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  1. @Bishop Can you post the link again please?
  2. There's a super simple way to look at this. I want to go back to your title because it's beautiful. When you love someone romantically, do you want to change them? No! When you love someone, you love them for who they are, you don't want them to change, you want them, just as they are. But it's okay to want them to brush away their morning breath. ;- ) Now apply this to your situation. You have some members who don't love your board, the love the idea of it but want something else entirely. This is already festering and costing you members and causing you problems - I think it's time to break off this unhealthy relationship that isn't good for you, or anyone else, really.
  3. I feel like sites that are young with younger audience have to focus much more on hype, hype, hype. As soon as it's gone, so are the members. The entire pace of roleplay for the entire younger world feels dramatically sped up - zoom, zoom, zooooooooooom, like indie cars racing around the track, not gonna spend no time aimlessly in a dying corner, gonna VRRRRRR onto the next latest and greatest! That roleplay there isn't so much about plot or writing or weaving together stories but instead much more about sensory. That feeling when you walk into the toy isle and feel overwhelmed with COLORS and textures and things to look at everywhere. It's so fast paced, and I feel so much sympathy for admins, it must be so utterly exhausting to put that much energy in for so short a lifespan. Don't get me wrong, this isn't an ageist thing where youngsters drool and elders rule - older people sites have their problems, too. But I wanted to talk about this growing awareness I've felt for a while that the two realms are quite different.
  4. A thought turned to an idea... On another directory site, years ago, several people came together with the common thought that it seemed like far too many roleplays weren't making it these days. There were many modes of thought about this but it boiled down to (1) they aren't trying and (2) they just need a jump start in activity; after all, activity makes activity and it's a catch-22. The theory for how this would all work went on for months and spanned many people. It was interesting to see how many words were so carefully knitted in conversations alone because of all the hurt surrounding failed roleplays. But in the end, the core people came up with a three-step process for how this would work: Step 1: qualify. Step 2: get kickstarters. Step 3: kickstarters do the magic. Then, after all this, you would have an active roleplay, horray! We encountered a few bumps in the road, like expectations: Some people didn't want an active roleplay, they wanted a gigantic roleplay. We had to squash that - size seems to be a random thing. Next, people wanted guarantees that this process would work. That after all that work to qualify, they would get help. Well, the work required to qualify is really things you should be doing anyways Or, that kickstarter helpers would actually help them - errr.... Or, that kickstarters could be trusted - errr ..... Isn't it technically a lie to have these temporary helper members? Uhh..... Or, what exactly kickstarters would do in the first place? We had to say that if admins had specific things in mind, they should work with their helpers on that one. What if a kickstarter helper didn't announce themselves then the period ended and they suddenly just vanish? Members vanish all the time and helpers should be ... helping. Kickstarters don't have to announce themselves but usually they should? We didn't know and we kept things vague because supply <<<<<<<demand and these sites needed all the helpers they could get. Launch So things dragged on and finally a timeline goal was slapped up and people filtered out and core heros stepped up to do the work. It opened, and there was a pretty large response of people who loved the idea. A whole lot of roleplays who qualified with basically everything on the list. And some helpers. Some. We tried to make more helpers by encouraging people to post lists of genres they liked so sites would ask them personally and they'd feel more attracted to sites needing help of their genre. Beginning Some new sites filtered in and some didn't meet the requirements for help and promptly died immediately. Some sites struggled and finally got all the necessary qualifications for the program. But very few people were helping. It was almost like sites needing help were being outright ignored. Alerts! GHRRRR! We realized that the problem was that none of the helpers were getting alerts that there were sites ready that they could help! We did our best to fix that with tagging, and it helped a little. Collapse But the number of new people filtering in to help was miniscule and as more and more sites heard about the program, the number wanting help and qualified for it was growing exponentially. Our fear was confirmed, except that it was worse. Supply of helpers <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< demand for helpers. It was twice to four times as bad as we'd expected. So finally months down the line, some sites had gotten help and I was able to follow up with them. The ones that were barely making it continued to barely make it. The ones that were dead stayed that way. The ones that were dying did so. Every now and then, a helper was able to help attract a few more members, and maybe expand a few months of life, but overall, there really was no difference. Revelation Huh? This made no sense. Activity makes activty. All these sites need to get active again are some active members playing, right? So sites with helpers should be attracting members again and getting better, right? But, the data said differently. The data said that the helpers made no overall difference, and very little immediate difference. The axe And then the site's clubs feature was gone. Or they moved or something. I don't remember. But it was all gone. Futurama Long after everyone who had good intentions but never