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  • Arceus

    "Was there something specific you were taking out on those poor souls anyway?"
    "What? No. Yes. I don't know. Ugh. There's just a boy. ... isn't it always a boy?"

    The best thing to happen in RP this week.

  • Toastie

    It's a great feeling when you are so into the stories created, that it plays out in your mind like an entertaining movie!

  • Liannis

    Taylor Swift as a literal unicorn because why not...

  • JordyD

    Creating a whole RP universe (OC). Will most likely need help with it at some pooint because my brain decided it was a good idea to toss in like 20 races devided over 4 different worlds. And there's 1 destroyed world that will come back in the lore of the entire thing. So far the first world I'm writing, is about 10 page in lore and factoids.
    Yes I have issues

  • SaltyShrimpZz

    Sooo I am searching for an Partner that writes and RPG about Richie and Eddie from the Movie IT with me in a Long Term ☺️

    I want to talk about details in person, but I have an idea of the story itself 🙂


    so if ya interested come and message me 👌and search for You’ll float too!🎈 where I put all the details in 🙂


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