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four characters i wanna place, help me out?

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres:
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural would probably be the best genres to fit these characters into, but hell, if something else would work, I'm open to it. I won't change character ages, abilities, first names, or playbys. Other than that things are pretty open to being fit to your site. Might change species if the powers stay the same, like demigod to wizard or shapeshifter to werecreature. 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    So any genre where my characters can't keep their respective race/species/abilities is not going to work for me. The blurbs outlined below do need to stay some 90% the same or more. I am also not willing to transfer Sasha to any universe where I couldn't play him as a current (or ex) jaeger pilot. But I'm open to literally anything otherwise. Historical? Medieval? Futuristic? Horror? Throw it at me. 


Character Home Search Information

I'm looking for any site that one (or more) of my characters could fit into, as is or with minor edits. I'm not looking for any sites where my characters wouldn't fit as is or with minor edits, don't have Discord, are hosted on proboards, or activity requirements per week. 


Any rating, but explicit and triggering threads does need to be marked appropriately in the thread title or subtitle. Site 'level' doesn't matter because that's pretty subjective, just as long as posts are legible and generally low on typos and errors. Most of the time my posts are around 4-500 words and it takes me about a week to reply, and I'd like if that's common on the site. If everybody is replying within a matter of hours, or typically takes months to reply, I'm not going to be a fit for either. 

I've been writing about fifteen years, been roleplaying half that, and been on sites of just about every genre in that time. I prefer sites that are younger and smaller because they tend to be easier to integrate into and get plots on. Brand new, low activity, and all-ages sites are okay. Usually I respond to threads within a week and talk daily in the discord. the thing that matters most to me is the community and how accepting and friendly it is. 

I don't tend to have problems with people - I know how to play nice, be an adult, communicate with people about what does and doesn't work for me, keep OOC and IC separate, accept someone saying 'no', settle member-on-member issues, all that good stuff. I'm pretty easygoing unless someone's outright harassing me or being homophobic or some kind of bullshit like that. 


Tell me a bit about how my character(s) would fit into your site and why I'd like it! If you've made it this far, you get a cookie. Throw me your sites!

Character Biography (Optional)

Rowan, early 30s, dinosaur shapeshifter, bisexual, pb Óscar Jaenada using pics from like 2010. A mercenary who was fatally injured while in the employ of a bioengineering company and allowed them to experiment on him to try to ensure his survival. He ended up with the ability to shapeshift into a Utahraptor-based theropod. Since then he's been using his shifting to make himself an even more efficient gun for hire and doesn't much care who he works for. Not really too much of a dick himself but he does work for dickish people. 

Jessica, goes by Jessie, mid 20s, demigod, lesbian, pb Hayley Kiyoko. Her father is Ebisu, the Japanese god of luck, and her mother is a professional gambler and con woman turned artist. She grew up not knowing anything about gods being real until she was thirteen and ended up meeting other demigods that took her in and taught her everything they could. Since adulthood, she's travelled across the country flirting with girls and hustling people thanks to her demigod ability allowing her to win whatever bet she wants. 

Sasha, late 40s, human, asexual homoromantic, pb Manu Bennett. Jaeger pilot from the Pacific Rim universe and tbh I don't think he'd transfer to any place that's not PR-based/panfandom. Divroced but maintains a friendship with his ex-wife, who is an official in the Shatterdome he operates out of. Flirts sometimes with his Jaeger's tech but nothing's really happening there. Focused, no-nonsense, thinks he knows best, but always has his friends' best interests at heart and wants everyone home safe. 

Ethan, appears 38, actual age mid-300s, lightning dragon, bisexual poly, pb Tom Hiddleston. Had a poly relationship that briefly fell apart when his girlfriend went missing and was presumed dead. After about fifteen years he was forced to confront his paranoid, controlling behaviour and apologised to his boyfriend and son. Things started looking up after that, even though it was slow going. Interested in science, draws to help cope with his often-overwhelming anxiety, talented swordsman, loves his family more than anything. 

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

I'm going to throw Onyx Treaty on the table for at LEAST 2 of them, potentially a third. 

Average posting speed is a couple of days to roughly a week, no activity checks. 3-3-3 rating, Trigger warnings are left up to the members to decide when they're appropriate (As in, we trust our members to communicate with each other what they can and can't/won't do/read since triggers are usually subjective to each person). Jcink hosted, has a Discord. Modern Day, Urban/surrounding area setting, Supernatural creatures, non-humans, and magic are currently hidden from the normal average Human World, as per Divine Decree, so that the Age of Man can play its course. Rumor has it, though, that The Age of Man might be coming to a close because the line separating the two halves is continuously growing blurrier.

