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  1.  Membership

    Content warnings and trigger warnings are not the same things. They may have similar looks but the idea is different for them. Content warnings were usually pretty generic... EX- Violence is gonna happen. And in many cases were so you either didn't stumble into them at work (like reading a steamy scene on a work computer) or so younger people could steer clear (or more accurately gravitate towards) things. Trigger warnings on the other hand are extremely specific and supposed to let people with trauma know a thread contains that specific thing. (I go into a bit more detail on that here.) But I hear you on the rise of Jcink. Offhand, I'd like to think I was part of the reason why Jcink took off in the roleplay world. (I know I convinced a number of people to try it out...) and then my suggestion of adding the sub-accounts system really kind of got people's attention. As for new things in RP-land... Tumblr shows up from time to time. It's not so great for advertising roleplays (unless they're hosted by Jcink). Some people do use tumblr for roleplaying on. (I don't see the appeal here.) Livejournal has kinda faded away too.
  2.  Membership

    Size 0 fonts are, unfortunately still a thing. Low contrast is also a thing. One new design thing though is massive headers. (I mean like 600+ pixels tall... ones that you have to scroll through to actually see content.) People also now sometimes use hover codes to hide stuff under these massive headers. (So if you mouse over the header then things, like a link to rules or important documents and staff pages, will appear on top of it.) And of course there are trigger warnings now. (For anyone who says they aren't new... You're partially right. They had a use prior to 2012 but it was largely the intended use of for PTSD. After 2012 they were adopted by victimhood culture and used for basically anything. Though they really came to prominence in 2014-2015.) The rpg rating system is also new. (Previously most used MPAA or sometimes ESRB ratings.) Again, I'm not personally fond of it. (I think it has flaws. I'll also admit I'm not crazy about how it seemed like overnight everyone just jumped on board and decided it had to be used.) The rise of Jcink Forum Hosting and decline of InvisionFree. (Jcink began in 2006 but didn't really start getting a lot of roleplayer attention until 2010-2011. Especially after a sub-account mod was added. Since then most people who would have used IF now use JFH instead.) Premium modes that allow mature content on free hosted forums are also a relatively new thing.
  3. People posting status updates with spoilers. Look, I know you're excited that something happened in a show/movie... But don't be an asshole and spoil it for everyone else. Some haven't seen it yet. (Could be as simple as the show hasn't aired in their timezone yet. EX- People watching a show in Florida vs someone in California. There's a 4 hour difference in time there...) Regardless of the reason though it's still a very rude thing to do. People who post overly vague status updates Please either take the extra second/space and explain it or don't bother and keep it to yourself. I mean if you just say "OMG, that sucked" either say what sucked or don't bother posting period. It's basically just begging for attention otherwise. I mean it's literally just trying to goad people into asking "what's wrong" or "what happened". And most of the times, it's nothing even worth getting worked up over. People with pets/children... Your world may revolve around your kids/pet... but everyone else's doesn't. So keep the amount of stuff sharing about them to a minimum. Get names right. Whether it's a person's name or a website name... make the effort to get it right. I can't count how many times I've seen people misspell my site's name or Jcink. (If you type into the browser... you're probably not going to end up where you want to be.) I mean the first time it happens, probably a mistake. But after that... (especially after having been corrected) it's moved to plain out disrespectful. It may sound petty... but I dislike when people ask how hard something is to code. Unless they're actually looking at doing mod development then coding for every major forum software is pretty much the same... HTML and CSS. I know what they mean is how tough is it to customize... but seriously if a person understands any amount of HTML and CSS then they're all pretty much within the same range. It's just figuring out which class does what and where to find it in the templates that's the big issue. (And that's relatively minor thanks to tools like Chrome's inspect element.)
