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  2. Kit the Human

    Discord Integration Application

    Try http://www.sagaswildwest.com/rss/1-announcements.xml for the feed URL! This is what mine looks like:
  3. Stormwolfe

    Discord Integration Application

    My lack of skills knows no bounds! I created my first applet on IFTTT, set up the webhooks in my Discord channel, etc. per the instructions from the link you posted. Thank you for the link, btw! However, I cannot seem to make it work. I know the issue is on my end, but not sure where to go for help and advice so here I am...again. I am providing screenshots of my first applet and if I could get some help, I'd be humbly grateful. If I can get the first one working, I can use it as a template for feeds from other forums to my Discord channels. If there are other options - other than the IPS Marketplace Discord Integration application (expensive, broken and unsupported), I'd be open to trying them. Screenshots of my first IFTTT applet...
  4. jenneral_jennson

    Challenge 8: Hot Potato

    also no
  5. Today
  6. What you could do is in a situation where the a character is 3 quarters one, and only 1 quarter of another, they can only have the abilities and auras available to what it's mainly made up of. With characters that are half and half, you could have it where the abilities and aura that are exclusive to one or the other unavailable to them or make them have a watered down version of it so that they aren't as strong in it as a pureblood would be. Or to make things simpler, you could disallow mixed raced characters altogether, or restrict it in some way.
  7. Icewolf

    Shippers... let's talk about that.

    It makes sense that people would try to keep the conversation in the same place. I've never had that problem because I've not been on that many sites but I can imagine it being very exhausting or confusing to constantly hop from one thread to another. It just seems a strange way of doing things. I'd avoid using the term shipper, too since that implies coming up with romantic ships for people, rather than friendship, family connections, work colleagues, rivals, etc, so I'd call them plot pages or plotters instead. People come into rp with the notion that everything must revolve around romance when it doesn't have to. I agree entirely with this. It's better to get to know a role-player first by having threads where characters are friends, family, etc, than to dive in straight away with a ship. This is why if there are characters that I write that are meant to be married, I come up with both sides of it and have one or both as NPCs. The NPC character is open for someone to take up if they want, but it doesn't matter if it's not. I don't understand this notion that people have about being left out of things if their plotter doesn't get responded to. No. You're left out of things if no one actually writes with you, if people purposely ignore your contributions or don't help/allow you to develop your character and stories. I don't use skype because I'm too self conscious to use it and I'm not sure how discord works when plotting and keeping up with what's being said. What's to stop dialogue on there from getting buried like it does on twitter, for example?
  8. Elena

    GDPR and You

    I am European, but I trust you and i have no questions Thank you very much for all your troubles.
  9. Your Name: Sheena Link to your site: http://dreamcatchersrescue.jcink.net/ Link to your staff account on the RPG: http://dreamcatchersrescue.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=1 What you are looking to have reviewed: Everything. Im still working on it, so knowing what needs to be fixed now, would be good. Would you like an @AKNyx Ramsay Review? No
  10. Morrigan

