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What attracts you to a wanted ad?
But what is it about a wanted ad that attracts you?
What gets you to click over onto the site and view it to see if the site is right for you along with the wanted ad?
What makes you reach out to the person to get the conversation started?
  • 25 replies

The Initiative Surveys!
It's that time of year again! For the Initiative Surveys for us to try to get more information about you and how to improve our sites and services! This year we did it a little differently than last year! Our Demographics survey is 100% anonymous while the other surveys allow for you to associate your Initiative username to the submissions in case you want to let us contact you about your feedback but this is completely optional!
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  • 5 replies

What's your IM client of choice for roleplay sites, and why?
So here's something I've been mulling over today - a lot of sites have a cbox and.or Discord server in addition to the their out of character forums. For sites that you are run, or have run in the past, or will run in the future, what instant messaging clients do you like to use for your communities, and why? And if you don't like having an IM client on your site, why is that?
Please someone make a Slack RP group so that I can be more subtle at work....
  • 18 replies

Before you post in a thread....
If you're doing a one-on-one thread, do you reread the whole thread each time or just the last post or two before posting?
What if it's a group thread?
  • 20 replies

Love our Lurkers: Why did you become a member of the Initiative?
What converted you from lurking around the Initiative and become a member? Whether it was the community, an event, or even just to submit your site to our directory, let us know!
  • 19 replies

Quick and Dirty Advertising Format Advice
Some great advice on advertising on sites that aren't your own. See some good methods to get your advertisement noticed and not ignored.
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Who're you crushin' on?
Okay, so probably not exactly what you expected upon clicking...
But who here on RPG-I do you secretly want to write with? Who do you stalk in the dead of the night? Who's window do you sit outside of with a boombox?
FEEL GOOD THREAD! Pay compliments, flirt relentlessly, bat your eyelashes!
I want to touch @Deep Sea's butt. Some of the plots they've chatted about here and there make my toes curl.
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  • 16 replies

What genre were your first rps in? (Member & Staff)
My first ever RP I joined was a horse one called Crystal Lake Valley, EXTREMELY inappropriate for my tender years, but I'm a normal functioning being now, so no harm done I guess? XD
The first one I ever admined was a rabbit and human RP so you could either be a rabbit. Or a human. No plot to it, it just was.
  • 123 replies

Icyboards shutting down
We're sorry to see them go but Icyboards is shutting down! Time to seek out a new avenue of hosting and fortunately for you, we offer it at the Initiative.
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  • 10 replies

IPS is slowly becoming a popular choice for members. This is a well written guide on how to use IPS Pages.
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Are your eyes wobbly? Do things look weird to you? Maybe if you tilt your head it will change? Or maybe your member isn't seeing things straight and you're being rational. You be the judge.
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  • 19 replies

Hey everyone!
As you know we're making changes based off of our recent surveys. One of these changes is we have retired/removed the character exchange.
We think the Character Exchange, overall, is a good idea but something that would be better implemented on roleplays themselves instead of through the Initiative. As it stands the Character Exchange was just an "alternative" and "more specific" writing partner search that basically meant "I'll join your site if you join mine" which was overall unsuccessful. After reviewing the results of the survey we found that you all had no need for it either.
We encourage you to adapt the idea to your roleplay and use it. We'd love for you to share with us your implementations.
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Advertising your site
Getting people to your site is half the battle when getting an RP off the ground, keeping them there and getting more is how you stick. What are your advertising tips and tricks?
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  • 35 replies

Doing something nice
As administrators we all try to do something nice for our members every once in a while, to show them that we love them as much as they love us! What sort of nice things do you do for your members?

Share with us!
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  • 8 replies

So we all have families and friends that you're not sure they would understand your love of a roleplay forum and writing with other people. It can be nerve wracking on keeping this part of your life as a dirty little secret so how did you/would you tell those people you know in real life about such a thing?

Share your stories and experiences with us.
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  • 27 replies

Tell me about your bans
We all have those dirty little admin spots that tickle just right when we ban someone.

Tell us at the Initiative about the fun ones, the ones that left a bitter taste in your mouth. Hell the ones that just made you feel relieved when the deed was done.

Alternatively: Tell us why you got banned!
  • 16 replies

There's always that one person that wants to show up and whine about something. Sometimes, these have merit. Othertimes, not so much.
What is the weirdest/most off the wall/dumbest complaint you've received about your board? Or your characters or whatever!
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  • 154 replies

Wanted Ads And Rules
How do you dictate whom a character belongs to if they've been created for a wanted ad? How do you handle someone that has taken a wanted leaving the site? What are your individual rules regarding wanteds? Is there anything specific you've found smooths the process out or has proven worthless?
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  • 6 replies

Problem member
So there's a situation my co admin and I are going to have to deal with tonight but I wanted to post something to just to gauge how others would handle a situation. 
Background on this: I've had to talk to this member 3 times this week, once for being dismissive and direspectful to a staff member that started as something with our site vs. book lore our site is inspired by, the second time was for multiple concerns over them having an OP character and for pushing book lore as site fact to other members which caused more than one to come to me about how this person was making them feel stupid for having not read books even though the member that came to me has been on the site for almost a year. This last time started when a member said something as an odd handed comment about how their character didn't trust this other member's character and might try to attack them. The member responded in a rude and demanding way. This has spiraled a bit since yesterday and the member has told the other one that their character CANNOT try and attack their character because they don't want it to happen, even though the post would be open for the other character to dodge the attack. 
They said they would ignore the post and continue on as if nothing happened. After that convo between the two members the member came to me and told me all the things that definitely *would* happen to the character who attacked theirs which included responses from other player characters. 
It really seems like power playing to me and the refusal to accept any IC consequences (though I will point out that at no point did the first member say anything about causing definite injuries to their character) and really just doesn't seem to mesh well with the community because they just seem to be alienating people by coming off as superior for having read the books and basically just rude....
So this is just a question about whether or not you guys have dealt with things like this and how you would handle this. In the entirety our site has been open I've never had to talk to the same member this many times in such a short space of time over either new issues or continued issues they've already been talked to about. Honestly, the situation is just stressful and annoying because it doesn't seem to be ending and it's been making it hard for me to get any muse or motivation to post on my own site. 
Also, I'm sorry if this was hard to follow, I just don't want to use any names or anything. 
  • 12 replies

Saying goodbye to InvisionFree. zIF has sold to tapatalk which means that IF is leaving us.
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  • 8 replies

Whammy has a great idea for a Coterie! Trapped in a video game! Every child's dream! Check it out and provide feedback.
  • 4 replies

We love to make sure our community is accepting and welcoming and we love to see that it's paying off! We will continue to work on this as we move forward and even as we get larger.

We love you!
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  • 15 replies

June Spotlights!
We are so glad you all had fun! Here is the final scores and the winners of the May event.
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Reasons to join a site
A constant burning question in everyone's mind! How do you get someone to join your site? What reasons do you think would tip the scales in your favor? Discuss it with us.
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  • 6 replies

I like all these ideas.


Maybe groups for the type of shindig you prefer? Ie: Jcink, Proboards, SMF, etc


A group for those of us over 18 might be nifty, just so I know at a glance who I can shamelessly hit on.
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