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    Don't know what to say? Try these questions (not mandatory): I don't care if they ain't mandatory I LOVE FORMS OMGL Hello my name is Edlynn and I am the adminbosslady over on a supernatural website! How long have you been RPing? 16 years What are your favorite RP genres? supernatural/fantasy How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? Forum is preference but I'll do anything honestly. What country are you from?SE USA What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Harry Potter series, Perfume, ALL What other interest/Hobbies do you have? I am a crafter. I crochet and craft. What's your favorite color? Green What's your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
  3. Hey Elena! Thank you so much for the warm Welcome. It's perfectly fine, that you don't speak German and since I don't speak any Romanian either I guess we're even. If you ever want me to translate something for you though don't hesitate to ask. I actually do know the song. it's called "Die Loreley." by Heinrich Heine. My mother used to sing it sometimes. I can understand why you like it. Hannes Wader, huh? That's some nice old school German music. I don't know a whole lot of his songs mostly the famous ones but those are really good. The combination of sailing and historical fiction sounds pretty interesting even though I personally prefer tiny little sport boats that shoot across the water like little arrows. Alright, I admit I'm exaggerating. It does sound pretty cool though and having other people who don't have English as a first language might help to make me a little less nervous. I'll definitely check it out.
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    Trade static places if you have any open? Scrolling is also more than fine for us. We only have static ourselves. <a href=""><img src=""></a>
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    If you have any static available can return the favor? <a href=""><img src=""></a>
  6. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

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    We have Static slots open to offer if interested? <a href=""><img src=""></a>
  8.  Membership Which rules are deal-breakers?

    Rules that will immediately turn me away: Word count Character limits Mandatory face claims (I have a lot of custom art of my OCs and hate trying to find people who look like them) Really strict activity rules, like posting once a day or something?? I don't mind "drama rules" so long as it's just something along the lines of "No drama! Please take disagreements to PM, and if the situation cannot be resolved, don't hesitate to ask staff for help." Because you'd be so surprised how many people don't do that...
  9. Herzlich Wilkommen meine Liebe! <3 Unfortunately I don't speak German, I wished I could learn it. I vaguely remember from Kindergarten/ preschool (for me it's the same thing) some songs and words, but nothing more. (OK, a grown up song too that I love - "Ich weiss nicht was soll es bedeuten/ das ich so traurig bin/ ein marchen von alten zeiten/ das kommt...." Yes, I know you know it, and sorry that I don't remember anymore which words should have a capital letter there.) In school I studied English and Spanish and I forgot the little German learnt in Kindergarten. I am greeting you from Bucharest, Romania. About German music, I like Hannes Wader's songs. And if you love sailing and historical fiction... then maybe you;'ll give a try to my Age of Sail/ Colonial RPG, Caribbean Dawn. It is friendly to those not having English as mother tongue, since I am from Romania and my co-administrator is from Denmark. Another long term member is from Finland, a new one from Norway... We have developped in time our fluency in English and we have broadened our vocabulary. Nobody was born learned.
  10. Blind Eye Requesting Affliates

    Site Name & Link: Turn A Blind Eye Http:// Fandom/Genre: Modern Supernatural Affiliate restrictions: We have no limitations beyond we would prefer the site to have a member base of +18. We are a premium JCINK with a 333 rating and I would be uncomfortable linking back and forth with a site that has minors. Buttons with codes:
  11. The Swordsman

    I'm definitely intrigued by the idea.
  12.  Membership Allowing junior players -- a turn-off?

