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Charlotte was a slight woman by comparison to most people. She was rather young but she was spunky. She grew up around the grease monkeys of Baumansky. She was English which tended to get her a lot of shit but the boys took to calling her by her pre-war nickname from back home. Chuck. It was always oddly pronounced by the Russian guys there from "Chew-ik" to "Chalk" but it was a masculine name and they could live with it.
So when the Ranger boys were there to collect someone to help repair a pre-war item they were sent to her. She was bent over a table, looking at a gun through goggles surrounded by some larger men. One of which looked like they might have been in charge when the men approached.
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Saying goodbye to InvisionFree. zIF has sold to tapatalk which means that IF is leaving us.
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Whammy has a great idea for a Coterie! Trapped in a video game! Every child's dream! Check it out and provide feedback.
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We love to make sure our community is accepting and welcoming and we love to see that it's paying off! We will continue to work on this as we move forward and even as we get larger.

We love you!
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We are so glad you all had fun! Here is the final scores and the winners of the May event.
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A constant burning question in everyone's mind! How do you get someone to join your site? What reasons do you think would tip the scales in your favor? Discuss it with us.
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I like all these ideas.


Maybe groups for the type of shindig you prefer? Ie: Jcink, Proboards, SMF, etc


A group for those of us over 18 might be nifty, just so I know at a glance who I can shamelessly hit on.
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