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She who walks the worlds. She who dares.

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction, Fandom see below, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Krepta does well in just about any setting by nature. Mechanics built into her lore ensure that memories and references that would seriously disturb the ways of whatever world she visits are blurred or forgotten entirely. She does best in crossover/panfandom type games that allow characters from many worlds, and she was born into the superhero genre-- DC Comics specifically, though she's spent a lot of time in the Marvel-verse at this point as well. However I've really been also wanting to try her in a Science Fiction game (the weirder the better!) or something with a heavy supernatural element.

    In any case, throw em at me! As long as your game allows her as pretty much as is, it'll get my interest.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Other See below
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Not off the top of my head! I might be a little leery of historical roleplays that lean heavily on being historically accurate because my memory on those kinds of things might be fuzzy, but I'm willing to take a look anyway.


Character Home Search Information

3LUhYQ.png       ------------------------------Krepta Draconis--------------------------------------------


What is Krepta?
Krepta comes from a kitchen sink ancestry. Her family tree got around! To keep things simple though, we'll say that her mother was human, and her father was part of a race of shapeshifting dragons. The abilities of her family legacy allow her to step through portals made by blood and magic to visit other times and worlds. Righting an ancient wrong, her family is tasked with preserving the greater balance throughout the multiverse. She is the last, or at least, so she thinks. The truth is far more terrible.

What can she do?

From her father's side, Krepta was gifted her shapeshifting abilities. Her gifts are limited by experience and stubbornness, but grant her the power to change into a terrible fire breathing dragon, a form that she retreats into to armor both body and heart. From her mothers side, the power of her Walker's blood allows her to sacrifice her own in order to turn physical doorways into portals to other places and times. Of course, getting there is the easy part... Dealing with what you find once you arrived? Not so much.

What is she like?
Krepta has been on her own from a fairly young age. She's like a wild animal, all blunt honesty and sharp emotions, puzzled to find that not everyone wears their hearts upon their sleeves. She's here like a storm, and gone like a ghost, never settling anywhere in particular for long, never letting anyone get too close. Her social skills, to put it delicately, can be lacking, and she's fiercely independent. Krepta will not pull punches, but neither is she often going out of her way to do harm either.

On a personal level, Krepta is slow to trust. Once you've earned her respect, she's as loyal as they come, often to a fault, but the road there is difficult and ground is easily lost. She habitually expects the worst treatment from those around her, fostered by a childhood marred by violence and loss. But in the same breath she condemns, Krepta defends, and she will never hesitate to put her life on the line for someone who asks for her help.

Her moral compass doesn't quite point due north, but her guiding star is firmly fixed, and she is hard pressed to sway from her own private codes and rules.

What are her goals?
Krepta is a dynamic character and played continuously from roleplay to roleplay. This means that her immediate goals and needs often differ depending on what has happened in her previous few roleplays. At the moment, she is doing her best to embrace her role as a Walker, a guardian of the greater balance, as well as going through a journey of self discovery to understand what that means. She wants to find out what happened to the rest of her family. She wants to find out what else has been hidden from her.

Emotionally, she longs for stability, healing, family. Things she would never admit to, not even to herself. She's tired and jaded and forever staring into the warm homes of others through a cold pane of glass. She doesn't know how to break through this barrier, but some deep part of her continues to try, and instinctively she is drawn to those who need her most as a result. She cannot save herself, so she saves them instead.

*character banner art was done by miapet. pixel art was done by me.


Character Biography (Optional)

You can read Krepta's full character sheet here! It's got all the information you could ever possibly want and probably more, lol. She's an old character with a lot of lore that's stuck over the years, and she continues to develop with each new roleplay. There's also sample posts on there and a bit about me as a player for those who might find that helpful.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Hiya Jabberwookie! I think that there may be room for Krepta on my site Triumvirate.


In short, Triumvirate is a medieval supernatural fantasy rpg set on a fictional world where gods, magic, monsters, and the wrath of the divine are very real. Thirty years ago, Lysair became the last kingdom in the sky but now her king is dying and her future is in the hands of her people.


You don't have to worry about remembering historically accurate events; for one, we detail the information for you (and we'll certainly mention if something looks out of place that you might have missed), but we also take some liberties because of the presence of magic in our world.


Our draconic race (wyrms, of which dragons are one type) are actually capable of shapeshifting into a human form and being born to a human and wyrm set of parents does not make her any less wyrm. She can have a melting pot of a family and still be what she is.


I didn't see any specifics on the type of powers that you were looking to add to Krepta but if you're interested in learning more or discussing her further, please feel free to reach out to me on Discord at NyxDarklore#0871 or via PM here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Edited by Evil King Arthur

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She seems like a character!


I'm not honestly sure if she will be a perfect fit but I wanted to suggest that  A Dream of Spring might work, we are an AU ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) - Medieval Fantasy site. We have dragons, magic and some other unique animals  that are available as well. We have recently overhauled the skin, Guidebook ad some other details in order to celebrate our two year anniversary!


We have loads of wanted ads and plenty of interactions and would love to welcome you on board!



I N D E X // G U I D E B O O K // C A N O N S // A D S


If this really doesn't work then my modern supernatural fantasy site might be helpful!



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