    I don't mind interacting or writing with minors! It's rewarding, it helps them grow, and I can offer them perspective on their problems (many of which I've probably gone through myself). I don't mind having minors on mature sites so long as they can't access content not meant for them. Our own board is rated 3-3-3, and we have some minors (15-17) on site. Thankfully, MyBB has a prefix application that denies access to threads marked M or EX. No birthday listed? You can't access them. We also forbid the minors we have from participating in threads marked as such. If they want to smut RP with each other, they can do it off our board. While we can't prevent someone from lying about their age, we are fully prepared to ban the accounts of those who lie about their age, as it violates a site rule (18+). Our younger members are from before the rule was changed, and it wouldn't feel right to kick them out because staff decided to bump up the age. I as an admin make sure to religiously police that because it could open a can of worms I absolutely don't want. That and I value the safety of minors. All that aside, I draw the usual line of who I interact with at about 15-16, just because I can't handle a lot of the drama that tends to come with teenagers. I'm in a tumblr community of ask bloggers, and oh my god some of the drama is just... so petty. I remember what it was like to be that age, but over a decade later I have no patience for that kind of thing anymore. It's more for my own sake than anyone else's. Would I join a kid friendly site? If it captured my interest, absolutely (pokemon, anyone?), but I tend to find myself leaning towards sites where I'm not limited in terms of what I can write (ie: 3-3-3). I don't like being restricted, and that 3-3-3 rating generally prevents minors from joining.
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  14. LOOKING FOR ~ 1x1, just the two of us on our own board. I'm fine with content rating of 222 to 333. ~ I need someone to write Mufasa while I write cub Simba. The rest of the characters could be NPCs or we could take turns writing them. ~ A long-term RP partner for this plot, hopefully for many years to come. ~ Because of the nature of this RP plot and the role you'd take you need to be an adult. At least well into your 20s, ideally a mature adult (late 20s or 30s or older.) ~ Someone who's activity is close to mine: Very rarely do I post daily. On average I post a few times a week, but occasionally I can reply only once a week. Sometimes there could be even two weeks break but I try to keep such long breaks rare. To me it's quality over a fast reply while I attempt to keep up reasonable activity. ~ Someone whose style matches mine: I'm for the long post style as in my average post is 500-700+ words. Sometimes I write only 200 or less if the in-game situation doesn't support more in-depth writing, but often I produce 1000+ words. I dig into my character's head and emotions and the situations, as well as am descriptive about things instead of writing just the absolute minimum. I want to advance situations slowly so they have the chance to become more complex as well as to possibly end up taking more paths than originally thought of. And I hate splicing conversations/situations. I want to avoid that. ABOUT ME I'm a guy in my 30s and I've been a deeply passionate The Lion King fan since 1995. From the very beginning I loved Simba's character and was into the relationship between Mufasa and Simba, the whole father-son and coming-of-age theme of the story. Albeit I understood it in much more depth after I grew up. I'm deeply interested in human psychology and love slice-of-life and family-centered RPs/stories. I love plotting and planning a basic plot for a game event beforehand but leave room for improvising and a chance for the story to take paths previously unplanned. I like to discuss the characters and the current game event also while playing if anything calls for it. I'm friendly and laid-back. Casual OOC discussion about life/the world is fine too but I don't do that as much and I don't get into very personal stuff. THE PLOT We would put emphasis on, explore and develop the parent/child relationship between Mufasa and cub Simba while of course life stuff happens. Vision how Simba would have grown up if Mufasa survived and raised him with Sarabi. (Maybe they even had more cubs later.) And if Uncle Scar died instead. During the time line Simba is 1 to 2,5 years old in lion years which is the equivalence of 5 to 12 years old in human years. We could extend this to his pre-teen and teen years but the focus would be in those most crucial formative years (or months in the lion aging rate.) Mufasa rescued little Simba and Nala from the hyenas at the Elephant Graveyard. As he scolded Simba for deliberately disobeying him and taught him the true meaning of bravery, Mufasa found himself in this exchange: Simba: "But you're not scared of anything!" Mufasa: "I was today." Simba: "You were...?!" Mufasa: "Yes. I was afraid I might lose you." (said in a loving and concerned tone) Simba: "Oh...I guess kings get scared too, huh?" Mufasa realized that, as much as Simba clearly loves and adores him, the boy views him first and foremost as a king/ruler of the kingdom - and not as a concerned parent and true personal authority figure. And that it needs to change as it could become an irreversible problem in a long run, as it already is a remarkable problem. It's why Simba felt it was okay to deliberately disobey him just because he was trying to be brave like a king should be and thought that simply saying "I'm sorry" would cover the offense. It's why Simba head-butted him in the face morning when he didn't get up. (I know in real life lion cubs do that and the parents don't mind but in the TLK universe the lions are the equivalent of humans who certainly would mind if their kid did that just because they were impatient about something.) It's why Simba has little to no respect for others (like Zazu) as he thinks he's above everyone else. He's not downright a rotten brat and does have some very good qualities, but clearly is on the wrong path. As a first-time dad and having a kingdom to rule over can understandably lead to this. Mufasa realized that with his own child he must put emphasis on commanding respect as a parent and not as a king, to discipline him properly and purely from a parental point of view. And to make sure the boy understands, feels and views any interaction and emotions from him as those with/from a dad who just happens to also be a king. That he needs to organize more time for his family and especially for his son, and ensure that he has plenty of quality time with his boy that has nothing to do with kingship and responsibilities of a king. That at such a young age Simba absolutely needs a dad in every way that counts - especially now that the child's already heading in the wrong direction - while in-depth/further lessons about kingship can wait and would better sink in when Simba is a teenager. After all, one needs to first become a respectful, stable and kind person as is in order to ever have a chance of becoming a good ruler. Although Simba has his mother to raise him and she is highly important figure in Simba's life...The most powerful role model in a child's life is the same sex parent. Being a good dad before a king to his child should come to Mufasa relatively easily now that he's opened his eyes to the way things have turned out. After all, he is loving and fair as well as strict and temperamental. Also, Simba shows many of his uncle Scar's negative personality traits but they're nothing new to Mufasa as he grew up alongside Scar. Two days from the Elephant Graveyard incident the stampede happens but both Mufasa and Simba survive. At some point in the following months Uncle Scar dies in some way. Of course this will shake the royal family and to some degree the whole kingdom, possibly cause some of the hyenas to desperately attack the Pridelands anyway, and on top of all little Simba (needlessly) blames himself for his uncle's death while he doesn't really fully comprehend the concept of death yet, and this leads to more behavioral and emotional problems for a while. The pride includes also a few other adult males not related to Mufasa or Scar. And other cubs besides Simba and Nala while Nala is not blood relation to Simba in any degree and Mufasa mates only with his wife Sarabi. Even rogue lions may be allowed to join the pride, for the TLK lions are the humans of the story and basically function like a human kingdom/community with human values and traditions. We could source a colourful variety of events and life stuff from this. Other notes: - I pretend that The Lion Guard spin-off series does not exist. - I'd like to ignore also the third-party books as they're not Disney canon anyway, and instead RP based on a completely original background story for Mufasa and Scar which you as Mufasa's player are free to come up with. CONTACT ME Send me a PM here at RPG Initiative, or at RPG-D (where my username is also Kieran.)
  15. catch the conscience of a king