     Announcement GDPR and You

    Hey everyone, I know not everyone knows what is going on but we want to give you a heads up and try to make this as easy on our non-EU people as our EU people despite being not for profit. First to non-EU people: You can stop reading this as most of this will not apply to you. However, as a note, you may receive a few annoying Privacy Policy updates over the next few weeks/months due to this update just to be sure we're in compliance. Please read, as normal, and accept. Our privacy policy, overall, isn't changing however it will be adding things to comply with GDPR in the overall spectrum. Your privacy is still important to us and we will continue to keep your stuff private. For EU people: We are working to be sure we comply with GDPR, as it stands IPS, the software we use, alone is enough to comply with GDPR. As GDPR grows and becomes a more solid thing we will continue to work on making things compliant. As it stands we do comply with GDPR however we are adjusting our privacy policy to be more descriptive. We use session based and functional cookies along with google analytics and reCaptcha. We currently have information regarding this however we will be expanding this to be better suited for GDPR in the near future (possibly not before the official roll out, sorry). This message, overall, is for EU users that are worried about GDPR and their privacy. Please reach out to the staff using the Staff's Eyes Only, if you have any concerns about GDPR and your rights on the Initiative, and I will do everything in my power to answer those questions to the best of my understanding of the new policy (especially being an American). If you are not concerned about GDPR and how it affects you on the Initiative please feel free to disregard this. We are working to make sure that we comply as best we can.
  11. I think I agree with you, @Lawman! Everyone is squeaked by the idea of writing together with younger people and I don't understand this (in the context of PG-13 writing, of course!). First, that it's just a story where characters interact, and we are not our characters. Second, everyone can learn from everyone - there were things I learnt from my 15 and 16 years old writing partners too. As for general inter-generational friendships, yes, I think people have what to learn and how to enrich each other's lives too. When I was a teen, I had less friends my age (I had a few, though) but I had also my young far-cousin that I babysat because I loved her, and her friends (8 years age difference). I had also 2 friends my mother's age, with whom I kept contact - one of them died years ago, and I have her on the list of souls to pray for when entering a church, and another is still alive and we keep in contact until now, my statistics professor in the first year of Uni. And my mother never worried/ forbade me the friendships, by contrary. Each one was offering me a different window to life, to another world.
  12. TheHales

    out with the old, in with the new

  13. TheHales

    the Ink Exchange crew

  14. TheHales

    family is all that matters

  15. TheHales

    the one he can't forget

    Kenesaw about to have some very big changes in his life so it would be great to have her help him through it!
  16. VirusZero

    What is True Creative Freedom in RP?

    I largely agree with Deep Sea. Total/True/Unlimited Creative freedom vanishes the second another person joins. Two people cannot have unlimited creative freedom because invariably one's collides against the other person's. For example if someone wanted a plot to murder the other character. It doesn't have to be something that serious either. Friction can happen from tiny things like mentioning a minor aspect of the world. Like if one mentioned a kingdom and the other person had stated it was set in the forest areas only. Two people with the same starting idea will end up in different places afterall. Sadly I've also seen too many people use the "my creative freedom" line to complain when they're denied having some crazy over the top power/skill/history/special treatment/etc... And so for me it's kinda become a bit of a reflex that when someone goes on about creative freedom I cringe a bit expecting a disaster to land. When it comes to stats and creative freedom... I think people get more worked up over this than they need to. They see numbers and think "I'll never be able to do anything" <cue dramatic flailing>. But that's not really the point. Stats provide a way to show how characters stack up against each other. Think for a second about the real world... numbers (stats) are around us everywhere. Can you physically lift 3000lbs? No, probably not. (If you can, it wouldn't be for long before you hurt yourself.) But you likely know that there is a certain amount of weight that you can lift... and yours will be likely different than others. Now not every game really benefits from stats. But that real life games don't really need them because we all kinda have an idea what the stats are. I mean an average person isn't going to be punching dumptrucks into the sun. More than likely their physical strength is going to top off around 100lbs (unless they engage in strength training). Instead where stats can be useful is for superhuman levels. Places where godmodding can happen extremely quickly simply because characters are comparatively so powerful. Especially if combat becomes an issue. In a game I ran it was routine that characters could get punched through brick walls like they were no big deal (or get shot by plasma weapons). Which means the forces involved were pretty high. Which made stats kinda necessary to know just what others were capable of. That kept everyone on a more-or-less equal playing field. So sure someone could have like 10 skills if they wanted, but it meant they couldn't then have super high stats elsewhere. It was also useful because all the enemies shared the same stats too so you could pretty easily (at a glance) tell how you stacked up. Made it easy to tell if you could try to physically overpower them or not.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Lawman

    Allowing junior players -- a turn-off?