  4. IB2PHPBB View File This is an Invision Power Board 1.3 to phpBB 2 database converter. The file contains a readme in English, French and German with the usage instructions. It will convert: users posts ranks/groups (though permissions will need to be re-set) personal messages forums (though they may need permissions remade) It will not convert: avatars polls attachments linked sub-accounts alerts reputation points shop goods/items/points custom BBcode (additionally any uses of custom BBcode will be left as raw html in posts) NOTE: This file was formerly hosted here but has since been depreciated and removed. This means the file is no longer receiving updates or support. (So please don't bother asking them for help... they won't likely give it.) I did not create this file, nor do I maintain it. I cannot guarantee it will work 100% perfectly for you. If you use it, you are 100% on your own. I have tested this to work on PHP version 5.3 and 5.4 but I can't guarantee it'll work on 5.5. It will not likely work on PHP 7. The only reason this is being reposted is to aid people seeking to transfer from Jcink or InvisionFree to self hosted software (using phpBB2 as a gateway). If you're looking for how to use this file... read this. Submitter VirusZero Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Modifications  
  5. Convert from JFH/IF to PHPBB

    There is a converter to go from IPB 1.3 to phpBB2. I've used it to get from IPB 1.3 (Jcink) to MyBB. (Since you can't really convert directly from IPB 1.3 to MyBB 1.6...) So I can attest that it does work. Here's the link to the converter. From here you need to set up your web server... I recommend using Xampp (but you can use whatever you prefer) rather than your live server simply because this way you don't use any of your liver server's resources. (Additionally, depending on your hosting, you may not be able to make the following changes to your php file so the transfer will fail every time.) If the conversion uses too much CPU/RAM for too long on your self-hosted site it could end up with your site getting suspended/stopped. So best to do this offline if possible. You'll also probably need to edit php.ini (with notepad or your favourite plain text editor) located in the xampp/php directory. (If you use something other than Xampp, the location may be different. But there should still be a php.ini file somewhere with these variables.) Look for: "max_execution_time=" and set it to something like 9000 (this way your conversion script doesn't accidentally time out halfway.) "max_input_time=" and set it to -1 (This way your script can process incoming data for as long as it needs.) "memory_limit=" and set that to something like 1024M or even 2048M (if you have less than 4GB of ram don't put a value higher than 1024M. But if you have more than 4GB then feel free to use 2048M just to help speed things up some.) "upload_max_filesize=" and set it to at least 200M. (This way you can upload larger files to PHPMyAdmin without worry. Though you probably won't need much more than 200M unless your forum is pretty huge... Like 200,000 posts or more.) Finally save the php.ini file and close it. The Process Now... 0- Open Xampp (or your preferred program) and make sure running both the MySQL and Apache parts are running. (See the attached image. ) 1- Open your web browser and type "localhost/phpmyadmin" with Xampp running. (This will open the tool to create a database.) 2- Create the empty database first. (In PhpMyAdmin, on home screen click "Databases" from top. Then enter the name of the new one and click "create".) 3- Install a copy of phpBB2 (you can get it from Sourceforge), be sure to set the database name as whatever you created in step 1. (When using Xampp, the default username is root and the password is blank/no password set.) 4- Import your JFH database into the same database where you installed phpBB2. 5- Unzip and put it in the root phpBB2 folder. 6- Then open conf.php in the converter script's folder with a text editor (ex- notepad) and set $ib_prefix = "" to whatever your forum's prefix is. (EX- $ib_prefix = "yoursite_") and save that file. 7- Run that conversion script by typing the pathname to it in your web browser... EX- localhost\phpBB2\ib2phpBB_1_3b\index.php and pressing enter/go. (how long it'll take varies depending on how large your forum is. But just follow the steps, making sure to wait for it to tell you it's finished before starting the next one.) - Optional - Take the time here to fix up any issues with forum permissions/layout/etc... while your site is offline. 8- After it completes, and before you upload it to your live server, use PhpMyAdmin to open the phpbb_config and change "server_name" to whatever your url will be. (So if you have sub.domain.tld then put that, but if you're using domain.tld then use that.) And set "script_path" to whatever folder you've installed it into. So if you're having it at like domain.tld/forum then you'd enter "forum" here. (If you're setting this in the main directory then you should leave this blank.) After that you can then run the conversion script to go from phpBB2 to phpBB3. From here you can now transfer to most major forum softwares (MyBB, SMF, Xenforo, IPB, etc...) Please keep in mind however that, like mentioned on the IP2PHPBB download page there are things which will not convert and things that will need to be redone. Troubleshooting Issue: No posts are showing up after the conversion ended. Fix: The most likely reason is the script reached it's timeout limit and not everything got converted (so it abandoned everything). Open your php.ini file and set the max execution time even higher then try again. Issue: I get an error like: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function set_magic_quotes_runtime() in C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\common.php:29 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\index.php(26): include() #1 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\common.php on line 29 Fix: This error is an issue with how phpbb handles an old, now depreciated, php function. If you feel confident editing code you can open the named php file and locate "set_magic_quotes_runtime() " and replace it with "ini_set('magic_quotes_runtime', 0);" Alternatively you can null the line by adding "@" before it. Or you can open your php.ini and change to Finally you can reinstall phpBB 2 and try running the conversion process again.