Your Characters
Rowan -  In our worldlore, we have a company named Dynamic Next-Gen Advancements (DNA for short) that is a very large bio-engineering/research company. The Minds secretly behind this otherwise normal company are part of a secret human fraternal organization called The Proteus Society (http://onyxtreaty.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=114), who's purpose is genetic experimentation to enhance the Human Genome. Playing around with Dinosaur DNA would no doubt be right in line with their experimentation on werecreatures, vampires, mermaids, and the like.

Jessica - Gods, Deities, Demi-Deities, all exist and from various pantheons. Together they rule over the planes of the "heaven" equivalent of the afterlife. Most Deities have access to the "Judgement House" section of boards as well as the normal 'mortal earth' areas.  Direct Interference in Mortal Affairs is generally frowned upon (of course) aside from cases deemed "necessities", but what creature of divine blood ever really listens to that? Life wouldn't be interesting without a little Divine Magic secretly sprinkled here and there.

Sasha - I'm not familiar with Pacific Rim, so I really can't comment about this one.

Ethan  - We have Vampires (several types), Demons, Fae, Sirens, humans, werecreatures (a member recently made a weredragon), so why wouldn't Full Dragons have a place?

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Three of your characters could likely fit just fine mostly as-is on Messiah, and we'd certainly love to have you! Messiah is set in an original medieval-esque world with magitech. Tl;dr humes (humans) gained magic and mostly just go nuts from it, seemingly, so human magi are persecuted and sometimes literally hunted down, meanwhile the western Free Cities are learning to harness aura and create magitech out of it. Fun stuff. In the meanwhile, the true origins of mage "insanity" are known to few, and it's actually just corrupted aura. Lots of it, but still.


Rowan: So this one does require some tiny tweaks, but we have an organisation called the Ebondrake. The Ebondrake are pretty terrible, and unlike everyone else with a dang brain, the Ebondrake are trying to use the corruption instead of purify it. Gives you buttloads of power boost, but it comes with a price. This one could certainly be a fairly corrupted werecreature, which, given the corruption, the shifted form may come out mutated, ending in... a dino. Unfortunately dinos aren't a thing in this universe, but that'd just make it more terrifying to see one. (What the HELL is THAT???! you know?)

Jessie: There are actually other demigods on the site already. Quite the number, I think we're at eight or nine. The gods are of course completely different, the closest would probably be Kirinyaga, the Jihonese god of the sun. This would also incidentally make her the older half-sister of the Essair triplets, all of whom are the sons of Ytias, the Dalmascan god of light (Kirinyaga and Ytias are basically the same god). One of the Essair triplets, the oldest Kassandros, is one of the Guardians, a fourth of the Messiah, destined to save us all from the corruption. ... you know, provided he lives long enough. House Essair is the most active House on the site, so they're awesome to plot with.

Ethan: Here there be dragons. We've also got weredragons. There are two full dragons on the site, currently Sheyana is registered, she is a red one, and a green dragon by the name of Samudra, she is backgrounded. There is also one active weredragon, Livia, and a latent one, Sepheres (he's not old enough to shift yet). Dragons are a bit special as they have their own dang ways of doing things and humes fuck right off about it or they get eaten, so mostly the rest of the site probably won't phase your guy much. Borders and laws, pshft. Our dragons are designed a bit more science-based than usual, though.


All your PBs are open. We're a smallish group, not new but a small dedicated cluster, and we do have a Discord. No app, no activity checks, no char caps/bans/restrictions, etcetc. We are on the new Gaia software (second site to be on it!) but it's very logical and straight-forward to get the hang of. Rating is all over the place, you do have to opt into mature content but it's an option, and we don't censor our members anyway. I will warn you our lore's kind of scant for how much we've developed, because it's designed to just be what you need to know to make a character, and the rest comes over time through play. Bright side, there's not a whole lot to read, really, and we do like questions. ^^


Good luck finding them all homes!

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Hi Jaxx! 


First I'd like to say that I've noticed you in in the RPG management forum and I agree with you like 99% of the time so I really do hope to see you around.... 


user posted image



So you should check out L'Appel du Vide.  We're a supernatural, contemporary RPG(Jcink Premium) set in Paris.  We're tiny but motivated and we *will* plot with you and come up with exciting things.  We're also dedicated to creating a friendly community where writing is a common pleasure and adventures are had!  The game has opportunities for political intrigue, action, romance, and magical high-jinks! 


While we do have canon listings and lore creatures (humans, vampires, weres, witches, fae and shapeshifters) , there is also the possibility to expand into other creatures and create things of your own (be it organizations, businesses, etc).


Now for your specific character requirements:

- Your face claims are currently all opened.

- Rowan would fit in our Miscellaneous creature background, and both Jessica and Ethan would count as Fae in our world.

- As there are no Kaiju (that I know of) in LADV, I'm not sure what we could tweak for Sacha, but that can be examined in due time.


So check us out!  Our Discord server is here, and there's generally someone around to welcome you. 


Hope to see you soon! 


Jeri, from 


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