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    I wrote words on forums. It were fun.
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    Pirates will be my first experience in solo staffing. I've staff a few forums before then, including one with hundreds of members. That was a fabulous mad house.

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  1.  Graphics

    a: hover { bla bla; } Why isn't it working?! -throws things around-
  2.  Entertainment

    I've been on a Monsters and Men kick recently.
  3.  Membership

    Also in the interchangeably camp but play by does make more sense for reasons already mentioned!
  4. My best mate who lives in another state. Sounds like he's going through a rough patch right now, so it'd be nice to chat it out with him. Which is a boring answer. The exciting answer would be the peak of the Himalayas. I would take a quick selfie and then teleport out again. All the glory, none of the effort.
  5. Walk the plank! At least if I'm gonna die it'll be from something as awesome as being eaten by a sea creature, not malnutrition. Yes!! I shall smush my face in his lovely fur and give him many cuddles and tell him what a good boy he is.
  6. Kudos for remaining a human pie and going for the classic variety. Make me wallow in the full consequences of my actions. I am dense and can not figure out the joke. What is the joke?
  7. You may ask me some things. 😁
  8. You are now a delicious pie, what kind of pie are you?
  9. Staffing

    Good question! Because I default to gay characters for a variety personal reasons (I have some straight characters too.) But I can be diverse within that very broad umbrella; and that's something I'm aware I can improve on. And I want to improve on. I think that answers your question?
  10. Staffing

    How important is diversity of characters when RPing? As a writer, super important because I feel like I'm being lazy if my characters are all of the same community (white for example). That feeling of laziness doesn't apply to LGB characters because apparently I have a personal vendetta against straight mainstream media. (I deliberately dropped the T because I am admittedly not great when it comes to creating trans characters.) As an admin, super important. Because I don't want to create an environment that regurgitates the status quo. But all I do there is just lead by example. Thus far the forum hasn't needed any guidance on that front. I'm rather lucky. 😁
  11. I was looking for an image or video of Matt Mercer saying something inspirational or comforting, but I only found his nostrils I hope you find them comforting or inspiring. I also hope you get to see a helpful shrink! 💖
  12. Clara Paget

    From the album Random Icons

    Clara Paget from Black Sails
  13. Random Icons

    Random icons, free for use. Link back to here if you do.
  14. Tobey Maguire looks broody

    From the album Random Icons

    Tobey Maguire