  6. If you've started a forum with either Jcink or InvisionFree and ever wanted to go self-hosted getting there can be a daunting task. One can't simply import the database into the new software and have things work. The newer database conversion tools (like MyBB's Merge) don't understand the older formats anymore. So that means a little extra work is needed to get from JFH/IF to another software. This guide shows the steps needed to do that. View full guide

    Version 1.3.0


    This is an Invision Power Board 1.3 to phpBB 2 database converter. The file contains a readme in English, French and German with the usage instructions. It will convert: users posts ranks/groups (though permissions will need to be re-set) personal messages forums (though they may need permissions remade) It will not convert: avatars polls attachments linked sub-accounts alerts reputation points shop goods/items/points custom BBcode (additionally any uses of custom BBcode will be left as raw html in posts) NOTE: This file was formerly hosted here but has since been depreciated and removed. This means the file is no longer receiving updates or support. (So please don't bother asking them for help... they won't likely give it.) I did not create this file, nor do I maintain it. I cannot guarantee it will work 100% perfectly for you. If you use it, you are 100% on your own. I have tested this to work on PHP version 5.3 and 5.4 but I can't guarantee it'll work on 5.5. It will not likely work on PHP 7. The only reason this is being reposted is to aid people seeking to transfer from Jcink or InvisionFree to self hosted software (using phpBB2 as a gateway). If you're looking for how to use this file... read this.
  8. Staffing

    As long as it doesn't involve sexual situations with minors or animals (either actual or implied) I really don't care what others want to write. I may not want to be a part of it mind you. But I'm not going to protest and try to stop them. I also will stand by their choice to write what they want because, like Kay mentioned, it's censorship and I've seen enough done in it's name to not want that to happen. (Remember when Target Australia banned Grand Theft Auto 5 because a bunch of knobs, who never played the game and had no interest to ever play, cried misogyny? Yeah... same shit, different day. ) I think the important thing is, and this goes for everyone, it's perfectly fine if you don't like something. You don't have to. But you don't get to stop others from enjoying it. (Again provided that it's not involving sexual situations with children/animals or otherwise illegal.) So that means if someone wants to write a fanfic or roleplay based around a school that churns out lil' Hitlers... Let them. You don't have to be a part of it. Others don't have to join if they don't want to. But don't even think about trying to play the "moral guardian" or "think of the children" or "it might offend someone" cards. You don't get to decide who can play what ideas. Nor should you even think to campaign on behalf of another group (they may not want you to, or they may not care). If they think it's a fight worth having then let them take that issue up with whomever necessary. Part of my reasoning here is simply that there is always the possibility of things you liking not being liked by others. So if you try to take away something they like then what's to stop them from turning around and taking something you like. (Essentially "an eye for an eye makes the world blind" but for loss of entertainment.)
  9. How many have heard of Gregory Alan Elliot? For those who haven't... Elliot was a graphic designer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was contacted by Ms. Guthrie to do some promotional work for her activism. They met in person and discussed details. Though later (on twitter) Elliot disagreed with Ms. Guthrie's idea to set lose a hate mob after a man who made the "beat up Sarkeesian" flash game. As a result Ms. Guthrie led a campaign to destroy him. She had a friend pose as a child to try to get him indicted as a pedophile, constantly insulted and berated him on twitter. And he's the one that got arrested, dragged into court and fought a 3 year battle (losing over $80,000 in the process) only to be eventually have the judge rule in his favour. Source Alternate Source On the other side, while the next generation is hit over the head with all this anti-bully stuff it's largely rendered useless through propagandized victim culture perpetuated through universities. They learn in university that they're constant victims, that they're under oppression and that because they're the victim that it's ok for them to act poorly. They don't see what they're doing as bullying. There's a level of cognitive dissonance going on. It's why some (like Ottawa University's Prof Janice Fiamengo) advocate for the dismantling of the gender studies degrees... Though until real repercussions start happening for those instigating this crap, nothing will change. I mean Bahar Mustafa found out the hard way but she's the exception. (And in her case, I think what she said was stupid... but she shouldn't have been charged. Dismissed from her position? Sure. Criminal charges? No.) The aforementioned Ms. Guthrie walked away scot free after instigating a campaign to destroy someone based on ideological differences. That is unacceptable.