    I'd really love to do a Mass Effect RP with you. I'll PM you as soon as I figure out how.. O.o
  16. Hey everybody, I'm Sanna or just San whatever you prefer. I'm a environmental science major at a german university so I'm not working yet but I'm very passionate about what I do. I'm and really glad I found this community and I can't wait to be a part of it. I've never been on a site like this before so I'm excited to figure out how it works. How long have you been RPing? I'd say for about 8/9 years now. What are your favorite RP genres? I've never really done anything outside of anime specifically Naruto but that's mostly due to the fact that I only ever had a few people I could roleplay with. I've never been part of a community like this one and I'm dying to try new things and see what I like. Since I really love high/medieval fantasy I'd probably enjoy it for an RPG as well. How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? I've only ever done private Forum. I like being able to read through everything again at a later point and just in general having it preserved. What country are you from? I'm from Germany so English is not my first language and I actually never RPed in English before but I'm looking forward to trying it out. Please go easy on me when I make mistakes but do feel free to point them out to me. I always wanna improve. What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? I'm absolutely in love .. sorry I meant so say OBSESSED with George R. R. Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire". So if you ever wanna discuss it I'm always up for it. What other interest/Hobbies do you have? I enjoy reading and writing and I very much love to sing (alone or in a choir. Both is fine). I have a lot of fun teaching my dog new tricks or just generally having her around. I also like horse riding and when the weather is right you might find jumping around on a sailing boat.
  17. How did you find us?

    I found you while doing a wild google search to find a site exactly like this.
  18. Staffing Encouraging character balance

    Be the change you wish to see. Members will follow the lead as staff/core members. It may not be their first character, but you'll see more second and thirds being "mundane" characters if they see you guys playing them too and actively. If you have areas for character wants and/or plotting areas, you could possibly create some interesting avenues for members to explore plot-wise that specifically request Half-bloods, etc. I'm not sure it would translate well onto an HP board, but on my site I wrote it into the plot that in the particular main city featured, the number of Non-humans outnumbers the regular humans they're supposed to be hiding amongst. Basically for reasons of "like gravitates to like", so plotwise it makes sense for there to be a bit of an imbalance.
  19. Welcome to RPG Initiative. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. We sent you a welcome PM with how to get your account setup and how to join us! Ask us questions here.

  20.  Membership Allowing junior players -- a turn-off?

    Personally, I would have no problem playing on a board with 18> members but I would not want it as my 'home base' and my own site is 18+ due to content (many of us dabble in M threads and there is extreme violence etc). I feel like if a site is potentially going to have members under the age of 18 it needs to be made perfectly clear and the admin need to be VERY VERY involved to ensure the safe space for them. I'm a mother of 3 and I would cringe three different ways if my oldest was on a RPG site because I've seen what some of these deviants (me included lol) RP and talk about!
  21.  Membership Allowing junior players -- a turn-off?

