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Seeking Fellow Rice/The Original's Vampire Writers for OC

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Historical, Horror & Supernatural, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    I'm a HUGE Anne Rice fan. I actually used to write as the vampires from the books, but that was a long time ago and I couldn't do it anymore. I mostly do my OC's now. I tend to combine Rice Lore and The Original's for the way I do my vampires.


    I'm happy to discuss with people on Discord, but I do all my writing in a shared Google Document between myself and my writing partner.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Animals, School & College, Fandom see below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Please don't ask me to play anything V:TM/WOD, I am not a fan of being forced to go by 'play by book' rules and regulations. It's all left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I have nothing on furries/anthros but I'm only after a human partner to take on the role I want fulfilled.


Character Home Search Information

What I want if you desire to write as Magnus(I've made a brief history/outline in my chicks bio information.)


Faceclaim: Michael Fassbender

Writing: Multi Para to Novella(no exceptions)

Active: post at least 1-2 times a month

Triggers: I have none, I've been known to scare off people because they got offended by something I brought up in a post. Please don't offer to take a role with me if you are offended by a brick looking at you wrong. I'm sorry to be blunt but I detest having writing wasted/my time for people like this.

So with the said please be able to tolerate: Horror/gore/death/past mention of rape/ etc...

Character Biography (Optional)

TW: Rape


Location: Inland: York, on the Northsea


Tyra was among one of the last remaining proud Viking Clans that didn’t want to surrender and convert; she was the last child of Helvig; she remembered that day well leading 4 large clans to battle and they we’re all prepared to go to Valhalla if they lost. Before the battle she had allowed those who wished to convert to the new ways to leave and she would not kill them; she knew people were afraid; not all of them wanted to die. She was offered a chance to stand down; but she refused saying she had no desire to live like the Saxon’s and live as their women did. She would die a warrior and that was how she intended to go. However when she left the negation's that night she couldn’t help but shake the feeling someone among the party was watching her.


She shook it off and went back to her men and other Viking leaders to prepare knowing they didn’t have the numbers but the men didn’t care; they cared about one last great battle to take with them to Valhalla and sit with Odin and the other gods. She drank with the men, talked among them one last night and retired to her tent. That night she slept with her sword in her hands and drifted off to sleep knowing when morning came her life would be ending.


The battle was harsh; both sides did not want to give in; the shield wall held up well in the first half of the battle; but eventually she saw an opening and knew they had to take it and they broke the wall charging into the Saxon’s; blades raised and cries of battle running through their blood as they cut down their foes.


The other side were hesitant to cut down women; but that was a grave mistake as women Vikings we’re taught to fight; to protect what is yours. That is why she could not convert to the life they would have offered her. She had lost her future husband six years ago before they were even married and she had no need to take a man. She had taken other women in her bed; she had no desire for weakness and having a pup grow in her.


After five hours into the battle every nerve in her body was screaming; she had finally found the 'leader' and once again he offered her a chance to surrender; all their men we’re fighting for what they believed in. “No, I die a Viking. Not as a Saxon. I cannot be what you offered and no man will make me his.” She Raised her blade; “Fight me and let us end this.” She ordered.


The leader of the Saxon-Danish army that was run by King Cnut was young but well versed in a sword; she was not sure how long they fought but none dared to approach them. In the end the leader for the opposing side got the upper hand and plunged his blade through her right side. “May god embrace you, or your gods.” He spoke in her ear; his words were not harsh, but he understood her desire to not cast away her life. He had never seen such a woman fight. He pulled his blade out of her and watched her stumble back and her body fell into the cold fringe waters of a stream.


Overhead a raven cried and that was the last thing Tyra remembered as she lost consciousness; yet it was a vampire that saved her from drowning. The one who desired to make her his; the mortal woman who stood before 12 men and a King with the balls of steel and refused to cast away her life for something else.


He wanted her; she would not see Valhalla.


When Tyra awoke her wound had been tended to; she had been cleaned up and wore only a long white shirt that did little to cover her ass and the rest of her. She grimaced as she crossed the room moving to a window and saw only forests in the distance. Her side was screaming at her as she looked around for her clothes and sword; she needed to get to her men; she needed to see if any of them we’re alive.


“You live I see.”


She turned around hissing in pain as she almost fell, but the figure was on top of her steading her. “Don’t touch me.” She attempted to shove him away but it was like trying to push a marble slab off her.