  10. This is why I don't like "social justice". It's not justice, it's a lynch mob. No apology will ever suffice to people chasing you. As stated in another topic, even Jihadists will spare you if you convert. But no apology will work for social justice, they simply want to see you destroyed. And they really have no qualms about turning on each other either. The aforementioned Dongle joke incident is just one example. And the very same people who employ "point and shriek" are usually far worse than the people they're pointing at. Look at cases like: - Sam "bring back bullying" Biddle of Kotaku. - Zoe Quinn (the instigator of Gamergate) - Randi Harper. - Anita Sarkeesian. - Cora "Trigglypuff" Segal. - Shanley Kane. - Emma "mattress girl" Sulkowicz. (She accused a guy of raping her and tried to get him expelled then used it as a activism to get a grade on, flagrantly violating Title IX in the process.) - Connie St. Louis (how about not lying on your resume and publishing hit pieces on scientists ok?) They, by and large, see offense and victimhood everywhere. It's integral to their person to be a victim, they have nothing without it. They use it for their own personal gain. I mean case in point, Anita Sarkeesian used her whole "I was attacked by 4chan" to turn a project that was only asking for like $5000 into a nearly $160,000 profit. (And she never indicated what any of that money was ever used for, not to mention she was years late on delivering her final product.) I've said before and I'll repeat it here... If you want to find the racist/sexist (or whatever -ist/ism) in a room, look for the one who has to redefine the term so it doesn't apply to them and/or conveniently allows them to demonize others. You'll probably also find that said person is also a firm "social justice" believer. So now what does this mean for me? I don't like the idea of my online activities encroaching my real life stuff. I mean if something goes sour with my online stuff, for the most part I like the idea that I could jettison my username and be done with it. I could switch usernames if I had to. But if it were to get to my offline life... well that's a lot harder to deal with. And it gets messy in a hurry because I couldn't reasonably expect friends and co-workers to stand by me. They're not prepared for this onslaught. (I doubt I truly would be either mind... but if nothing else I have at least seen what they're capable of and know roughly what to expect so that's something.) I hate the idea that someone could have a bad day or even just disagree with me on one minor thing and then let loose a hate mob on me for differing in opinion. All the while they cry the victim and act like they were so offended/oppressed by what was said. Meanwhile I'm the one actually suffering. I could (more like probably would) lose my job and my friends. I get to suffer actual hardship while they pretend their feelings were hurt and that somehow that is more important than my livelihood. Because of this ever present offline threat though I actually abandoned an idea I was planning on doing. I was going to offer hosting services through my VPS, I had worked out a reasonable price and had the terms of service and whatnot all set out. I had some auxiliary services planned out and extra ideas down the road. (Basically just some stuff so I could help pay my hosting each month.) But because in order to accept payment I'd need a real name attached... I didn't want to do it. I don't want to make it easier to open myself up to any kind of issues like that. Especially since I can be kind of vocal at times.
