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Over Hill and Under Hill

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Medieval Magic
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Medieval fantasy, magic, or abilities of any type. 

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres:
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    No genres in particular come to mind that I'd refuse to look at but I'm less likely to join something that's not medieval fantasy-ish. Even if it's just ish. But I do need to be able to keep characters' abilities and names as they are. Please do not reply if I will have to change abilities or names in any way. I'd also strongly prefer not to have to change playbys and I have written three of these characters before so I'll need to be able to reuse apps. 


Character Home Search Information

I'm looking for any site that one (or more) of my characters could fit into, as is or with minor edits. I'm not looking for any sites where my characters wouldn't fit as is or with minor edits, don't have Discord, aren't hosted on Jcink, or weekly activity requirements. I'd prefer a medieval fantasy site but I'll take a look at just about anywhere that I could easily fit my characters into. 


Any rating goes, but explicit and triggering threads does need to be marked appropriately in the thread title or subtitle. Site 'level' doesn't matter because that's pretty subjective, just as long as posts are legible and generally low on typos and errors. Most of the time my posts are around 4-500 words and it takes me about a week to reply, and I'd like if that's common on the site. If everybody is replying within a matter of hours, or typically takes months to reply, I'm not going to be a fit for either. 


Sites should be three years or younger and have multiple existing queer and POC characters. I also prefer an active community OOC and no heavy requirements between making characters. For those with age restrictions on their sites, I'm 22, but adult-only sites aren't necessary. However, I typically don't join sites that are in pre-opening until they're actually opened, so if you've got one of those, you won't see me around for a bit.

I've been writing about fifteen years, been roleplaying half that, and been on sites of just about every genre in that time. I prefer sites that are younger and smaller because they tend to be easier to integrate into and get plots on. Brand new, low activity, and all-ages sites are okay. Usually I respond to threads within a week and talk daily in the discord. the thing that matters most to me is the community and how accepting and friendly it is. 

I don't tend to have problems with people - I know how to play nice, be an adult, communicate with people about what does and doesn't work for me, keep OOC and IC separate, accept someone saying 'no', settle member-on-member issues, all that good stuff. I'm pretty easygoing unless someone's outright harassing me or being homophobic or some kind of bullshit like that. 


Tell me a bit about how my character(s) would fit into your site and why I'd like it! If you've made it this far, you get a cookie. Throw me your sites! 

Character Biography (Optional)

Ronan Themis: 25-ish, human with abilities, Liam Hemsworth, pansexual, former assassin, ability to create psychic weapons, in possession of magical sword and shield, negative relationship with older brother. Ronan's father was the head of a guild of assassins, and manipulated and abused Ronan throughout his life into becoming one of the guild's best. Things came out into the open, as they always do, Ronan's brother killed their father for what he'd done, and Ronan disappeared to try to figure out who he was as his own person. 

Sera Itenien: 40-ish, human with abilities, Danai Gurira, bisexual, noblewoman, artist and jewlery maker, precognition, daughter, older brother, husband, and lover. Arranged marriage ended up sort of not working out because her husband's asexual, so they mutually agreed that Sera could find herself other lovers as she pleased. One ended up sticking and they have a sort of a poly relationship although her husband doesn't really want anything to do with the sexual side of things so he's more of a friend to her. 

Elessar Katahlt: 30-ish, human with abilities or half-elf, Peter Gadiot, bisexual, apothecary/chemist, fire and illusion magic, mostly out of contact with family. He had a very hard time controlling his powers when they first manifested and there were many mistakes. But he got it in hand eventually and decided to travel across the country, selling his concoctions to fund his wanderings. Tends to get into trouble/things he shouldn't, but illusion magic is handy like that to help him escape or even be invisible. 

Xahlia Allred: 30-ish, human with abilities, Zhu Zhu, lesbian, genderqueer uses female pronouns, thief, flaw enhancement/shattering, two younger sisters. She's very fond of her sisters and has taken up the role of head of the household since their parents died several years ago. Her abilities make it very easy for her to get into places that most people say are impregnable, and she's extremely proud of herself for the professional reputation that she's built up over the years. It's more fun than work, and she has a brilliant mind that makes planning heists very enjoyable for her.