“You are mine and in hardly any condition to defend yourself little Viking; I only helped that king to see for myself the powerness of your people and your breed of human is exciting to watch. You though; you we’re magnificent on the battlefield and even at those negations; I knew I needed to make you mine Tyra Helvigsdottior; you will be perfect to withstand eternity.” He leaned down to cup her chin and found himself spat right in his eye and clicked his tongue. “Clearly we will have to work on some basic etiquette.” He wiped away the spittle and forcefully gripped her raven locks. “Do that again and I’ll give you a reason to hate me.” He warned his eyes flashing red causing her to become frozen to the spot.


“Draugr.” She hissed feeling her head at a painful angle.


“No, a vampire would be correct; I'm offended you would class me in with the demons.” He moved his hand down to her exposed sex and made it known what he intended to do. “You are mine; from this night forth; you will be my childe, but I will let this mortal form enjoy the last bit of pleasure before I snuff out that mortal coil. Even if you don’t want it.”


That night he didn't really let her ‘enjoy it’; he raped her and took pleasure in her struggles, her own body betraying her as he forcibly claimed her as his woman. In the end though he pulled her close to him and sank his fangs down into her neck drinking her blood and left her at the threshold of death's door; using his fingernails he cut his neck and guided her lips to the ruby liquid having her drink his blood.


That night she became a vampire.


Her Sire was 300 years older than her. He was born in Rome; he hailed from a noble family they had been devoted to god; but while he had been in Rome studying and walking back to the church that night; a vampire that was half mad and delirious from the thirst grabbed him and dragged him down into the catacombs. He was held captive for three months, used as a source for blood; mind compulsion had been hard because of his strong faith and belief in god; he kept speaking about things from the bible in hopes that god would strike down the monster.


In the end though the vampire became bored of his prattle about a god who would condemn his 'children' to a life of being fiendish bloodsuckers. So he punished him; he turned Magnus into a vampire and to make matters worse he cast Magnus out into the streets; telling him that 'god' would now forsake him and soon, so would others.


He would come to understand his makers words; the terrible thirst; how the sun hurt. He went home and hoped his family would help him. However even his own mother and father called him a monster, he panicked and in his blind hunger drank them dry. He killed his own family; having done such a sinful act he gathered whatever he could carry that held wealth. He set fire to his home and fled to Northumbria to start his life over.


Magnus used that time to make a name for himself as a warrior; it took him 50 years but he managed to control the thirst eventually and grow his wealth. He loved hearing the stories about the Vikings; how they we're seen as Pagan Heathens, some even calling them demons down to the women they had. When King Cnut approached him for his aide he was curious what the former Dane wanted; apparently a woman named Tyra Helvigsdottir was gathering the last great Viking army under her to battle at York which was inland but near the Northside of the sea and she wanted to talk about pardons for those who wished to convert; that she was willing to overlook their desire to live and convert to the changing world that wished to forsake the old gods for this 'one god' they believed in.


From what he gathered such things we're not normal among the Vikings; which made them 'hope' she would be willing to avoid bloodshed.


The day of the negations he watched as a woman in black furs rode in the center flanked by two large imposing warriors on her white horse; her hair pulled up braided to keep it out of the way, some of it bound keeping it up. Half her face was painted in red and black and he noticed two wolves that followed behind the horses. He'd heard the father of this female Viking had been known for raising wolves, using them to hunt and also protect the clan farm. The wolves had sensed he was different and growled beside their Mistress who merely uttered a simple command in Norse and they we're silenced.


The Saxon men we're not thrilled to have a woman to deal with; but she countered them all; she did not back down. She even made some men cower as her sharp tongue lashed back at those men. She wanted to send the people that day to them that wished to convert; she did not want to see innocent souls cut down and would rather see the Viking bloodlines continue in some form; even if the old ways had to die out.


Cnut had listened to her and agreed to her request; he offered her a chance to leave here alive if she agreed to take a Saxon man as a husband and embrace god. She turned down Cnuts offer and said she would not live as Saxon women did; under their men. Unable to speak, unable to act. That was not how she would live and she would die on the battlefield tomorrow with a blade in her hand. She would die as her forefathers did.


A Viking Warrior.


Magnus watched her leave and followed Cnut into his tent after the meeting. "I want her alive. Nobody is to touch her but me, or if they do; wound her so it doesn't kill her."