  11. This is something that is pretty well known where I live, but once you get beyond Montreal, Quebec or into the USA no one knows what it is... So to maybe change that, here's the recipe for the Halifax Donair. I have not tried making this myself (I have no need to since I can buy donair meat from numerous places here) so I can't say this is an exact recreation of the recipe. Though from what I've read is in it... it looks pretty close. THE DONAIR MEAT INGREDIENTS 3 lbs lean ground beef 3/4 cup Italian style bread crumbs 1 tbsp ground black pepper 1 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 2 tsp dried oregano 3 tsp paprika 2 tsp onion powder 1 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp salt DONAIR SAUCE INGREDIENTS 10 oz (300 ml) sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup vinegar 1/2 tsp garlic powder INGREDIENTS TO ASSEMBLE DONAIRS Pita bread (for the wrap) diced tomatoes Mozzarella Cheese diced onion Donair sauce INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO MAKE THE DONAIR MEAT Pre-heat the oven to 300°F Using a stand mixer (if you don't have a stand mixer see my note below) combine all ingredients and mix well for 10 minutes on medium speed with the paddle attachment. Once everything is very well combined, form the meat into a tightly packed oval loaf. Place the loaf on a broiler pan and cook in the oven for 2 1/2 hours. Once the meat has cooked allow to cool in the fridge overnight. The next morning after the donair meat has chilled cut the loaf into thin slices. I usually portion out the meat for individual donairs and put them in the freezer for when I want to make some. MAKE THE SAUCE Stir together all ingredients until thick. You might find that stirring it with a fork works best or you can use a stand mixer or electric mixer. You can use this right away but it tastes the best if it sits overnight in the fridge. TO MAKE A DONAIR WRAP Take a portion of donair meat and heat the slices up in a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil on low heat. You just want to heat the slices up and not brown them too much. While the meat is heating up in the frying pan take a pita and quickly wet both side under running water. Now take the pita and put it on top of the meat while it's cooking. Once the pita has been over the meat for about 1 minute flip it over and let the pita steam for another 1 minute on the other side. Take the pita and place it on top of a square of aluminum foil. Top the pita with donair meat and remaining toppings as desired. Top with donair sauce. Fold up the bottom of the pita and then roll it up. Wrap the aluminum foil around the donair and place into the oven for about 10 minutes to warm. (I usually set the oven to 350°F to warm them – this is great when you have cheese in them!) Repeat these steps for how ever many donairs you're making. Peel the aluminum foil away as you eat the donair. Make sure you have lots of napkins in hand – donairs are famously messy and delicious! NOTES If you don't have a stand mixer to combine the meat that's ok. Use a food processor to make the beef very finely ground and then you can mix in the remaining ingredients on pulse for a few minutes. Then mix by hand so that it's very thoroughly combined. If you're eating the donair right away then you can skip wrapping it in the aluminum foil and just plate it. Donair recipe Donair sauce recipe
  12.  Other

    A few years ago Cassie Jaye began to make a movie on the Men's Rights Movement (MRA) and her support basically dried up once people learned what she was doing. Only after turning to Kickstarter (with the help of one dangerous individual) was she able to fund her project. Since then it has been a rocky road to release. Theaters have refused or cancelled showings (like in Australia). But now the movie is out on Amazon, Hulu and Youtube (paid video) as well as on DVD. Here's a preview: If you've seen it, what did you think? If you haven't seen it, is this something you would?
  13. Staffing

    Have you actually talked to her about this? Like a little note like: Now full disclosure, I don't like activity checks for the most part. But I do understand their necessity. All that said, I have used them in the past for canon characters. But we had a slightly different thing, and this might be something you want to consider adapting and using... we had a bit where if someone was only making the bare minimum, just scraping by the activity checks repeatedly, we could ask them to give up the character even if they did "pass" the check. Basically as a way to stop people from just hanging onto canon/important roles they didn't really intend to keep playing. For any original characters that held important positions, like a faction leader, they'd be up for replacement. So someone not being active there would be demoted and another character would be given that spot. (Generally I'd try to leave a story reason for it happening... EX- a leader got sick/injured and needed to recover. ) Either way though I think the point is that you have to talk to her (again). If things don't change then it's time to consider more drastic action.
  14. You could always ask them to leave willingly... citing that you don't think they're a good fit for the community. That is if you want to try the nicer route. Though if you do this make it clear that this isn't up for debate and that it's not an option. Though truthfully if they are yelling at you to do more then what are they actually saying to others? (I mean generally people are more reserved with staff because they know that staff can ban where other members can't.) Beyond that if you did just ask them to leave would they accept it or would they get angry and start protesting/yelling, arguing or insulting you/others? I mean some people think that buy trying to argue this they can change your mind and convince you they should be allowed to stay. (Maybe they'll play it off like a joke. Or say how they have autism or some kind of mental disorder so they didn't notice social cues or proper behaviour. Or they could always try the "you need me, your site will fail without me" nonsense.) That said, I never ask people to leave. If I'm at the point where I'm ready to ask someone to leave then they're getting banned. There is no discussion or debate. My mind is made up and there's no way they can convince me otherwise. And I really don't want them to think they can change my mind either. (If anything they can only make things worse for themselves...)