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User Feedback

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Hey there @Jaxx! After reading over your characters, I think that Cineri may possibly be a good fit for you. Cineri is a medieval fantasy site that has an elemental/power flair to it and a wide open world that would pretty much allow you to make your characters very close to what I see in your short descriptions (and I'm pretty sure all those face claims are open). Here's a short bit of info about the site beyond that:


  • We do have a small word count of 100 words. 
  • We are a 3-3-3 rated site, but we also mark threads with sexual or very graphic content as mature to warn potential readers.
  • Cineri has a small community of mature writers that tend to post, I'd say, 1-5 times in a week. We have very relaxed activity requirements and only 3 activity checks AT MOST per year. We have a discord where all of our members can hang out with each other, and it's a very drama free group, I'm proud to say.
  • We do have several queer characters on site.
  • The only way we don't 100% fit your requirements is that Cineri's story has been going on for 12 years now. The most current iteration, however, is less than 3 years old, and most of the members have only been with us within that more recent span of time.

If it sounds like Cineri might be a good fit, come check us out! ❤️ 



Edited by Cineri

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Oh HEY! I remember Ronan and Elessar from another fantasy site we were both on! I'm still bummed that site died out, I was having fun with Ingma! But hello again! 


It Begins In Antalas might be a good fit for your characters! We're a pretty laid-back, slice-of-life/sandbox fantasy site set in a single city and we let members write lore to bring in the elements they want to play. I don't think you'd have to edit your charries much, if at all to make them fit. As of right now, there are no character limits when it comes to abilities/magic, as long as you're not godmodding or creating all powerful ridiculous things and steamrolling others, then you're good! 


Let's see, to hit some of your points more specifically... 


  • Explicit/Triggering threads shouldn't be an issue. We're only 2-2-2, so hardcore material isn't allowed. If there's anything that super bothers you, you can let me know privately and I'll be sure to keep an eye out. But the site's been pretty lighthearted so far, if that helps. 
  • There's not a set word count. I think we're all usually in around the same range as you!
  • We also don't have weekly activity requirements, because nope. We all have jobs, so that doesn't work. The only time you'd be archived is if you just disappear for over a month without word. 
  • Discord: check. 
  • Jcink: check. 
  • We do have a few of us right now that are posting daily, but others are weekly or biweekly. I know that I, for one, am slowing down soon because I have to go back to work next week. But it's really relaxed and you're welcome to post as you'd like!
  • Small community - we've only been open for about a month now, so the community is still small. But we've got a good group of active members and several of us are in the Discord daily! 
  • POC/LBGT+ characters: We're small on the amount of characters so far, but we have many different races/sexualities present. I know there are several bi/pan/ace characters on board and it's a fantasy site (like, I have a blue orc and someone else has a purple tiefling). Any kind of characters are welcome and we don't discriminate. (If anyone ever does, I'm booting them. Not putting up with that shit.)


Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me! 😄 I know if you join, I'll be throwing plots your way. 😄 If not, good luck in your search! ❤️ 

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If you're still looking, I think you'd fit in on Seven Pillars. We've just opened (it says pre-open/soft open on the site in a couple places, but we are definitely public open - I just haven't bought our Premium membership yet, and I've only just started advertising)

We are an original medieval-ish fantasy, lots of magic, very queer-friendly, NPCs and my own characters will reply within a week, and I'm asking other people to try for within two weeks, but that's not enforced. We have very few players as yet so it's definitely getting in on ground zero. There is an underworld/black market plot planned as soon as we have people interested/with the right connections.

We have a variety of sign-up incentives until we really get rolling, including the ability to add things to the magic system to help it fit your character concepts better.


Unlimited Character Count ☀ Personalized Plots ☀ LGBT+ Friendly


Edited by FizzyElf
removed image because attachment limits :/

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While my site isn't medieval fantasy, I definitely have ways your characters can fit in with minor tweaks based on what you've got written 🙂


So, Sera could probably work on Wizarding Wireless Networks. You'd just have to app her as a Seer, but if precognition is her only ability, I don't see a reason it wouldn't work. Elessar could also work, it would just be general magic but he could definitely have specialized in those. And even Xahlia, again general magic would cover that but she could be exceptionally good with magic related to thievery (and I know just the canon that would want to recruit her for her talents :3 )


PM me if you're interested and want the link!


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