got around to it and forgot all about it in the first place, there came a site pleading for help. It was a Futurama site, based on a very popular animated television show with lots of love and following. It was the first roleplay of its genre. It checked all of the items on that qualification list so long ago. They were so enthusiastic, energetic, and even had a tiny staff team actively playing! But it was floundering and despite impressive advertising campaigns and a pretty good skin, it wasn't attracting any new blood at all. I scoured it for anything wrong and we attacked every possible badness together like an angry mother on a cleaning rampage. No difference. After months of trying - harder than I've ever seen anyone else try before - they gave in and closed. Jellyfish & Jewels I opened up a roleplay of my own and again it checked off all of the requirements but floundered and failed within three weeks, only attracting two other members who made a total of one post. It was weird and had jellyfish and jewels but the feedback in the cbox was great and it had a lot of popular culture and freedom. I realized that other people could 'smell' that my site would never succeed. That I would never succeed. And they chose not to join it. The reality We learned many things about roleplays. Many things, but none of them certain. Whether a site gets big or not is as random as what goes viral next Not all sites can succeed. Some sites have to fail to balance out the status quo - because players have choices, some choices will get all the 'no's. People can 'smell' death. It goes beyond the skin choice and offensive rules or a cbox that hasn't had an update in weeks. They can sense it in their gut A site can do absolutely everything right and still flounder Success or failure is relative; simply adjust your expectations to "win" Admins whose vision of the site is success (eg, rather than a specific genre and plot) will always fail. People can sense it and they run. Some people will never be successful admins because they are not admin material. Personality is the obvious here, but it can also be charisma - that the person has no "magnetic pull" towards other people "Build it and they will come" is not true
  5. The player is a compulsive liar. They feel frustrated no one every believes what they talk about in the cbox. The person is clinically, deeply depressed and constantly brings it up. They feel bored, and they also feel ignored.
  6. If you're someone who is help looking for sites, you can post here to brag about it! You can even keep the number of sites that you have found to help everyone
  7. Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials (UK) / The Golden Compass (US)
  8. C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia
  9. If you have questions or need assistance, reply to this topic
  10. How to get notified when XYZ pops up! Go to the topic corresponding to the genre that you are looking for and press the FOLLOW button. It's directly above 'Reply to this Topic'. If the genre is super rare, you may wish to get email alerts, especially if you don't sign into RPG-Initiative regularly. If the genre you're looking for isn't in a topic yet, you can start a new one. (see below) What to do when you find a new XYZ site Reply to the relevant topic with the link. Everyone who followed the topic will get a notification. That's it! If you like, you can also post a polite message in their cbox or advertising forum letting them know that they have been found, or that they have an audience looking for them, with an optional link back to RPG-Initiative or even the genre topic, but it absolutely must be kind and polite; try not to break any of their rules. But I only want sites with certain features! Unfortunately we don't have the ability to not notify followers if the posting doesn't match their unique preferences. We ask for patience and understanding that as these sites are rare, sometimes you get what you get. : ( Starting a new topic to look for a genre Right now, we are not open to very common or relatively common genres; we don't want to take the place of this directory. If the genre is relatively rare, start a new topic with the genre in the title. You can post a few words about the genre in the topic but that's it, should be very simple. What's the purpose of this club? To hook people up with what they are looking for.
  11. Do you have more of a question (as opposed to fix this thing for me) ? Post it here to get help? You can ask about anything related to HTML or CSS in any way. Even if it is not tuesday, you can still ask your question if it is pressing, but the idea is that we have one day each day for different things
  12. Test your code online: https://codepen.io https://jsfiddle.net/ Validate your code: https://validator.w3.org/
  13. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/web http://learn.shayhowe.com/ https://www.codeschool.com/learn/html-css https://teamtreehouse.com/tracks/web-design https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming/html-css
  14.  Membership

    Yes but it, and long purple prose, are dying. The biggest wolf roleplays have faded away and I feel like there is less elitism than before - the two trends that spread these things, sometimes by bullying. These things always fail because programmers start, run out of steam and fans, and the project dies and all that code and work disappears. If someone would actually release their own code open source, other programmers would pick it up and it would live on to be developed into a living thing. Its simply too much work for one person to do - I've only ever seen three people pull it off, ever. Two of them disappeared and their work died and disappeared and the third person lives on, Ongoing Worlds.
  15.  Membership

    An event is: something special that bolsters activity and interest. If it's not any of those things - if it's not special, if it's not active, if it's not holding interest - then it's not doing its job and has turned into a normal, day-to-day thing. What you do with it from there is completely up to you.