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    1. Adding models that explicitly request to not be used as plabys or faceclaims is prohibitted.
    2. The person's real name (first and last) as well as their stage name or band (specifically for K. Pop) must be included in the name section. EG "Elena (Ellie) Goulding" or Gakuto Oshiro (Gackt Camui). To be clear nicknames should be in the middle in parenthesis but completely different stage names should be at the end.
    3. If you choose something in a list you must support it with an image that you upload. Examples
      • If you submit Hilary Swank and choose "Female" and "Crossdresser" then you must submit both a picture of Hilary swank as a for sure female but also as her role in "Boys Don't Cry".
      • If you choose Medieval Magic for Lee Pace as well as Western you must upload an image from the "Hobbit" and "The Fall".
    4. If it's not listed please just put it in the "Other" field and the staff will go through them adding them where necessary and apply them to the listing automatically.

    *If you have suggestions on how to make this system more robust you are free to contact the staff in the Staff Contact Forum.

    • How do you know when you're listed? You will not see a: beside your record listing name when viewing it.
    • The playby I submitted was editted by someone that wasn't the staff!? This section, since it's a section that can change a lot we don't want the sole responsibility of updating a listing to be yours, it's also possible that someone may find an image that supports something you didn't have on there. As such we allow all members to edit the listings. If there is abuse of this feature (aka removing of images that were already uploaded instead of just adding to them) please use the "Report Playby" button at the bottom of the listing and the staff will investigate it.

    If you have any other questions or are confused about any aspect of the RPG Playby Directory then please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before submitting the playby or ask a staff member in our Ask Us forum.
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