    @Stat that sounds a hell of a lot like PW. But I want to echo what Stat said, a controlled site that operates under the ethos of, "I'm comfortable with my 12 year old playing here" can work well for both adults and children. The adults just take the adult stuff off site. But you need to commit to that from the outset. And thus all of your rules revolve around idea, without flinching. And yeah, that means a lot of monitoring of content. The site that I'm thinking of had a team of people (prefects) who combed all posts for objectional content. In some cases, prefects were just expected to flag a post for admin attention, other easier things they were expected to PM the user about. Template PMs were provided for every situation! In saying that, I'm not sure this sort of site would fly with this particular RP community. I believe that that site's affiliation with HPFF was integral to it's success. I haven't come across a forum that runs quite the same way. I hope more people do take up that baton! The adults I met there were...very important to me. I owe one person in particular quite a lot. Of course, not all adults are prepared to be that kind of figure, and that's OK too. But spaces where HEALTHY adult/teen relationships can thrive are important. I don't expect you to do this Mousie! I certainly wouldn't, I've had my gut full of uber strict and it's been years since I was on that site. But if anyone else is reading and considering such a site's within the smorgasbord of 18+, it can be done.
  22. Staffing Encouraging character balance

    I think the most important is leading by example. If you play more ordinary characters not only are you showing how exciting it can be through your own writing, but you're also opening plotting opportunities for others to join in! Then, I think your idea of "what we need, what we don't" also works really well (for one, I always take those in consideration when I join a new board!), but it will be really cool if you manage to connect those what we needs with existing characters and plots!
  23.  Membership What Makes a Good Advertisement?

    I'm on the side that needs a bit of a blurb. I usually won't click on an add just because it's pretty, I really need a bit of a plot hook to draw me in. Yes, it should be short and catchy, but when an add gives me nothing but a pretty picture and a genre I kind of assume it's just a generic-supernatural or generic-fantasy with admins more concerned with design than story.
  24. So first of all, I don't care much about the rating of a site if I really like everything else, but: Yes! I don't know why, but this happened to me too! I've always loved having younger players around and showing them the ropes, and I was always super excited to be there to watch them grow through their writing. As I approach 30, I continue as happy as ever to help new roleplayers, but adult new roleplayers. I think it's more that I feel that I don't have anything in common with a child anymore - we have very different lives and concerns, and that translates into wanting to play different types of plots and characters - than that I feel it's weird to hang out with teens, because I also really really agree with what Morrigan said. I first started roleplaying in a Harry Potter site that was ran by a 40yo. It was a safe space for children to an extreme - it wasn't simply PG13, you couldn't approach any sort of sensitive topics (illnesses and mental conditions were off-bounds, characters were not allowed to be racists or homophobes, no drugs or alcohol or rocknroll), and tbh it really worked. The site was massive and, while a lot of the players were teenagers, there were also a lot of adults (I was 18 when I started and 23 when I left), but because of all those super-strict rules you were sure you would never cross the weird line with any young players. Eventually, after seven months (characters progressed through Hogwarts years every month), your character would be an adult and, if you had proved maturity so far, you would be allowed into a new area of the forum where rules were a bit loser. Honestly, this is the sort of game where I'd want my kids, but it was clearly made with being kid-safe in mind, and I don't think that is what all (or most) of us want of roleplaying. So while I think it's amazing that places like that exist, and that site still is one of the fondest memories I have of roleplaying, the truth is that I don't consider going back there. I'm almost 30 and I want to hang out with people my age, exploring the thoughts people my age have. I also think that we're all overlooking all the examples that are the complete opposite of that Harry Potter site. There are tons of teenager-built-and-ran communities out there, where they do stuff their way and tailor to their needs in ways we oldies wouldn't be able to. Would I rather have my kids under the supervision of that amazing 40yo admin than running lose with a bunch of teens? No doubt about it. Do I think they'd need me to cater to them in my corner of the internet to jump in to my hobby? Of course not! So this was very long just to say that I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with roleplaying with children in a controlled environment (just like when I was 13 I had drawing classes with retired people and no one thought it was weird), but there's nothing wrong with deciding that's not what interests you in your hobby and go play with kids your own age!
  25. Well, for the longest time it's something that I've never really given much thought about. I mean, I'm generally not the sort to go around digging for personal information like that - I'm not going to ask (plus well, sites I run are and will always be PG-13 in terms of content), and you don't need to tell me. I mean, age has no bearing on one's ability as a writer (I mean, I disagree with the idea that younger writers with their lack of life experience write unconvincing stories - because 90% of the time fiction tends to shave down much of the complexities and nuances of reality to begin with in order to entertain us) nor their ability to be respectful and polite towards others. I'd see a reason to be on guard in adult-oriented sites (i.e. just to make sure they aren't some kid who lied about their age to sneak in), but in all-ages sites? Just gotta learn to watch your behaviour and don't do anything that'd make me suspect that you're trying to do anything sleazy and all's right with the world.
  26. So done with this month.

  27.  Membership What Makes a Good Advertisement?

    I've been considering doing a "shop" thing regarding this because I'm all about the advertising and see, literally, hundreds of ads a month as I scoot around.
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