    Kinda noticed that there's also a cultural context to this. Because while I can definitely understand the need for caution offline (like, I can certainly understand why children shouldn't be seen in the company of an adult who isn't a parent or legal guardian - and even then the adult would need to watch their own behaviour in public and not say or do stuff that could be misconstrued as sexual advances) - but I tend to notice in the west people are far more guarded and nervous - almost to the point of paranoid, albeit justifiably so - about adult-teen interactions, be it offline or online. Mostly speaking from my experiences as a Singaporean, or how I noticed Asian netizens as a whole are somewhat less guarded against online interactions. (Offline is another story; see above) But I can't help but feel that in the west it's like any form of intergenerational (even if strictly platonic) friendships are automatically viewed with great suspicion. Which is kinda sad, (if understandable and perfectly justified) but that's me speaking from personal experience, since like @ElenaI had some rather memorable intergenerational friendships online as well - like, when I was a young lad of 17 it was the bunch of 20 to 30 somethings over at the FPL who so patiently and generously taught me the finer points of writing and how to craft compelling characters with depth and complexity. And now as a 30-something I feel it's my duty to give something back, to those who remind me of my younger self.
  19. Morrigan

    Reckless Canons

    Archived This topic has had no posts in it in over three months or the topic starter has requested it to be restarted. Please re-post if you would like to re-open your request.
  20. Icewolf

    Weirdest Complaints You've Recieved

    I've seen people do similar things to this, though it wasn't wikipedia that they copied and pasted off - it was a mixture of things they copied and pasted from different fandom wikis to try and hide the fact that they'd stolen it. Their app stood out like a sore thumb because it had weird references in it that didn't fit the character or fandom. I've seen them occasionally join other sites which has some of the same copied and pasted text in it. As someone who was born in the early 80's, I noticed growing up there were a lot of gay/queer celebs around who started their careers in the 70's or possibly earlier, so this statement makes me smile. This is one of the reasons why I created my Tolkien site because most of the canon characters I was interested in playing had already been taken by others. I don't understand the complaint as they should look upon it as an oppertunity to make more sites in the fandom. If there's a character taken that you want to play, then surely there will be canons on the site that others want to play but can't because they're taken already? (Of course, a person might not always want to put the work into making a new site, but there is tumblr, twitter and rp social network sites they can go on instead.
  21. Kazetatsu

    Level of detail in an original sci-fi setting

    Enough detail for members to know how the technology and lore of the world function in the setting, but not so much that it prevents members from coming up with their own things. For me I'd need to know the average level of advancement of the technology, what it's capable of, and what common effects it has in the society at play. I wouldn't necessarily need to know how the tech works scientifically, just the way it impacts the world. So rather than saying, most people have iPhones, I might say something like most people have portable internet and communication devices, or most people are plugged in to cyberspace to allow members to figure out exactly what those devices and mechanisms are for their characters to reach the singular external effect. the only time to maybe go into more specific details is if everyone is supposed to have the exact same piece of technology
  22. Dragon

    Level of detail in an original sci-fi setting

    It kind of depends on how persnickety you are about detail as an admin. The main question is do you want what you imagine played out to a T, or do you want to see your members build and expand world detail through their threads. For my site I've provided a basic history for the city and small town play areas, and a general idea of layout for both those areas and the wilderness - I used written and visual means and created a couple of maps for reference. DBD is an AU integrated urban fantasy - essentially earth but how it might have developed differently if the supernatural existed openly. Technology is roughly at the same in the DBD verse as it is IRL - on a scifi/fan site this would merit more detail for sure. I've provided a list of NPC type creatures that exist in the world for players to use in their threads. Beyond that I let my players more or less do as they will. If I really like something I find in a thread, I incorporate it into the canon lore and slowly expand it that way - I've found this is a good model to work with, because it really gets members involved and invested long term because they see their efforts being incorporated into the canon. It shows them that their contributions to the site are appreciated and make a difference. Being too strict and in depth with your lore can stifle that part of the experience for players. So I usually advise a bit of a loose approach. Give enough information to set solid boundaries, but let players do their own thing within those boundaries whether that's setting description/use or tech related.
  23. MissQ

    when all you feel is jaded

  24. CovertSphinx

    Level of detail in an original sci-fi setting

    I'd go with whatever Lore members need to know in order to effectively be part of the game. Like, if certain genre "staples" are going to be played up or played down for Worldbuilding reasons, it'd be nice to have a heads up what is okay and what should be avoided.
  25. Rune

    O Brother, I found you!

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