"You think this woman will be tamed? She is the true embodiment of a Viking; Helvig taught his dottir well. I brought you here vampire because you are loyal, you are strong, and you are a man of god still. If Tyra Helvigsdottir is the prize you desire; then she will be yours. No Valhalla will truly be a punishment to her." The King mused as he drank his mead considering the vampires prize.


"That was my intention; their will be no Eternal Feast among the halls of Valhalla for her; only an unknown immortal life."


During the battle he aided the Saxons and when Tyra was going up aghast one of the leaders he noticed her strengths was at it's end; she'd lasted awhile despite everything; her wolves had fallen three hours into the battle. They we're magnificent creatures and served her well; he felt pity they had to die; but when she was stabbed he knew they would not need him; he'd gotten his fill of blood in the battle and moved quickly to claim his prize from the water; it was freezing and yet it likely helped keep her from bleeding out. He picked up the female Viking who still clung tightly to her sword; he smirked and easily broke her death grip on the blade and let it hit the ground as he carried her away from the battle.


Looking down at the unconscious woman his fingers creased her jaw. "I hope you don't disappoint me little Viking; I tire of being alone."


He did find one thing interesting that night when he raped her; no man had ever fucked her; he had heard stories from the spies she only slept with other women; he was more pleased to see he'd taken her virginity before he made her; at least he wouldn't have a virgin vampire to fuck and break in all the time if he desired her in his bed.


Magnus had attempted to make two others but they we're not met for immorality like Tyra had been; she had to kill them when they got out of hand and nearly endangered them both. She’d resented what her Sire did to her; but she had also been different; Vikings had always been seen as wild animals and some couldn't understand how to control them. Magnus didn’t always force her to accept the new ways, but she had to tolerate them to make it through the world. They went all around the world seeing anything they could and for a time she was content with it even if they fought a lot.


However when they were in England during the second world war on Sep 7, 1940; they got separated; she had been with him and a bomb went off behind them. She was separated from him calling out his name over the roar of explosions and she couldn’t hear him; she barely managed to get out of the path of the bombs and spent nearly a month looking for her sire, in the end she was forced to leave and went to America to get away from the war like many other immortals.


She never knew if he was alive or dead; she was old enough to not need a sire anymore but it was lonely not having him with her; she had gotten used to the song and dance of their immortal life and bickering.


When she reached the US she was asked where her ‘husband’ was and merely said he was lost in the bombing in England and she couldn't find his body. The mortals we’re much more stupid in those days and felt sorry for her , yet it still got a stamp for her visa and she went to Maine to make a life for herself. She had thankfully been wise in those days and had her own account never knowing such an event could happen where she’d lose her sire. She got an old Victorian home and fixed it up and lived by herself; she didn’t want to join other groups; she’d been approached but the Viking in her was leery to trust; all her immortal life and claimed it was wise to hide among the mortals.


In 2014 she started teaching classes at a college about Nordic Lore, Vikings, and even covered the Poetic Edda; she had a lot of students in her class and figured this passed the time; she had stopped looking for her Sire; a part of her didn’t want to think he was dead; but she had to accept he was. The bombs that night had been bad and even a vampire as old as he could have withstood having one dropped on him. In the 1980’s she had returned to the old homelands and dug up her silver and gold she’d hidden in her mortal days. The wealth she had was nothing like her sires; but all those old coins sure did add up quickly.


These days if she isn’t teaching at the University she is at her home keeping to herself. She prefers to hunt and take ‘small sips’ from her humans; over making deals with donors. Her one attempt had left her leery after the mortal begged her to turn them and she refused. She didn’t have the patience to turn someone; the two failures her sire made burned in her mind how they had been spies and had she not acted when she did they would have been captured.


She ended up in the town of Salem where other supernatural creatures lived/roamed; in 2019 and had some 'minor' hopes her sire 'might' be here. She has a thing for Victorian houses and ended up buying another. She has a house inside the small town and one close to where she works outside of the small town. Since her classes are only 3 days a week she can travel between the two locations without problem or work remotely if she is not showing artifacts from her personal collections.


However now that time has passed she has yet to locate Magnus; she spent a year away Salem in 2020 and returned to London; she roamed the streets, she went even to Rome. Yet she could not locate him; she began to understand Magnus words when he made her when she returned to the US. 'I have been alone a long time; perhaps you will make my life a little more interesting my little Viking.'


Brushing the raven mane from her face she looked out the window “I wonder if you are still out there…” She raised her hand to press it to the glass of the window seat she was in, of her Victorian home as the rain pelted the windows and roof viciously.

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