVE YOU MY HEART ------------------------------------------------ Muse A (Joanna Vanderham) is a d'Angeline slave to one of the tribes of the Skaldi that refuse to give up their raiding ways against their more peaceful neighbours. She was taken a girl along with her older Brother, her parents killed before them, and then siblings separated as he was sold off to another tribe. She has lived the life of a slave since then, working and being subjected to whatever man who wanted her, though it was usually the Chief who had her in his bed. Muse B (Alexander Skarsgård) is a Chief of his own clan, and they either have dealings with the previous clan, or a conflict. Either way, somehow Muse A ends up in his ownership. Maybe he takes pity on her, or maybe he likes how she looks, but something starts to develop between them, though Muse A is hesitant to trust him. Will he free her to rejoin her people? Will he keep her a slave and order her to his bed? Maybe he will free her and marry her? And what happens if her Brother shows up alive? Who knows! So many possibilities, its exciting! I am going to have Muse A, and use Joanna Vanderham, and for Muse B I am looking for Alexander Skarsgård. We can discuss how this starts, and see where it goes from there? Link to original want ad! Thanks for looking!
  5. Naamah of Scions of TdA

    Andi's Bits & Bobs

    Here be a collection of my sigs and avatars. Some are good, some are average, I leave it up to you to decide. Please don't take any of my images without asking first. Most are from Scions of Terre d'Ange, a Medieval Fantasy Site based on the Kushiel books by Jacqueline Carey.
  6. We are a friendly, welcoming and relaxed community of writers, who all revel in writing in a setting we all love.
  7. Hello! I adore your name. Agamemnon is one of my favorite Greeks from that era! I also looove scifi and super heros. :3 (Pretty sure the Agamemnon was a ship in a semi-recent scifi... Because I was super excited? Battlestar Galactica maybe?) Regardless, welcome to the initiative ~
  8. dino shifter/demigod/jaeger pilot/dragon
  9. @DragonI prefer science fiction that resolves around space travel, exploration, discovering new alien races and cultures, that sort of thing. I don't have a real subgenre favorite, and I don't overly dislike any of them either. To be honest it really depends on what I have an itch to write about.
  10. Mischief

    Built to Fal Global Mod

    Your name: Tiny Tina on Buill to Fall Contact info: Discord : peculiarpixie#2832 Positions hiring for: Global Moderator, with a chance of becoming an admin in the future. Information about positions: We are seeking to add to our staff on Built to Fall. We are asking for the individual to run a trial run as Global Moderator until we see that you are truly dedicated to being our staff fully. You'll be asked to help advertise, help with sorting new characters, input for future plots and site events, and of course, be friendly and talkative with all our members. We want someone dedicated and want to help further the site. If you are a coder we consider that a bonus. Other notes: If you have any questions don't be afraid to hit me up on discord.
  11. Welcome aboard! I love the Harry Potter series!
  12. Welcome to The Initiative @Agamemnon! Are there any sub-genres/types of sci-fi that you tend to favor?
  13. That feeling when you’re enjoying rp again after some bad experiences is awesome. 

  14. It's here. There's one episode left and then its all over. What do you guys think so far? I've heard a lot of chatter of disappointment on the interwebs as a whole, but some of it makes me wonder what they actually expected in the first place.
  15. Welcome to the Initiative @Agamemnon nice name. I love that movie.
  16. Welcome to the Initiative @tierra good luck in starting your site.
  17. How long have you been RPing? 20+ years in a wide variety of formats. Chat room, forum, e-mail, table top, and more. What are your favorite RP genres? I typically prefer science fiction and superhero genres, but I'm liable to play anything that strikes me as interesting. How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? My preferred method of role playing these days is forum based, though I do some live chat RPs as well. What country are you from? United States, North Carolina What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? I like science fiction and superhero movies and books. As to music, I listen to whatever I happen to find enjoyable, regardless of type. What other interest/Hobbies do you have? I'm a prolific writer, and I've authored a few fan fictions. Writing is really a big thing for me. It's how I kick back and relax really, writing stories, be they fiction or RPG related. What's your favorite color? It's a combination color, black accented with gold What's your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper, no doubt. About me: I'm new to the site, but as you can see from both my introduction and profile, I'm hardly new to role playing. I've never been big on self biographies, so if you want to know something about my, just ask.
  18. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

