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  2. Yup. I don't always do it on original sites, mostly other canon/fandom sites. For example, I made a Superman pastiche on an X-Men site years back; same powers, similar enough personality, but I made him a mutant. I also had a habit of playing Solid Snake and Big Boss of Metal Gear fame pretty much everywhere I could shove them into, lol.
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  4. Original Characters Based on Canon Concepts

    I have character loosely based on Belle, Beauty and the Beast. I use fun tidbits, her shop is the name of the area in France, she has her magic mirror, and that's really as far as it goes. For my sites, I ask for not a direct base but inspired. I rather see someone create an existing character if they are going to do a hard copy.
  5.  Membership How many players do you have?

    We have just under 30 members on Sinsomnia and somewhere around 340 characters (though some of those are vacationed accounts)
  6. Original Characters Based on Canon Concepts

    I think most people do this all the time, either consciously or subconsciously. A couple of ocs I write are based on ones in Norse mythology, but they are only named in a poem from the Poetic Edda. Their family have a much more prominent part in it.
  7. Less redundancy among canon fandoms. There's probably a billion Post Civil War MCU sites for example; things would be better if we could cut that number by half. If you're doing an AU type deal, go for it, but if you're going with the "we're taking this specific plot point and doing our thing with it" in a sea of other sites with their basis in the same thing, I don't think it's necessary. It's one thing if someone made a canon Walking Dead board centered around the show and someone else wanted one centered on the comics and video games and did their own thing, but both just split their potential player base if they both make it centered on the show.
  8. I think the thing that I'd like to see changed would be for social media style rp sites (like rp repository and role-play haven) to be more successful and have a larger and more diverse user base (by diverse, I mean fandom, genre, etc...) so that characters from all fandoms (whether canon or oc), or just writer created fandoms have a home, have a better chance that their writer will find someone to write with and, so that people can what-ever canon character they want. Of course, it won't guarantee that everyone will be happy, but forums can be a limiting or constrained at times.
  9.  Membership How many players do you have?

    Games currently has 4.5 RL people (one has appeared and conversed multiple times but hasn't finished their first app yet). Treaty as 2. I didn't count character accounts for either place.
  10. Roleplay Things I Wish Would happen

    Now I’m going to need to recruit someone for a thread in which this happens.
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  12.  Membership How many players do you have?

    Desires has around 40 members and 1000 characters. @duchesscan clarify the exact number.
  13.  Membership How many players do you have?

    😀 I no longer have the time or patience to manage huge sites. We have no character limits so it still works out. Also, although we do allow people to do side plots, flashbacks, and the like, our primary story is site-wide. I found it impossible to find roles for 25 people back when I did run huge sites. But, my hat is off to those that can manage those!
  14. December Spotlight Signups

    I'll try this - I don't have a preference for month
  15.  Membership How many players do you have?

    Oh, I'll note this since I see that @Stormwolfe has posted goals: I'd love to have more because I love big sites. Also because I have a bunch of characters I want to make so that I can RP with lots of people. My ideal site would be 25-50 active members (individual players), which would be around 100-200 characters.
  16. If you could change one thing in the RP world (as we know it on this part of the internet), what would it be and why do you choose it? And, if you so desire to answer: is this change plausible? --- The one thing I'd like to change is to have people not do things just because "that's how it is" or "this is how it's supposed to be." For example, activity checks. I don't mind that they exist, but I don't like it when people believe that they have to have them or that it's just a part of how RPing is supposed to be. I feel like many new RPers learn behaviors based upon what's already in practice, and when they go off and make their own boards, they take these same behaviors and apply them to sites even if they don't understand why they're doing it or they don't like doing it. They just accept that that is how it is. Other examples could be applications, word counts, graphics, site design - pretty much anything. I remember back before "short apps" or "no apps" was a thing and every site had long applications. I hated having to read and approve them, but I still did it because that's just how things were done. Plausible that this could change? Absolutely not. XD It's how societies function. We pass on our behaviors to the next generation, who pass on the same or evolved versions of the same to the next generation. Though I think we could have more appreciation for diversification of administration style. It's a reach, though.
  17.  Membership How many players do you have?

    My fantasy game has 8 individual members (writers, players) and the western has four of us total. Honestly, although I do want 3 or 4 more bodies at the western to vary interactions, I prefer small.
  18. Hello RPG Initiative! This is Me!

    Uaithne, Thank you so very much! I've liked reading your posts also! Some refreshing takes on the RPG Realm. Zephyr was the code name of my S.H.I.E.L.D. agent guy. He was an expert at infiltration, like a puff of wind. ;)
  19. Roleplay Things I Wish Would happen

    I want characters to make mistakes. Like say the wrong word, or call somebody by the wrong name. And then rather than it being covered up or whisked away as a cute quirk or whatever, the characters have to deal with it just like people deal with it IRL.
  20. Pet Peeves Regarding Terminology

    I never knew that there was a difference between a coffin and a casket. Mind = blown.
  21. Hello RPG Initiative! This is Me!

    Hey. We've already met on-and-off in some of the topics, but here's your official welcome from me. You don't hear the name "Zephyr" too often, so I feel compelled to say that I once had a character by that name. Actually his name was Zephyrinus or something. It was years ago, so I don't recall entirely. Fond memories. I like some of the stuff you've been posting around here, so I look forward to seeing more of your content.
  22. Hey!

    Hello and welcome! The more you hang around here, the easier it is to navigate, I think. There's a lot of stuff going on, and sometimes it takes a bit to get used to it. But it looks like you're already making your way around the site well enough. I'm Uaithne. Hi. I do have to ask that I've seen the "soulsRPG" username around . . . are you always the one who uses it, or are there other staff members who use this name on other forums?
  23.  Membership How many players do you have?

    Just to clarify: we're talking about individual humans and not characters, right? Because sometimes people say that they have 8272183 members when they mean that they have that many registered accounts and only like 20 players. I have three active members, including myself and one of my mods. There are other people who come and hang out and stuff but they don't really post much. I have about 15 registered OoC accounts on my site (not including staff).
  24. Sunny: How many members do you have on your forum? O: 'Souls has about 70, with 177 currently active played characters.
  25. Le Bumpity! The event going on for Holi 1797 has been extended to 12/5/17! Join us and take these characters for a test drive! See what opportunities await you in the City of Destiny. See you on the writer's side!
  26. Pet Peeves Regarding Terminology

    Same. I've always used player rather then member.
  27. Roleplay Things I Wish Would happen

    I play both types ....almost too well. Just ask @duchess
  28. Original Characters Based on Canon Concepts

    Rarely, but yes. At my Wild West site, our setting is original, but the premise is based on the old family westerns and movies of the late 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s. Part of our rules state that people can pick their iconic western hero and rewrite their background to fit our setting. In my case, I used the name, some of the personality, and a bit of the canon history, but the bulk of his background was original. I did give credit. I made it clear on who the character was based on, etc. As far as making him fit the plot, it was fairly easy. Again, we picked sort of a classic plot for the genre and adjusted everything to suit. Another guy writing there based his character only on the concept of his favorite character. Everything else he did was original to our plot and premise. Great questions!
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