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  1. Demand of the Staff

    You have heeded the call to the Staff and are now awarded for it!

  2. Challenge Winner

    For winning a non-spotlight challenge.

  3. Ridiculousness!

    For the unending plethora of hilarious silliness and jokes!

  4. Pinkie Pie

    How'd this get here?

  5. Honorary Dutch award

    Awarded from Amelia when running a Dutch information status update.

  6. Valentine's Day 2017

    Logged onto the Initiative during Valentine's 2017.

  7. You Monster

    For participating in the Hot Potato Thread in the May 2017 Opening Day Challenge.

  8. War Veteran

    For Winning a Poke War.

  9. Honored Staff

    This is for those members that have assisted the Initiative by becoming a staff member for any given amount of time.

  10. A Spicy Condiment

    This is for posting in the Spam game:


  11. My Name is Inigo Montoya

    Posted a introduction in the Welcome Mat.

  12. Community Awards Winner

    For being chosen in the Community Awards... and just for being generally awesome.


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