  19. Because I have had a lot of pain in my past and I needed to have an escape something that would focus me on good things.
  20. Hello my name is Tierra and I am 27 years old. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I am a brand new writer. However, I have been table-top role playing for three and a half years, I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons as well as a science fiction game called Traveller. I wish to build my own worlds, lore, and such; I will be playing in the Potterverse while building and creating.
  21. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

  22. In addition to what everyone else has said, I'm going to ask a self-reflective question: Is there something going on IRL that has you feeling a general disconnected and depressed funk outside of the RP world. Stress, heavy schedules, problems with RL friends/relatives/coworkers, work, sickness, allergies, lack of proper sleep, depression; all can interfere with a person's interest in activities that would normally bring them joy. If there is any chance at all that your difficulty in getting involved could be caused by a lack of interest due to simply a lack of ENERGY left to expend, I'd start here.
  23. Imma come at this from a slightly different angle here because I think the above are all such good responses and should definitely be listened to. As the admin and runner of a site, I would say that the best way for you to be certain if you're made the right choice moving on from of a site is to let the admin/staff team on the site try to fix the issue, before you then leave. If you then decide that their best efforts on the matter don't fix it, then you can leave knowing that it was never going to work because the admin's tools/tricks weren't enough to keep you involved. My advice would be - Go tell the admin of the site what you just told us. Go and explain to them that there's no animosity, just a general "meh" feeling. If wanted ads, plot suggestions and putting yourself out there and all the normal ways to kick start muse aren't helping, then the admin staff might have something in their arsenal of tools that might help? They might have knowledge of a plot/character/member who you could kick start some stuff with, or they might have some wisdom regarding the progress and future of the site that you're not privy to that might help. So, allow them to come up with a solution for you. I would like to think that an admin would take your issues as a challenge and something to help you progress through and maintain through - as we all get moments where the rp just isn't lighting that fire quite as hot as it used to. It's about how the site and the staff team can help you through that period and get you back to the fun stuff. If the admin/staffer you speak to has no answer, doesn't want to know or offers solutions or fixes that aren't going to work, you can walk away with no worries. Because you know it was never going to work. This might help you have more confidence in your choice 😄 But it also helps out the site too. Members disappearing without explanation or without giving the staff team the chance to fix the problem (especially if they aren't aware of it at all) can be big confidence knockers. And, while it might not be the thought most prevalent in your mind right now (understandably), knocking the confidence of the admin/staff team of a site can have knock on effects to the community and site as a whole. And it sounds like, so far, you're all on good terms and you've enjoyed your time on the forum 😄 would be shame to lose that in how you decided to leave, if you did decide to leave. So... yeah, that's it from a slightly different perspective if it's helpful... Just give the staff team a chance to rectify the issues. Even if they can't, at least you know you've done what you can and can walk away without bad blood or wonderings of "what if?"....
  24. #this-is-why-i-dont-have-kids #i-think-cats-plus-kids-would-make-me-homicidal

    1. BETA BLUE


      Kids plus dogs would do the same thing to me.

  25. My throat hurts, don't make me yell. xD

  26. Trying to run site-wide events, and hoping that the members enjoy it/can get their characters involved in it. I think trying to build excitement and energy towards site plots stresses me out the most. I want people to really be able to get into the stories and enjoy them. Even if it's setting up an environment that they can build some of their own storylines and really take off with it. On a much smaller scale... I also worry about somehow screwing up ad codes when I am advertising. I always hit preview just to double check, but in my early days I messed that up big time a few times and still get VERY paranoid I will somehow royally mess up ads.
  27. I once had someone complain to me about not getting enough plots on the site, but they literally took no initiative to work with other members to brainstorm/build plots, shot down any and all proposals by other members/staff, claimed that they couldn't plot with other characters offered to them (for this reason or that reason, which was equally strange), and then pretended like it was a site problem. Which I guess fair enough, sometimes sites don't work out and you find out as you get there, but there need to be an element of at least trying to work with staff/members. I would like to think people have an element of awareness and realize they need to be assertive, be willing to be flexible, and work with the characters that are already on the board. Then again, maybe I just have too much hope in humanity.
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